Creating a new Smart Offer – Step 5 of 6 – Actions to take when offer is Accepted

Step 5 : Offer multiple things to customers after they accept an offer

This section lets you define what should happen once the customer accepts an offer. You can select multiple options.

Actions to take when offer is Accepted

  • Add the offered product to cart : This is the default behavior when offer is accepted i.e. it will add the offered product in the cart.
  • Remove following products from the cart : This option lets you also remove one (or more) products from cart when customer accepts the smart offer. Allows you to do swapping a product from cart with an upsell offering high value products or bundles.
    When an offer is accepted, you can also empty entire cart i.e. all products present in the cart by typing ‘ALL‘ and then selecting All Products.
  • Apply Coupons : This option will apply coupon once an offer is accepted. Imagine you want to offer a discount coupon once the customer accepts the offer, then just add coupon name in this option, then that coupon will be applied once the customer accepts the offer.
  • Accept & Show Another Offer : This option will allow you to show another offer that is entered in the field if your current offer is accepted. If you entered multiple offers in the field, then it will show one depending upon WooCommerce -> Settings -> Smart Offers -> Preferences -> Multiple Offers? Select one with…
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  • Redirect to a URL : This option will redirect the customer to a url mentioned in this option after user accepts the offer. You want to take your customer to a Upsell page once after the customer accepts the offer you can easily do this with help of this option.
  • Instantly Checkout with “Buy Now” plugin : Our Buy Now plugin shortens checkout by picking up customer information from previous orders. This option if selected will take customer directly to payment page on accepting the offer or incase of previous order found (for registered users), it will also complete the offer for your customer.

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