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Case Study – How Marshall Street Got Instant RoI with Smart Coupons

In this case study, you'll see how a golf discs seller tackled his gift certificates related challenges using WooCommerce Smart Coupons plugin.

marshall street case study

Last updated on May 23, 2024

Managing gift certificates became challenging for Derek at Marshall Street Disc Golf, especially during the transition to WooCommerce.

Enter Smart Coupons and it seamlessly imported and managed gift certificates, streamlined gift certificate sales, and our team provided exceptional support for Derek and his team.

This ensured a hassle-free experience for Derek and allowed him to focus on business growth.

Let’s analyze this.

Meet Derek & Marshall Street Disc Golf

Marshall Street Disc Golf sells a variety of frisbee disc golf related products online and also has a physical store located in Leicester, MA.

They mainly sell frisbees (discs), but also sell bags, baskets, and other accessories related to disc golf and the industry.

Their product portfolio adds up to around 80000 products. Wow!

Also, this brand is famous for their flight guide. It’s a way for folks to diversify the discs in their bags and see different flight paths of the discs to better suit their needs.

Learn more about their business on:

What struggles Derek faced before he discovered Smart Coupons?

Before transitioning to WooCommerce, Derek utilized an older online platform that facilitated product synchronization between two systems.

During this phase, they also had a lot of gift certificates. When they moved to WooCommerce in 2017, Derek didn’t know what they would do with those gift certificates.

They wanted to import all the gift certificates without any glitches but hadn’t found a solution then.

Why did Derek choose Smart Coupons?

Out of all the options, Derek chose Smart Coupons because it was available on the WooCommerce marketplace ( These plugins tend to have superior support and often test their code rigorously with many test and use cases.

How did Smart Coupons help Derek solve gift certificates related challenges?

Since 2017, Smart Coupons has been a great success for Derek and team. They continue to utilize it more as they also expand their marketing techniques.

Derek used Smart Coupons to import all their previous gift certificates to the new system. And it was done flawlessly and easily.

They also use Smart Coupons to generate coupon codes for tournament winners and have created automated processes with it to print off physical gift certificates too.

Between their original import and the ones till today, Marshall Street has over 11,000 coupons (mainly store credits or as we call them gift certificates).

Selling gift certificates is completely automated and they have very little work to do other than monthly reporting and printing off physical gift certificates which they have automated too.

For Derek, our Smart Coupons plugin is one of their most valuable plugins after WooCommerce.

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Why does Derek find Smart Coupons support exceptional?

Here’s what Derek has to say:

Why does Derek recommend Smart Coupons?

The plugin has facilitated seamless acceptance of gift certificates since their transition from the previous ecommerce platform, and the support from the development team has been exceptional.

The RoI was instant. They never have to even think about this plugin. It works and works rock solid for what they need it to do.

It’s not only about the product; it’s also about the unwavering support. No matter how good the product is, if you don’t receive support, it’s ultimately a wrong purchase decision.

So if you need the best of both worlds – quality plugin and quality support, there is no better option than Smart Coupons.

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