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Smart Offers Took Away Your Biggest Obstacle – Designing Offers

Save time and efforts. Get readymade and convertible offer design - upsell, downsell, BOGO, etc. for your WooCommerce store. No coding required.

Last updated on August 27, 2021

Start converting users with your offer within 30 seconds…Bigtime!

Your favorite WooCommerce offers plugin, Smart Offers has solved the biggest problem you were facing while creating offers on your store.

Yes, you guessed it right – DESIGNING.

It has cut down on your basic designing effort and time. That means, no coding, no hassles at your end.

You know it. You must have experienced this yourself – Create an offer, spend time and energy in finding the right product image, creating the best headline, aligning the text and then working on the CSS Jimbo.

End result – tired you and a mediocre looking design which sadly will have low conversion rates in the future.

We saw this problem and thought to ourselves “ Let’s create a solution that makes offer creation quick and converts instantly.”

And here it is….”Automatic Offer Designing

It works in 1,2,3!

Yes, just three steps:

  • Select the product you want to offer and set the price
  • Publish
  • Preview your offer

Magic? Here’s the secret trick:

Once you preview this automatically created offer, you either run it the way it is or add your personal touches wherever required. Also, make sure you configure the general offer settings and you are done.

Enough of the theory, here’s how the offers look in action.

As you can see from the above video, within 25 seconds, your 5% discount offer on cap was ready. Simple, quick and effective.

Try it yourself

Let’s admit, designing is not everyone’s cup of tea

In my opinion, designing becomes tougher than marketing sometimes.

We have email marketing, social media marketing and blog at our disposal. We also need to focus on other marketing tasks.

We may not be professionals. But getting a basic good-to-go design consumes our mental capacity and three extra cups of coffee. So, getting that perfect stunning design is out of syllabus.

In such a tight schedule, we don’t really have the time to sharpen our designing skills.

We hire a designer, coordinate with them, pay them exorbitant fees and at times are still unsatisfied with the results. Right?

Don’t worry! Smart Offers comes to your rescue.

Smart Offers goes a notch higher in user experience

We understand the designing struggle our clients go through so we found this solution.

We want to deliver the best to our users and enrich their experience always.

The best part, up-sell, down-sell, cross-sell, BOGO, tripwire… be it any type of offer, the designing part is taken care off by Smart Offers automatically.

All you do is PUBLISH.

What if you want to tweak the automatically designed offers?
Yes, you can customize your entire offer the way you want. Smart Offers retains its flexibility.

You can even use page builders like Visual Composer & Thrive Builder to design your offer.

Is this useful for me?

Yes. If you fall in any one of these categories, you will certainly benefit from Smart Offers Automatic Offer Designing:

  • Need an instant and readymade solution (I’m that kind of a person)
  • Fears designing or spend time designing but can’t get it right
  • Don’t like to deal with CSS
  • Want to focus on other marketing stuff

Create your offer but let Smart Offers automatically design it now!

I’m confident this will cut down your efforts and time to a great extent.

If you’re an existing user, log-in to your WordPress account, update to the latest version of Smart Offers and try out this solution.

If you’re a new user, go ahead and give it a try.

Feedback, suggestions for improvement…let us know in the comments section below.

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