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Create Temporary Login without Password for WordPress

Last updated on April 6, 2021

Ever owned/ managed a WordPress website? Then you have definitely come across a plugin issue that you couldn’t get resolved and was forced to contact the plugin devs. The most common solution given by most devs is ‘Kindly pass on the admin credentials of your site, so we can resolve the issue at the soonest.’ Right?

Now, giving an outsider the admin credentials is always risky and time consuming. Nevertheless, the hours of anxiousness you face after that is even more painful. Isn’t it?

Keeping all these woes in mind, the Store Apps team got together to create a plugin that could change every WordPressers life and make it stress-free. The Temporary Login without Password for WordPress simply let’s you give access to a outsider (developer/ guest blogger) just for a particular amount of time.

To explain better, this article gives you a detailed view of the current problem and the how the plugin solves the problem efficiently. Do read!

Current Problem – Creating a Seperate Admin Login for Outsiders (Devs/ Guest bloggers)

So if you need to pass on the admin creds to an outsider as on today, you will need to create a temporary admin login. This process is lengthy, as you can see below.

  • In your WordPress Dashboard, go to Users > Add New
  • Enter a username
  • Enter an email address
  • Make a note of the password generated by WordPress, as you’ll need to send it to support team
  • Make sure the Role field is set to ‘Administrator‘
  • Click the ‘Add New User‘ button.

Now once the account is made, credentials and passed and the issue is resolved you need to without fail delete the temporary admin account for security reasons.

This whole process is lengthy, but that’s not all. There are some loose ends you need to pay attention to,

For site-owners

For developer/support guy

Creating accounts for each with username and password is a pain. Remembering and entering passwords every time only adds to frustration.

How to avoid this Pain- Here’s the Solution

Having a login process which is secure, fast and smooth and where there is absolutely no need of password would be a bang on solution for any site owner.

That’s exactly what this plugin Temporary Login Without Password does.

Top Benefits of using this plugin

  • No need of remembering or storing passwords
  • Getting rid of short-long, special characters password creation restrictions
  • Self expiring temporary login links
  • Safe and secure
  • Unlimited Account creation

Why and Who need Temporary Login links

Temporary login without password plugin gives site owner a choice to select user roles and create accounts depending on their roles.

Login without Password

Administrator/Developer– A handful of websites hire developers to perform changes on their websites. They need access to your admin area. So, you can create an administrator account for them. Set an expiry time so that the account is disabled when the job is done.

Shop Manager– A shop manager needs to track daily activities of the company’s tasks. You can create a Shop Manager account for them.

Subscriber/Customer– A subscriber/ customer can need help anytime from you if they get stuck or are in search of some updates. Let them have their own accounts on the site so that they can reach out to you for support anytime.

Author/ Editor– You may need to hire an author to write a blog article for your site or an editor to review your work done. Create author/editor accounts for them easily.

Accounts created, Now Safeguard them

Login without Password

Having multiple accounts on your site leaves it vulnerable to security threats and data safety issues as you have given freedom and privileges to users on your site.

But with this plugin, you can have sound sleep and worry less as these logins are temporary and they get disabled automatically after a certain period of time.

How to use this plugin

After having an overview of the plugin, let’s see how to use it.

First thing you need to do is install and activate the Temporary Login Without Password plugin on your WordPress site.

3 quick step for installation:

  1. Unzip downloaded folder and upload it to ‘wp-content/plugins/’ folder
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to Users > Temporary Login section and create a new temporary login

Login without Password

Creating login links:

After selecting ‘Create New‘ button, it will show a form where you need to enter information for the temporary login you want to add as shown in the image below:

  • First of all, enter the email id of the person, followed by their first name and last name.
  • Next, you need to select a user role for the user from the drop down menu- administrator, shop manager, customer, subscriber, contributor, author or editor.
  • After selecting the user role, you need to choose expiry duration for this temporary account– one hour, three hours, one day, three days, one week or one month. This is the period after which the account will automatically expire.

Click on Submit to save your changes.

Login without Password

Managing accounts

The plugin also makes it easier for you to manage temporary logins. Simply visit the Users>Temporary Logins page, and you will see the list of temporary logins you have added to your site.

For each account, you will be able to see the user’s name and email address along with the role assigned to them, last login date, and time remaining till account expires.

Under the actions column, you can expire a login before its expiry, delete an account, or copy the temporary login URL.

Login without Password

Once a temporary account is permanently deleted, all the content created by that user like posts or pages will show the administrator account as the author.

Final Thoughts

We hope this blog post gave you all necessary guidelines on creating secure login links for WordPress without passwords and how it makes the login process smooth and fast compared to normal login process.

