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Targeted promotions in a single click

Auto apply personalized coupons and optionally add products to the cart on click of the URL. The most easy-to-use URL coupons for WooCommerce plugin.

url coupons for WooCommerce plugin

Simplify customers’ shopping experience

Provide personalized discounts

With Smart Coupons URL coupons for WooCommerce enhancement, you can link multiple coupon codes to the URL. Clicking on the URL will automatically apply discount coupons or other promo code coupons for the users. You can add coupon codes to any custom URL on your site.

A simple and straightforward approach that makes customer experience effortless on your websites, leading to faster checkouts.

Here’s one example of a unique coupon URL –

  • No coupon code hassles

    Customers often forget to apply discount codes, but with URL coupons, the process is automatic, eliminating the need for customers to remember or enter a code.

  • Add products to cart via URL

    Assign products to a URL coupon so that when the users click on the coupon, the products associated are automatically added to the cart with the discount applied.

  • Easy sharing of URL coupon

    Share URL with deal sites, affiliates, via email, blog post or social media. The users can easily redeem the coupons on click of the URL.

  • Redirect to any page

    Cart page, checkout page, blogs, landing pages – redirect users to any other page (shop page is default), when the coupon URL is clicked.

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Smart Coupons is an investment that has a guaranteed RoI for a lifetime.

“My go-to plugin for adding extra powerful options to WooCommerce coupon functionality, such as gift cards, BOGO, and URL coupons.” – Robert

“The ability to create coupons and gift cards, and also to offer discounts using a URL – Smart Coupons gave me all of these in a single plugin.” – Jeff

This plugin saved us, when we couldn’t be open for business during COVID. It was so easy to add the coupon to the Gift Certificate product.” – Jason

“Offers a lot of great customizations and their support was very helpful with an issue we had. Thank you for creating a very versatile WooCommerce coupons extension”. – Michelle

“Smart Coupons offers extensive customization, making it easy for users to buy gift cards and use coupons without adding unnecessary bloat to WooCommerce”. – Jeremiah

“Easy way to bulk generate coupons for your store – especially if you are sending out coupons to specific customers using regular email and not the WordPress emails.” – Thinking4Success

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Alert – Avoid confusion with other coupons plugins

You’ll find other plugins using Smart Coupons in their name. But only this plugin by StoreApps is the original Smart Coupons plugin. With 12+ years in business, trust our expertise.

Boost marketing campaigns with URL coupons for WooCommerce plugin

Take your marketing game to the next level. WooCommerce URL coupons plugin will help you get more sales from targeted customers.

Create unique and personalized WooCommerce coupon URLs

Whether it’s the excitement of Black Friday or the festive spirit of Christmas, you have the freedom to add coupon codes that resonate with events, names, or any personalized touch that enhances the customer experience.

For instance –

URL coupons are also a smart move during the holiday season rush because customers can’t wait for discounts.

Sharing URL via emails, social and other channels will make it easy for customers to click and auto-apply coupons, making the redemption process easier.

apply coupon via url and redirect to checkout
multiple coupon codes in url

Apply multiple coupon codes via URL

Surprise customers with more promotions. Add coupons to the link separated by a comma like this –,holiday20,exclusivedisc5&sc-page=bfcmdeals. You can redirect users to other landing pages.

You can also add UTM parameters to the URL and track its performance using Google Analytics.

For example – &sc-page=newwatch&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=ad&utm_campaign=new-watch-launch

Here’s how to set up URL coupons →

All your advanced restrictions for URL coupons too

You have the ability to limit the application of discounts to specific products or products within designated categories. Additionally, you can establish usage limits for greater control.

But with Smart Coupons, you can take it further, allowing only specific users to apply the coupons. This helps prevent misuse and minimizes potential losses, offering targeted discount distribution.

  • New users
  • Email addresses
  • Payment methods
  • User roles
  • Location
  • Shipping methods
  • Product attributes
  • Product taxonomy
  • Product quantity

For example, configure the coupon exclusively for new users residing in the United States, and those opting for flat-rate shipping.

In another case, set conditions for the coupon to be applied only above three product quantities, and for the payment method other than cash on delivery (COD).

From increasing visibility for low-selling products to driving sales during new product launches and even re-engaging lost customers, URL coupons caters to numerous applications.

smart coupons woocommerce advanced coupon restrictions

Eliminate multiple expensive plugins

Get all in one at the best price

Not just URL coupons, WooCommerce Smart Coupons combine all top coupon benefits – gift cards, bulk coupon code generator, BOGO deals and more into one solution, saving your hard-earned-money.

So would you purchase only URL coupons plugin or a better all-rounder solution that is proven for success?

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