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Case Study – How Smith Surplus Updated 150+ Product Prices in Minutes with Smart Manager

In this case study, you'll see how a military surplus reseller used Smart Manager to bring down hours of work to minutes when dealing with product related changes.

smiths surplus case study

Last updated on April 11, 2024

Do you use the default WooCommerce to update prices, delete products, edit SKUs? Well, you know it better how many of your precious hours goes into it.

Michael Smith was doing the same until he discovered Smart Manager. The same tasks that took hours for him, he was able to do it within minutes.

Exciting, right? Lets see how.

Meet Michael and Smith’s Surplus and Supply

Smith’s Surplus and Supply is a family-run business based in New York’s scenic Hudson Valley for military surplus and tactical gear.

They deliver high-quality essentials like military surplus assault packs, rucksacks, pouches, field tarps, and specialized tactical range Gear at competitive prices.

Since 2021, their collection has expanded from an initial $700 investment in military field gear to over 152 distinct items, now featuring a range of tactical gear including plate carriers, utility pouches and more.

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What struggles Michael faced before he discovered Smart Manager?

For Michael, managing their WooCommerce store was cumbersome without plugins.

Making price changes, copying values, assigning tags for four or more variations was time-intensive and inefficient.

So you can imagine the stress level Michael faced when dealing with around 150 products.

Why did Michael choose Smart Manager?

He searched for a more efficient method to manage their expanding product line in Google and landed upon Smart Manager.

Smart Manager was swiftly meeting all their requirements without the need to explore other plugins.

How did Smart Manager help Michael solve his store management problems?

Smart Manager has revolutionized Michael’s store operations by significantly reducing the time spent on daily tasks.

With Smart Manager’s Bulk Edit feature, Michael was able to swiftly edit product prices and details of 152 products noticeably faster than WooCommerce’s default functionalities.

Smith utilized the Bulk Edit feature to tag their military products in bulk, adjust sale prices dates, delete products and edit SKU numbers, thus making inventory management a breeze.

So the time to edit prices and details of 152 products was reduced from hours to minutes.

This efficiency gain has not only improved their productivity but also allowed them more time for marketing, sales enhancement, and personal commitments.

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Why Michael recommends Smart Manager

Due to its ability to significantly enhance WooCommerce store productivity without causing technical disruptions, Smart Manager has become an indispensable tool for Michael and team.

So for anyone looking to streamline their online store management, Michael highly recommends Smart Manager as the go-to solution.

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