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Show Buy Now & Add to Cart Buttons Together, Automatically Link Coupons with Buy Now Button

WooCommerce Buy Now gets 3 new powerful features

We deliver what our customers wish!

Take your user’s shopping experience to the next level. Give them the flexibility they need during the checkout process with these new WooCommerce Buy Now features.

And in-turn, grow your conversions and sales.

Feature 1:
Show Buy Now and “Add to Cart” buttons together

What it used to be earlier?

You either had the option to put ‘Add to Cart’ button or replace it with “Buy Now”; that to storewide.

What’s now?

You can place both “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” buttons together.

Benefits of having “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” together

Like the coupon flexibility, this option is also configurable product-wise and storewide.

But point to note here is:
The product-wise setting will override the storewide setting.

Let’s understand it with an example.

You want to enable “Buy Now” button for all products belonging to the category “T-shirts” and sell them at a 15% discount.

But you want to give only 5% discount for “Avengers” special edition “T-shirt” which belongs to the same product category “T-shirts”.

To do this,

  • First, enable additional Buy Now button storewide
  • Then set the product category
  • Set a coupon of 15% for that product category
  • Now open that specific product for which you want to set 5% discount.
    Enable “Buy Now” & set a 5% OFF coupon.

Feature 2:
Link coupons automatically with Buy Now Button

Best use case – Any discount offer or sales; be it holiday season or special events.

Say goodbye to the old process of linking coupon where you had to set a coupon, copy the HTML and link the code to the “Buy Now” button.

Now just link a coupon with the “Buy Now” button which you want your customers to apply. Once the customer clicks the “Buy Now” button, the coupon code will be applied automatically.

Also earlier, the coupon linking process was storewide. Now you can configure it product-wise as well.

link coupon with WooCommerce Buy Now button

  • Go to the product or products
  • Enable “Buy Now”
  • Set the coupon

That’s it. The discount coupon will be automatically linked with the “Buy Now” button of that product.

Advantage – When the customer clicks the “Buy Now” button, he will be taken to the checkout page. Here he will see the discounted price which will resist him from abandoning even if he thinks so.

Feature 3:
Automatically link shipping method, redirect to specific pages using Buy Now Button

Using this configuration, you can directly link your preferred shipping method to the “Buy Now” button for a product / products or storewide like you do for coupons.

Also, if you want to take the customers to any other page on the “Buy Now” button click, you can do it. The default will take them to the checkout page.

Here’s how to get these features

These features are already available in the WooCommerce Buy Now version 2.4.0.
So, if you are using this version of WooCommerce Buy Now, put these features into action.

If you haven’t updated to the latest version of WooCommerce Buy Now,
go to the ‘Plugins’ section and update to the latest version.

And if you haven’t purchased WooCommerce Buy Now,
get it here.

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