It’s easiest to use and on top that, it’s absolutely free. Use it on your site now and let us know how it goes.

29 thoughts on “Create Temporary Login without Password for WordPress

  1. An excellent idea and plugin.
    I do tech support and am constantly asking for username/password/login page.
    The issue I encounter is many site owners only want to create a username and then let WordPress send me a password set link.
    Many time they don’t have their email functionality properly installed and I never receive an email.

    You plugin will solve many problems for me. Thanks for making it.

    1. Thank you for your appreciation. It means a lot to us. It keeps us encouraged to create useful plugins for everyone.

      By the way, you can also rate this plugin here (if haven’t done already)

  2. Is there a way to extend an already created temp login. I made the initial duration a week, and would like to extend that if possible without having to email out new links instead. Otherwise, amazing, free plugin. Look forward to checking out your other products.

    1. Yes, you can click the Pencil icon next to the user to change/extend login for a user.

  3. Doesn’t work for me, creates the user and the tokenized link but results in a forced logout (Google Recaptcha is on). Perhaps that is the issue?

    1. Hi Jack,

      I suspect that you created a tokenized link and tried to access within the same browser instance. If you are logged in as a normal user and tried to access the temporary link, it will log you out.

      So, I request you to access the same link from different browser instance. If you are using Google Chrome, click CTRL + SHIFT + N or go to File > New Incognito Window and paste the temporary login link and check once again. You should able to log in as a temporary user.

      Hope that helps.


  4. Can I edit the email or link so that it always goes to a particular private page?

    1. Hi Jani,
      Currently, there is no such option.

  5. This piece of writing provides clear idea for the new viewers of blogging, that really how to do blogging and site-building.

  6. Hi,
    I am facing a problem. When I try to create a temporary login for the user whose login was created previously also, I am getting an error that “email is already in use” and the login does not get created. Any solutions?

    1. Currently, it’s not possible to generate a temporary login URL for a user who is already registered. As the name of the plugin suggests that it’s a temporary login, therefore, it can’t be generated for a registered user.

      If you’re looking for a solution to generate a login URL for a registered user you can use Express Login For WordPress

  7. It is really a great and helpful piece of info. I’m satisfied that you simply shared this helpful information with us.
    Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi ,

    Silly question here: First of all, enter the email id of the person, followed by their first name and last name.

    Where do i get this email info? from the person wanting to login?
    Or is this my email

    1. Hi Adie,

      You need to get the email from the person for whom you need to create a temporary login account.

  9. Hello,

    stupid question maybe, but I am trying to upload the extracted file into my wordpress dashboard so I can install your plug-in but I’m not sure exactly which file or folder to upload. There are so many of them and your instructions don’t specify.

    thank you

    1. Hi Dan,

      You can follow the steps mentioned here to install the plugin.

      Try it and let us know how it goes for you.

  10. thank you for this great work

  11. There is possibility to change expiry range to minutes?

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Magnus,

      You can achieve it by doing some simple code. Please refer to this article.

      Try it and let us know how it goes for you.

  12. Hi,
    Thanks for creating this plugin. It really meets needs.

    1. You are welcome, Omale

      Please leave us 5 stars review on That helps fellow website owners assess Temporary Login Without Password easily and benefit from it!

  13. Hi,

    Great plugin.

    1. Thank You, Shiloni

      Please leave us 5 stars review on That helps fellow website owners assess Temporary Login Without Password easily and benefit from it!

  14. Thank you for your plugin! It help me to send temporary login into customer who want check about my latest portofolio

    1. You are welcome, Pandu

      Glad to hear that this plugin helps you to debug the issue.

      Please leave us 5 stars review on That helps fellow website owners assess Temporary Login Without Password easily and benefit from it!

  15. This is one of the must-have plugins for all my client projects. I use the plugin for letting my clients view the site while development is on-going (with temporary homepage or maintenance page activated.)

    I wish it has the option for auto redirecting to homepage upon login. I would give this plugin a 5-star review if we can have the feature added!

    1. Hi Dean,

      Update: We have released a new version that has this feature. So please update to the latest version and then have a check with the functionality.

      This is a very useful feature and we have already planned to add it to the plugin.

      Meanwhile, you can use the ‘redirect_to’ query parameter in the temporary login link and share it with users. You can set the home page URL as a redirect_to value and it will be redirected to the home page. Please refer to this support thread for redirection.

  16. Informative post, Akshat! Interesting plugin to check on.

  17. I was sceptic while installing it. But after two days with a great supporter at Themegrill I am really happy. It works fine, gives us full control. It’s very useful. After two days it’s just like it had been missing before. Thanks for that plugin. It’s a must-have if you are working with other people or companies within the WordPress backend.

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