When does Smart Reporter treat a product as Abandoned?

Smart Reporter keeps a track of every cart that is created on your site. So, whenever a product is added to the cart, Smart Reporter makes a note of the same in one of its custom table and will then treat the same product as abandoned if the cart which contains the product does not get converted to a valid order within a stipulated time which is by default set to 24 hours.

You can surely change the time after which the product should be treated as abandoned by simply modifying the few options in the WordPress options table at the database level.

Follow these steps to modify the options:

  1. Go to your database
  2. Open options table
  3. Find option sr_abandoned_cutoff_time
  4. Enter the number of minutes / hours / days after which the product should be treated as abandoned
  5. Submit the values.
  6. Similarily, find another option sr_abandoned_cutoff_period
  7. Enter any of the possible values (minutes, hours, days) to define the sr_abandoned_cutoff_time
  8. Submit the values.
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