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Smart Offers ‘OR’ Rule released [New Feature]

Using Smart Offers 'OR' rule, you can easily set up multiple rules in a single offer instead of creating multiple offers for multiple rules.

Last updated on August 27, 2021

Whoopie! We have finally released the most awaited feature – Smart Offers ‘OR’ rule. A great thing, both I and you will cheer about.

What’s this OR rule? A simple explanation with example

In simple terms, Smart Offers OR rule lets you set up a single offer with multiple rules instead of creating multiple offers for multiple rules.

For example, you are selling an iPhone in four different colors – red, rose gold, space grey and white and you want to upsell a fancy protective case on purchase of any of the four colored phones.

Earlier, you need to create four upsell offers for each colored iPhone using Smart Offers. But now, using Smart Offers OR rule, you can accomplish all the above in a single offer itself.

Awesome, right?

Three biggest benefits of Smart Offers OR rule

  • Time savings – Creating a single offer instead of multiple offers will naturally give you big time savings.
  • Zero complexities – You just need to create your offer. However complex the rules may be, Smart Offers will handle them for you.
  • Infinite combinations – Create any number of rules in your offer. There’s no limit to it.

How to create an offer with OR rule using Smart Offers

Explanation of the above video:
Let’s say on purchase of either of the three T-shirts named T-shirt with logo, Long Sleeve Tee and Hoodie with Pocket, we want to upsell Sunglasses at $25 fixed price on the cart page.

The basic offer steps are the same as you used to do.

The very important part is the Offer rules where you can set up your offer using the OR rule. Simply click on blue colored OR button to add multiple rule groups for your offer.

Under Display rules,

  • Select Cart/Order > Contains Products > T-shirt with logo (Rule group no 1)
  • Next, click on “OR” to set rules for Long Sleeve Tee. (Rule group no 2)
  • Again, click on “OR” to set rules for Hoodie with Pocket. (Rule group no 3)

That’s it. Your rules have been set successfully.

The upsell offer will now be triggered if any of the T-shirt is added to cart.

Using AND + OR rules together

Smart Offers also lets you create an offer using ‘OR’ & ‘AND’ rules in combination.

In our case, we want to upsell ‘Smart Manager twenty-five sites license’ on purchase of either a single site or five sites licenses of Smart Manager.

Watch this video to set-up your offer using the AND + OR rules:

In this example, the upsell offer will be automatically triggered when all conditions of any one of the offer rule groups from the above two will match.

Not just upsell, but you can also create WooCommerce cross-sell, BOGO and other offer types using this rule.

So, ready to set-up offers using Smart Offers OR rule?

I hope this feature will surely help you to a great extent.

Simply update to the latest version of Smart Offers to avail this feature.

Try it out and let us know how it goes in the comments section below.

Also, for any queries or feedback regarding this OR rule, drop a comment below.

And if you are new to Smart Offers,

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