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9 Best Tips to Write a Converting Affiliate Newsletter

Learn how to write an insightful affiliate marketing newsletter that gets read from beginning to end, and persuade affiliates to take an action.


Last updated on April 9, 2024

The affiliate newsletter serves as a liaison between a business and its affiliates.

When it may seem tricky to sustain affiliates’ interests, affiliate newsletters possess the power to inspire them to remain associated. Though store owners use multifaceted methods to connect with affiliates, newsletters have proven their relevance and worth over time.

As per the stats, over 64% of marketing traffic comes from affiliate marketing in the USA. It only makes it more valuable to thrive in the competitive market.

Thus, this blog will teach you to create an affiliate marketing newsletter to keep your affiliates engaged and some practical tips to follow.

Best tips to write an awesome affiliate newsletter

Keeping affiliates interested and motivated while maintaining an equitable supply of information is the key to writing an effective affiliate newsletter.

Here is what you can do.

Impress affiliates with a cheery subject line

A well-written and intriguing subject line can catch the affiliates’ attention easily.

Since most affiliates base their decisions on emails’ subject lines, the line must be compelling, professional and catchy. Also, add a catchy preheader into the mix.

Consider this subject line with a similarly captivating preheader:

Subject line: Double your commission this month. Exclusive for YOU!
Preheader: Use limited-time promo+ new marketing material inside!

Welcome affiliates with open arms

Do you answer to someone calling you ‘hey’ in public?

Not at all… and it feels little weird. Right?

Your affiliates might feel the same when you ignore the welcome emails and straight-talk business. Make them feel like who they are – a valuable asset to your organization.

Your affiliates are equally committed to your products as you are. Write to speak with them face-to-face. Because that’s all it is, albeit virtually.

Here are the initiatives to transform a generic newsletter into a personalized affiliate marketing newsletter-

  • Call them by name
  • Introduce yourself, your company and your products/services
  • Make it easy for them to respond and contact you
  • Use the legitimate address and signature
  • Add humor to your content using jokes and puns

Tell them “who you are”

Authenticity wins the hardest battle with ease.

After you have commenced your proposal, give a proper closure with your signature, name, and complete address. It demonstrates your authenticity. Affiliates must know that they are communicating with a real person, not a bot.

Further, affiliates must know the company policies while signing up for an affiliate program. You can mention the link at the end of the email. Ensure you discuss all the legalities with affiliates beforehand.

Be clear about marketing goals while pitching

As a business owner, a well-defined long-term marketing objective is crucial for the success of your affiliate program. It leads your marketing team toward the right affiliates and helps crack the deal.

Most store owners manage every task alone. It sabotages their marketing campaign and produces low-quality work. It might be the cause of your affiliate newsletters being marked as ‘spam’ or not being read.

To avoid this, segment your audience and pitch strategically. Before sending the newsletter, read it multiple times, leave out unnecessary details and keep it concise.

Invite for a one-on-one discussion

Introductory emails and a one-on-one discussion are two distinct things.

A few questions about affiliates you must ask yourself-

  • How well do you know your affiliates?
  • How familiar are you with their marketing style?
  • How often do you discuss marketing visions?
  • What distinguishes each of them from other affiliates?

Schedule your affiliate newsletter

When properly planned, affiliate marketing can take an interesting turn.

By strategically sending out affiliate newsletters, you can increase your revenue.

The next step is to schedule a newsletter around it. Even if you wish to share marketing campaigns, ensure you share ahead of your competitors to begin promotions early and maximize profits.

You can try the free Icegram Express plugin on WordPress to create unlimited newsletter campaigns and schedule them for better conversions.

Use compelling CTA to obtain the desired result

Not an average call-to-action!

Simple words and brand-oriented elements contribute to an actionable CTA design. The CTA also assists businesses in communicating the proper message and directs affiliates toward taking desired actions.

A study shows that customized CTAs exhibit better results than generic CTAs. CTA buttons, such as ‘Download Now’, ‘Visit Here’, ‘Get It Now’, ‘Learn More’, ‘Read More, etc., are more popular and direct affiliates to the intended page.

Keep affiliates engaged with content variation

Do you consistently read the same newsletter with the same enthusiasm?

No. It’s not possible. Nobody can. As a store owner, offer affiliates a wide range of content covering all aspects of the business niche.

The affiliate newsletter you can send can be categorized into:

  • Product tutorials, eBooks, guides
  • Affiliate swipe copies
  • Landing pages, resources, videos
  • Case studies, testimonials
  • Social media updates, deals, coupons
  • Product comparison
  • Product roundups

Based on the business niche, you can find several micro-niche topics to boost engagement and keep the smooth flow of communication.

Check your newsletter relevancy

Do not waste time with irrelevant affiliate marketing newsletters when you have a long-term marketing vision.

Put yourself in the position of the affiliates when crafting newsletter templates for affiliate marketing. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is this affiliate newsletter worthwhile to open and peruse?
  • Does the marketing material add benefits to current plans?
  • Is it worth the affiliate marketers’ time?

Pre-scheduled affiliate newsletters with seasonal sales would be more effective.

A converting affiliate newsletter sample

Let’s look at the interactive affiliate newsletter sample that can lead to conversion and boost engagement with affiliates:

It’s not just affiliate newsletters

You will keep affiliates engaged with the newsletters. But what about providing specialized commissions to specific affiliates?

How can you help affiliates so that they do better marketing of your WooCommerce store products? What about registrations, payouts and more?

All you need is a simple and one-place management plugin. And that’s what the Affiliate for WooCommerce plugin will provide.

Be it creating commission rules, tracking referrals, creating marketing campaigns, making payouts…the plugin helps you do everything from a single screen.

Affiliate for WooCommerce plugin dashboard

BTW…the plugin allows you to create affiliate landing pages that you can share with your affiliates via newsletters. Affiliates can promote your products without the need of their referral links or coupons.

At last

Are you prepared to reach new heights with affiliate marketing newsletters?

Remember, transparency goes a long way in the affiliate marketing industry and helps build strong bonds.

An effective affiliate marketing newsletter can help affiliates grasp business niches, expand their businesses and become industry leaders.

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