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WooCommerce URL Coupons – How to Auto-Apply Discount?

What are WooCommerce URL coupons? Are they are better than coupon codes? Learn about them in detail. Also know the smart hacks to grow sales using URL coupons.

Last updated on July 7, 2021

Do your customers ignore the coupon code on your WooCommerce store? Looking out for an alternative to coupon boxes? Want your customers to make a quick checkout? The solution is WooCommerce URL coupons.

What are URL coupons and how to auto-apply discount via URL?

WooCommerce URL coupons are those where you add a unique coupon code to the URL. Clicking the URL automatically applies the discount and (optionally) adds products to the customer’s shopping cart.

You can also add the coupon code to any custom URL on your site and the discount will automatically get applied on clicking that URL.

Say, for example, your shop URL is Then you can embed a coupon code to the URL like this –

Making life easy for your customers should always be a priority and WooCommerce URL coupons make a small contribution to it.

Two fundamental reasons why use WooCommerce URL coupons

No coupon code hassle, no copy-paste needed

It’s very common that customers see a discount code but don’t forget to apply it. But with URL coupons, no effort at the customer’s end to remember it. It’s automatic.

Easy to share anywhere

Since the coupon code is added in the URL, you can easily share the URL with deal sites, with affiliates, on social media, via email, etc. It makes it easy for people to directly claim the discount.

How to add coupon code to URL and auto-apply discount in WooCommerce?

The basic WooCommerce coupons lack this functionality. However, if you are using WooCommerce Smart Coupons plugin, you get URL feature and other powerful advanced coupon features.

For those who entered late, Smart Coupons by StoreApps is the best-selling coupon solution on

Steps to add coupon code to URL

WooCommerce url coupons setup with smart coupons
WooCommerce url coupons setup with smart coupons
  • Go to WP admin panel > Marketing > Coupons > Add coupon
  • Set the discount type, coupon amount & other settings. Publish it.
  • Under Coupon shareable link, you’ll find a button Click to copy.
  • Click on the button to copy the link & share it wherever you want

Once any customer clicks the URL, the discount automatically gets applied.

Here’s a sample URL as shown in the image above –

BONUS – Apply multiple coupons via a link

Another advantage of using Smart Coupons is you can add and apply multiple coupons via that single URL.

Pass a comma-separated list of coupons in the link as shown in the image above –,coupon2,coupon3

That’s it. Repeat this same every time you want to add a coupon to your URL.

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Ten best applications of URL coupons using Smart Coupons

Now let’s take a look at some best use cases of WooCommerce URL coupons.

Boost sales during Black Cyber / Holiday season

Customers receive dozens of emails with coupon codes. But sending URL coupons in emails during Black Friday or festive offers will make your email stand out and enable customers get instant discount on products.

Win back dormant or lost customers

Some of your customers may haven’t purchased from you for months. A simple way to bring them back and make a purchase is a discount.

To do that, simply add a URL coupon in the email clicking on which these users get one of your best-selling products at a discount.

Email URL coupons before the sale end

The majority of customers don’t buy until there’s an urgency created.

And even if urgency is created, it’s not sure whether they will apply the coupon code.

To avoid these, it’s better to send the entire URL in the email with an urgency message. Customers will surely click the link to claim the discount.

Share URL with your affiliates

You have a new product launch and want to offer a discount. Now if your affiliates or influencers have strong outreach, why waste this opportunity?

Simply share the URL with these people and let the sales happen. You can reward these affiliates to encourage them to promote you more.

Share URL on deal sites

Like affiliates, don’t underestimate deal sites as well. Sharing your coupon code URL with deal sites will give you more visibility amongst a broader audience. And to audiences who haven’t heard about you yet. They can be your potential customers.

Share URL on social media, blog posts, etc.

Why leave social media and blog posts dry when you can easily share the link on these channels and grow sales? Be it Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. LinkedIn, post the URL.

Apply store credit using URL

Another advantage of using Smart Coupons is you can also add store credit / gift certificate to the URL.

You want to offer a flat 10% Off + $10 store credit on the purchase of a high-end smartphone. So instead of two coupon codes, simply add these coupons to the URL.

When the user adds the smartphone to the cart, both of the coupons will be automatically applied.

Increase sales of low selling products

Another thing is that after the URL coupon is applied, you have the option to offer another product at a discount. This tactic works best to sell low selling products or to clear out stock.

You can also display a custom message after the URL coupon is applied.

Apply only URL coupon to avoid misuse / restrict individual use

You don’t want to offer too much discount. So you only want the URL coupon to get applied and restrict other coupons from getting applied. Simply tick the ‘Individual use only’ under Usage Restrictions’ for this.

Add UTM parameters to track URL coupon performance

How many people clicked the URL? How many paid orders you got via URL coupons?

Google Analytics is the best source to get answers to this.

Embed UTM parameters to the coupon. Leave the rest on Google Analytics.

Pass your UTM parameters like this –

Only WooCommerce URL coupons plugin or all-in-one coupon solution?

Now, some plugins out there only give you only URL functionality. But Smart Coupons offers tons of possibilities beyond:

  • Store-credit, gift certificates
  • Restrict coupons based on attributes
  • Restrict coupons based on location, payment methods, email address
  • Set maximum discount limit on percentage coupons (40% Off upto $40)
  • Issue product as a free gift using coupons
  • Schedule coupons for delivery

and a lot more…

It won’t be wrong to call Smart Coupons the best WooCommerce coupons plugin.

So, will you pay just for URL coupons plugin or invest a little more for in an all-in-one coupon solution and get better ROI for a lifetime?

If you agree, Smart Coupons is for you.

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A simple approach to get sales and delight customers – WooCommerce URL coupons.

Implement it now on your WooCommerce store and set the cash register ringing. And no doubt, Smart Coupons is the preferred solution for this.

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