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How to Help Affiliates with Swipe Copy for Better Promotion

What is an affiliate swipe copy? In this blog, learn the significance of a killer swipe copy for affiliates and tips to implement in future copies. Also, discover why swipe copy is important to make the affiliate program successful.

affiliate swipe copy

Last updated on April 17, 2024

An affiliate swipe copy is the secret to any successful product in affiliate marketing.

Companies are aware that successful product marketing requires a creative approach. Affiliate programs are the best to streamline product promotion and boost revenue. Affiliates must register for the affiliate program and assess material store owners share.

Store owners can customize and share the swipe copy with affiliates using the Affiliate for WooCommerce plugin. It enables store owners to reduce ideation time, enhance productivity and harmonize teams’ efforts with affiliates. Further, it helps affiliates form a bullet-proof marketing plan and engage with buyers.

What is an affiliate swipe copy?

An affiliate swipe copy is a pre-written marketing material to promote the company’s products and services. It serves as the framework for developing marketing strategies for more effective product promotion.

Store owners can use it to ensure consistent message delivery. Affiliates may receive a variety of swipe copies, such as:

  • Product description
  • Copywriting content (email subject lines, sub-headings, meta description, CTA examples)
  • Marketing channel framework (social media, influencer marketing, email marketing)
  • Coupon codes
  • SEO headline roadmap
  • Industry insights and trends
  • Campaign themes and ideas
  • Ad copies

The most significant parts of swipe files are specific details, various industry-related examples and targeting strategies. We will learn the details later in the article.

Significance of a swipe copy in affiliate marketing

The affiliates may have an abundance of resources at their disposal. Still, a product needs a descriptive affiliate marketing campaign to succeed in the fiercely competitive market.

The affiliate swipe copy helps marketers showcase their marketing strategy for better promotion and explore products & their market potential.

Besides providing guidelines, the email swipes in affiliate marketing assist affiliate marketers in comprehending long-term business objectives. The goal of sharing swipe copy is to save time and effort for affiliates and speed up marketing planning.

How to write swipe copy for affiliates

Let’s look at what it takes to write a killer affiliate swipe copy-

Take experts’ advice

It takes efforts to write swipe copy for affiliates that displays lasting effects.

Whether you are a copywriter or not, getting help from a professional copywriter is always a good idea. Copywriting swipe files by a professional is better for conveying brand voice and fulfilling affiliates’ needs.

Further, considering the ever-changing market, draft multiple swipe copies according to product updates, affiliate groups, buyers’ demands, etc.

If budget permits, you can hire the best professional. Alternatively, you can follow advice from well-known copywriters in the industry.

Leverage dynamic content

Is it possible for affiliates to ignore the swipe copy or consider it basic?

Quite possible.

To make the swipe file more interesting, include dynamic content, such as GIFs, video clips, infographics, statistics, or high-quality images.

Spice up your swipe copies

Make your copies worth reading and sharing with:

  • Emotional hook (curiosity, humor, FOMO)
  • Social proof and testimonials
  • Storytelling
  • Tone and voice variations

Make different swipe copies for distinct affiliate groups

Sharing the single swipe copy with each affiliate group can backfire as similar content will be a red flag for Google.

Affiliate programs gain success as more affiliates sign up. Not all your affiliates showcase the same outcome. Therefore, it is necessary to make different versions of it, share it with affiliates over time and see what brings the best result.

How can swipe copy help affiliates improve their sales?

Leverage these essential tips in your affiliate marketing swipe copy to drive higher sales.

Know the importance of SEO

It’s detrimental for SEO for affiliates to use a single marketing technique.

The Google search engine doesn’t like the same content everywhere. Remember, duplicate content damages the reputation of your store and products.

So, let affiliate marketers explore untapped strategies to boost SEO affiliate marketing.

Let affiliates use their creativity (Offer highlights only)

The more affiliates join your affiliate program, the more versatile marketing ideas you encounter for the affiliate marketing swipe file. Over time, shared business objectives, alongside diverse marketing practices, help store owners accomplish the desired goals.

Treat swipe copy as an affiliate guide because spoon-feeding affiliate marketers would only be a waste of time and resources. Let affiliates advertise your products and represent your store in their unique style.

Mind the tone of the messages

The tonality in the swipe files in affiliate marketing helps convey the appropriate message. It assists affiliates in strategically speaking for the company and marketing the products.

A marketing swipe copy should be courteous, brief and conversational. A consistent tone, a little humor and a simple vocabulary will make your brands stand out among your affiliates.

Regular updates are a must

A fresh perspective and periodic updates are non-negotiable in affiliate marketing.

You lay the foundation for affiliates in the swipe copies by observing industry trends and buyer persona. It identifies what appeals to the audiences and solutions you offer.

How does Affiliate for WooCommerce help affiliates with swipe copy?

Most store owners look for third-party affiliate platforms. But is it necessary?

It’d be futile when the alternative is available on WooCommerce itself.

The Affiliate for WooCommerce plugin helps you create your own affiliate program. Be it small businesses or conglomerates, you can manage several affiliate marketers, reward affiliates with special commission rates, create & monitor affiliate marketing campaigns, and much more…all from a single place.

You can create a campaign and share the swipe copy with the affiliates using the plugin.

  • Install and activate the Affiliate for WooCommerce plugin.
  • Navigate to WooCommerce > Affiliates > Campaigns within the WordPress admin.
  • Select Add a Campaign to create a new affiliate marketing campaign.
  • Fill in the required information:
    affiliate marketing campaigns restriction
    • Name – Campaign title helps affiliates what the new campaign is all about. It usually summarizes the reason for launching a new campaign and communicates using the title for further conversation.
    • Slug – It’s an automatically generated link related to the new campaign.
    • Destination link – A destination link for the customers to visit to buy the product/ service.
    • Visibility – Store owners can decide whom to share the campaigns with – specific affiliates, affiliate tags/groups or all affiliates.
    • Short Description – Mention the key points of the campaign.
    • Full Description – Lastly, add your swipe files or swipe copies your affiliates can use for promotion.
  • Choose the Active option and save your campaign.

Once the campaign is set, affiliates can go to their My account > Affiliate > Campaigns. By clicking on the required campaign, they can get the swipe copies.

email marketing assets campaign for affiliate in their my account

Learn more about affiliate marketing campaigns here.

You can also try the plugin live demo and see for yourself.


In affiliate marketing, the affiliate swipe copy goes beyond simple copywriting material. Affiliates gain a thorough understanding of brands and their long-term targets. Such thorough details make it easier for affiliates to navigate the path to achieve the ultimate affiliate marketing goals.

And with the Affiliate for WooCommerce plugin, it’s quite flexible to distribute swipe copies to affiliates for better brand building and promotion.

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