WooCommerce Sold Individually

Restrict product purchase to ‘only one per order’

WooCommerce Sold Individually extension lets you automatically set all products on your store to be sold individually. That means the customer can choose only one quantity of a product in an order.

storeapps woocommerce sold individually plugin to restrict cart items per order

Who should enable WooCommerce sold individually and why?

Some WooCommerce stores sell virtual or downloadable products where customers buy only one product at a time. But for some, they want many unique customers to buy their best-selling product, thus restricting the product purchase per customer to one.

Some store owners run a flash sale and want to avoid going out of stock quickly. While some want to keep their products exclusive.

In these above and many other cases, to gain more new customers and going out of stock frequently, ‘sold individually’ is a better option. And using StoreApps’ WooCommerce Sold Individually plugin is the best choice.

  • Instant, automated, zero-configuration

    Just install and activate the plugin. And all your products in your store will automatically be ‘sold’ individually. Simple and quick unlike the default WooCommerce where you need to go to set each product individually.

  • Works with all WooCommerce product types

    The default WooCommerce allows you to enable sold individually for simple and variable products. While our plugin allows all – simple, product variations, bundle, subscription…to be sold individually.

Restrict per order for multiple products

If you want to allow your customers to purchase different products, say A and B, you can do that. But they can add only one quantity of each product in the same order. Here’s how you can allow your customers to buy multiple products in the same order.

So, if your customers want to buy multiple quantities of product A or B, they need to create another order.

Sell multiple product variations individually per order

Consider, for example, you sell a variable product named Ship Your Idea in blue and black color variants respectively. Then your customers can add only one quantity of each variant in one order. That means you can add one blue and one black color Hoodie in a single order but not two quantities of either blue or black.

woocommerce sold individually restrict product variants per order.png
woocommerce sold individually restrict product variants per order

Irrespective of the choice under Inventory settings for your WooCommerce product, as long as this plugin is active, all products in the store will be sold individually!

So get this plugin today and save hours of work that you would have otherwise wasted in doing for each product manually.


Can I set WooCommerce sold individually based on product categories?
Since the plugin automatically sets all products to be sold individually on activation, all products belonging to a category will be by default set to be sold individually.

Can I disable any product as sold individually?
Currently, you can’t disable a product provided you are using the plugin.

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