WooCommerce Sold Individually

Set all products in your store to be sold individually – only one quantity in one order. Great for services, digital products and exclusive items.

WooCommerce Sold Individually

WooCommerce Sold Individually let’s you restrict the number of products that can be added to the cart per order.

Restrict Product Purchase to Only One Per Order

WooCommerce Sold Individually extension lets you quickly set all products to be sold individually – that is the customer can choose only one product in one orderlet’s say product A in one order from your store.

If customer wishes to buy another product (Product B) or same product A from your store, then customer will need to create another order.

How it works?

Just install the plugin and it will hide quantity selection controls from all Add to Cart buttons / cart page. This way customers can only buy one quantity of the item at a time.

The plugin works on all products in your store and you don’t need to go and edit each product to sell it individually.

Irrespective of the choice under Inventory settings for your WooCommerce product, as long as this plugin is active, all products in the store will be sold individually!

Is it for me?

This product is great –

  • When you are selling services, digital products where one copy is enough
  • When you are low on stock
  • When you want to keep your products exclusive

Sold Individually


*** WooCommerce Sold Individually Changelog ***

2016.10.10 - version 1.1.6
 * Update: Important changes related to Automatic Updates of this plugin

2016.06.20 - version 1.1.5
 * New: Tested up to WooCommerce 2.6 & WordPress 4.5.2
 * Update: Enabled "1 product with 1 quantity" feature by default
 * Update: Store Apps Upgrade file - many requests generating even in background processes

2016.02.03 - version 1.1.4
 * New: Tested up to WooCommerce 2.5

2015.12.10 - version 1.1.3
 * Fix: Important fix related to WordPress 4.4, in Store Apps Upgrade file

2014.04.16 - version 1.1.2
 * Update: Important update related to 'update notification' of the plugin

2014.04.04 - version 1.1.1
 * Fix: Important fix related to plugin updates

2014.02.14 - version 1.1
 * Update: Minor update

2013.11.27 - version 1.0
 * First release
WooCommerce Sold Individually
Includes one year support and upgrades.
Subsequent years at half price.
  • Personal (1 site)  $19.00
  • Professional (5 sites)  $29.00
  • Agency (25 sites)  $49.00

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