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[One-step] How to Auto Apply Coupon in WooCommerce?

Last updated on October 17, 2020

What if visitors don’t notice your coupon code? What if they put the wrong discount code? Troublesome, right?

You can simply avoid it and let the discount code get auto applied on cart or checkout.

And this article shows how you can do that. You’ll also see some best applications of auto applied coupons.

You just need to tick this checkbox to auto apply coupon in WooCommerce

The built-in coupon options for WooCommerce doesn’t provide this advanced functionality. But with WooCommerce Smart Coupons plugin, you can do that in a single step.

Yes, you heard it right. In one-step.

Tick the checkbox as shown in the image and it’s done.

auto apply coupon in woocommerce

However, you need to first create a coupon as you do and set restrictions as per your choice.

Another thing, using Smart Coupons, you can auto apply coupon based on cart total, product categories, etc.

Not one, not two but maximum five coupons you can auto apply using Smart Coupons.

Note – Auto apply coupon feature will not work currently for gift card / store credit.

The best part, using Smart Coupons, you can also set these restrictions for auto applied coupons as well:

  • Allow coupons only for new users
  • Apply coupons only if customers belong to specific countries
  • Restrict coupons if it doesn’t match specific payment gateways
  • Schedule coupon to get expired at a specific time to avoid misuse

and many other conditions…

Without a doubt, it’s the most popular auto coupon applier plugin.

What’s more?
Smart Coupons plugin can also let you create gift cards, store credit, bulk generate coupons, add coupon code to URL, etc.

Get Smart Coupons

Benefits of using automatically applied coupons

A proof why auto apply coupons are so important:

1. No coding required

Why go the hard way? Why mess around with code every now and then? You can simply enable a setting and the coupon will get auto-applied.

Though you can programmatically auto apply coupon in WooCommerce. But if you look at the code and the steps, it’s not that easy. We don’t recommend it as well.

2. Free from copy-paste error

A great part of UX is to let customers do minimum steps. When a coupon is auto applied, it eliminates the steps of hunting, copying and pasting the coupon code. It also eliminates the errors which occur if the wrong coupon code is applied.

3. Removes the hassle of remembering the coupon code

You show your coupon code sitewide and on other channels. But what if the customer fails to apply the code? What if they don’t remember the code? Auto applied coupons remove this pain point of store owners as well.

4. Surprise and delight customers

Usually, customers don’t expect a discount if sale banners are missing. But when they see discount auto applied to the products they wish to buy, they feel happy and surprised. And even if they wish to abandon, they won’t because of the discount.

5. Set your own good looking coupon code

Name the codes whatever seems convenient for you rather than having to factor in how that looks to the customers.

In the end, it’s all about reducing friction for customers and delighting them. And of course, better conversions for you.

Six best applications of automatically applied coupons

1. Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale

This is the most profitable season and you want maximum users to grab the discount. There can be no better use of auto applied coupons than this.

2. New product launch

Again, to attract more customers and nudge them to buy, a small discount will work well on your new product launch.

3. Festive discount for specific locations

Now, sales are high when you offer discounts only to people from specific locations. Example – Independence Day sale for US customers, Special discount for Ireland customers on St.Patrick’s Day, Singles Day in China, etc.

4. Double discount on high-value purchases

A customer purchasing a high-specs laptop or expensive smartphone will look out for discounts. In this case, offer a direct 15% Off and a surprise additional 10% Off. Both coupons auto applied. The customer will be dancing with joy.

5. Cancel out shipping charges using coupon

This is a smart way to show customers you don’t charge for shipping. Say if you levy a shipping charge of $2. Create a coupon of $2 which automatically gets applied. When customers see this, they feel the burden of shipping charges being removed.

6. Schedule exact expiry time of auto applied coupons

If you forget to shut down your coupon at the exact time, more customers may use it. Then there’s no point in creating urgency. Better to expire the coupon at the exact time, say 11:59 AM.


So, that’s all related to auto apply coupons. And very simple to set-up and going with Smart Coupons plugin.

Use it on your WooCommerce store and start getting more conversions. It won’t fail.

Questions, feedback, suggestions? Share your thoughts in the comments box.

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