What is Smart Manager? Quick Introduction & Live Demo

Smart Manager is a powerful WooCommerce and WordPress plugin to bulk manage all your products, orders, users, posts, pages, coupons and others right from a single screen, using an Excel-like spreadsheet. It also gives you the power to manage any WordPress Post type and any custom fields.

Top Smart Manager features

  • Bulk edit any post type
  • Simple and advanced search
  • Infinite scrolling – View all the records at one place
  • Add, Delete or Save any existing Post type data
  • Delete all records for any post type
  • Duplicate multiple or all records for all all post types.
  • Sort based on any column across entire database
  • Inline editing
  • Export any post type to CSV

Click here to watch short videos for the above functionalities

Live demo

Click here to see a live demo of Smart Manager Pro.

Note: Live Demo of Smart Manager is only available for WooCommerce.