Getting Started with Smart Manager

Smart Manager gives you the power to manage all post types and any custom field of any other plugin.

About Smart Manager Dashboard

  • All functionalities / features on the top including search and date filters.
  • Below that, the data is arranged in an excel-like spreadsheet.
  • Use the drop-down to select a post type you want to make changes. Default post type is ‘Products’ if WooCommerce is active. If WooCommerce is inactive, the default post type is ‘Posts’.

How to use Smart Manager

1. Inline edit – Modify product price, edit an order, manage stock, etc. directly. Simply click on a cell, make an edit and Save. Use the ‘Add Row’ option to add a new product directly. You can also duplicate a row or entire store using the ‘Duplicate’ option.
Watch this video to see how inline edit works.

2. Bulk edit – Increase/decrease price by X% during sale, update all order statuses, extend store credit, modify user roles…update all in bulk. Use the ‘Bulk Edit’ option to perform bulk edit operation.
See how bulk edit works

3. Search filters – Get specific results. Use ‘AND’ & ‘OR’ filters. Search using operators, attributes, etc. Example – Find all Dell laptops having processor i7 and price > $450.
Watch this video to see how to use search feature

4. Delete – Select and delete the entire row or entire store or use filters to delete specific items like test orders, test coupons, duplicate products, etc. Use the ‘Delete’ option for the same.
Watch this video too see Delete operation

5. Admin columns – Show / hide data columns you want. You can also sort data, like show data in ascending order based on order total. Use the ‘Columns’ option for this.
See how to sort data columns

6. Export – Export all product types as CSV. Export all records or based on date, search and column filters. Example – Export orders for the month of April 2020, with order status as ‘Completed’ & only these columns – name, email, order status, order total, product sold.
Look at this video as how to export data