Introduction & Getting Started

Recently Viewed Products for WooCommerce plugin allows you to show an area on your website where your customers can see their recently viewed products. This will help your customers quickly see their desired products and get encouraged to make a purchase, without repeating the entire browning procedure again.


  • Plug-n-play: No additional settings required. Recently Viewed Products will start appearing in the sidebar as soon the plugin is activated.
  • Login or account is not required for your customer
  • Unlimited number of recently viewed products can be stored and shown.
  • Recently Viewed Products can be shown both horizontally and vertically.
  • Can be added as a widget
  • Can be shown anywhere, on pages, posts using a shortcode. This can increase conversions because you can show the products where the majority of visitors land on your website.
  • Easily configurable with multiple options in shortcode (More options / settings will be added later)

Recently Viewed Products in action

Recently Viewed Product Horizontal

Recently Viewed Product Vertical

Recommended places to show Recently Viewed Products

The page where your customer / visitor visits the most (whose hit count is higher), can be the ideal place to show Recently Viewed Products.

Live demo

Click here to see live demo of Recently Viewed Products for WooCommerce plugin.