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Take My Sales Through The Roof – WooCommerce Secret Sales Strategies

Here are some quick actions you can take on your store to grow sales and wow customers – even today! All you need is WooCommerce, Smart Coupons plugin, and desire to make more!

Strategy #1: Smartly priced discounted credits

  • Find out your average order size – let’s say $175. Create a Store Credit / Gift Certificate coupon for a higher amount – $250.
  • Create a new product and price it at a value slightly above average order size. In this case, the new product can be priced at $200. Ensure the discount is lucrative enough.

What you’ve just done is attracted your customers with a good discount, made them pay in advance, and continue spending in future to deplete their credit balance.

Strategy #2: Offer discount on higher priced product while purchasing lower priced product

  • Create a discount coupon and allow usage only on a specific higher priced product.
  • Link this coupon with a related lower priced product.

This way more people will buy the lower priced product and many of them will convert to a higher priced product as well.

Strategy #3: Offer multiple credit coupons with one product

More the merrier! Create multiple coupons of varying denominations and offer them on one or more products. Customers always like a deal that’s a steal!

Strategy #4: Holiday season gift certificates / time limited offers

Create a discount/credit coupon that is valid between a particular time range. Smartly price the coupon. Promote the offer in advance, you can even keep raising offer price as coupon start time comes closer. This will create scarcity and prompt people to buy more and buy earlier.

Strategy #5: Partner with a “Deals” site

  • Generate a bunch of coupons – and export them to a CSV file.
  • Now share this CSV file with the “deals” site, so they can issue one coupon to each purchaser.
  • You can import the CSV file back into your store so when buyers use the coupon, they get the promised deal.
  • To make for a seamless experience, give a direct link to the product on offer with the generated coupon in the URL.

Strategy #6: Create an “Available Offers” page on your site

Create a new page in WordPress, link it from a prominent place on your site. And use shortcodes to display coupons for offers you have currently available. You can even use images, link them to a product page and pass the coupon code in the URL. People looking for deals will find this irresistible!

What next?

Use Smart Coupons plugin for WooCommerce to implement these strategies.

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