How to setup & use of Express Login for WordPress

Dashboard of Express Login for WordPress

  1. General Settingsexpress-login-secret-key
    • Secret Key : This allows you to set a secret key using which Express Login generates Secure links for customer’s to log in. If you change this, all previous links will stop working.
  2. Export Users express-login-export-users
    • Link Expiry (optional): This allows you to set validity period until which Express Login links are valid. Login links will automatically expire after the time lapses.
    • Redirect to: It allows you set the page that you want users to redirect to after the Express Login link is clicked. You can also place a Buy Now link with a coupon.
      For example, Imagine you want users to redirect to “My Account” page after clicking on the link & they should also get a coupon, then link would be something like :
    • Export Users With Express Login Links: It allows you to generate a CSV file of your users with their login links. You can export express login either for selected users or all users. You can use this CSV file in your favorite email/newsletter service if you wish, and merge the express login link wherever you want. You can store them for your reference also.
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