Offer Your Price

Let customers pay what they want – without hurting your bottom line!!

Offer Your Price For WooCommerce

Allow customers to pay at their desired price

Offer Your Price For WooCommerce plugin lets you create a “pay what you want”, “name your price” or “donation based” pricing system.

Simple product - a little higher than minimum price

How Offer Your Price For WooCommerce works?

Everyone loves a good deal. And when you have the freedom to choose what to pay for a product, things get even better!

Customers can either buy at the listed price or make an offer. If offered price is higher than the minimum bidding price threshold you’ve set, offer is accepted and the customer is emailed a coupon immediately. If not, a counter offer is sent to the customer.

Everything is instant and automated. Set it once and let the cash registers roll!

“Offer Your Price” plugin in action

Product shop page - Simple Products

Product Page – Offer Your Price Button

Customer comes to the product page, likes the product, but does not want to pay the listed price. He clicks on the ‘Offer You Price’ button.

Simple product - a little higher than minimum price

Customer Makes Offer

Customer sees the popup and enters his price in ‘My Offer’ field.

Response after submitting Offer

Offer Acknowledgement

An acknowledgment message is shown.

E-mail - Accepted offer - Simple Product

Offer Accepted

Offer Your Price processes the offer and instantly sends an acceptance email with coupon code to the customer.

E-mail for counter offer

Counter Offer

If the price was below the minimum price, a counter offer is sent to the customer.

Giving buyers the freedom to pay what you want may seem to not make much sense for a seller, but in some situations, it can be very successful. This is because it eliminates many disadvantages of conventional pricing.

It is obviously attractive to buyers to be able to pay whatever they want, for reasons that include eliminating the fear of whether a product is worthwhile at a given set price and the related risk of disappointment or “buyer’s remorse”.

For sellers, it obviates the challenging and sometimes costly task of setting the “right” price (which may vary for different market segments).

Top 9 hacks to use Offer Your Price plugin

Pay What You Want changes an adversarial conflict between seller and buyer into a friendly exchange, and addresses the fact that value perceptions and price sensitivities can vary widely among buyers.

Radiohead - In Rainbows

This pricing strategy may also be referred as pay as you wish, participative pricing, service pricing or voluntary contributions.

Panera Bread Co.'s St. Louis cafe offers a bowl of turkey chili for which customers set their own price.

Subliminal Strategy To Maximize Your Returns On A Pay What You Want Campaign


  • Flexible pricing system
  • Allows you to set a minimum amount that you are willing to accept
  • Link Offer Your Price to any product type
  • Minimum amount is hidden from customers
  • Accepts customer offer or makes counter offer via email automatically
  • Generates coupon with discount amount (product price minus offer price) automatically
  • Customize the text of the “Offer Your Price” button
  • Add a validity period for the coupon being generated
  • Set rules to offer varying discount rates for different product price ranges

Characteristics of a successful pay what you want program


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