WooCommerce Compatibility Update


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Latest Update – WooCommerce 4.5.0

WooCommerce 4.5.0 is a minor release. You can see on WooCommerce’s official blog about what are the changes in WooCommerce 4.5.0.

Before updating your store to WooCommerce 4.5.0, you need to make sure the plugins and theme on your store are compatible with WooCommerce 4.5.0. If the plugins and theme are not compatible with 4.5.0, your site could break.

Therefore, make sure all the plugins and the theme in your store are WooCommerce 4.5.0 compatible.

Below are a list of StoreApps plugins & their status with WooCommerce 4.5.0

Steps to upgrade WooCommerce on your Store

Upgrading WooCommerce for the first time or the nth time, whatever be your case, these guidelines will help you successfully complete the upgrade absolutely hassle free.

Read more to upgrade to the latest WooCommerce version.

WooCommerce Compatibility status of StoreApps plugins

  • Released Affiliate For WooCommerce
  • Queued Bulk Variations Manager
  • Queued Cashier
  • Started Conditional Payment Methods For WooCommerce
  • Queued Custom Thank You Page For WooCommerce
  • Released Email Customizer Pro For WooCommerce
  • Queued Express Checkout For Virtual And Downloadable Products For WooCommerce
  • Queued Frequently Bought Together For WooCommerce
  • Queued Offer Your Price
  • Queued Recently Viewed Products For Woocommerce
  • Queued Save For Later For WooCommerce
  • Queued Saved Addresses For WooCommerce
  • Queued Segment.io Integration
  • Released Smart Manager (Lite, Pro)
  • Released Smart Offers
  • Queued WooCommerce Auto Complete Virtual Orders
  • Queued WooCommerce Buy Now
  • Released WooCommerce Chained Products
  • Queued WooCommerce Renewals
  • Queued WooCommerce Serial Key
  • Released WooCommerce Smart Coupons
  • Released WooCommerce Smart Refunder
  • Queued WooCommerce Sold Individually
  • Queued WooCommerce Stock Manager
  • Queued WooCommerce Update Variations in Cart
  • N/A Express Login For WordPress
  • N/A News Announcement Scroll
  • N/A Temporary Login Without Password


  1. N/A means plugin does not need WooCommerce compatibility.

Found issues in these plugins related to WooCommerce 4.5.0 Compatibility? Report it directly to the technical team.

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