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Apple Pay and WooCommerce Payment Gateway Integration Extension?

Would you like us to build an Apple Pay payment gateway for WooCommerce?

Last updated on August 27, 2021

Apple today announced Apple Pay – a NFC mobile payment solution. Over 220,000 US merchants are Apple Pay enabled already, and large merchants are adding it to their online stores.

Would you like us to build an Apple Pay payment gateway for WooCommerce? Something that integrates flawlessly not only with standard checkout process (and shortens it), but also works with Subscriptions?

Comment below and vote!

42 thoughts on “Apple Pay and WooCommerce Payment Gateway Integration Extension?

  1. My gosh, absolutely! If you don’t I’ll have to change my ecommerce solution.

  2. Yes!

  3. Yes and yes, thank you! When is it out? 🙂 We have som nice bracelets that need to go with that new watch…

  4. Um….YES.

  5. Absolutely. Apple Pay is just one piece of the NFC payment puzzle but you absolutely need to add this feature to your plugin.

  6. Yes let’s do it!

  7. Yes…..Apple Pay would be a game changer

  8. Please Do!!

  9. Do it!!!!

  10. Yes…. Yes… Yessss 🙂 out with the old in with the new

  11. Absolutely

  12. Apple Pay is the future. No reason to not diversify the ways visitors can make transactions on our websites.

  13. YES. Please. Please yes. Thankplease. Yespleasethanks.

  14. hell yes! We like woocommerce but you can not ignore the fact that people use their cellphones far more than their desktops now. We’ve started looking for an ecommerce solution that will integrate apple pay. We’ll hold off, but not too long. Time marches on, and you must keep up with it.

  15. Do it! Will buy immediately.

  16. Yes, absolutely

  17. Yes, please, please email me when this is done! We will most likely have clients interested in this for their sites! If you guys don’t do it, someone else will 😉

  18. A must have! Any update on a time frame for this feature?

  19. Yes PLEASE 🙂

    Would be awesome!

  20. I think I would be crazy not to utilize it

  21. This is still not possible until Apple allows embedding of Apple Pay into web sites. Right now, the only way you can use Apple Pay to buy something on the internet is through a native iOS app. I’ve seen no news anywhere indicating there are plans to make it work in a web browser.

  22. Yes please, this is an awesome idea. Apple pay released in the UK this week so lots more business to be done!!!

  23. Yes please! This is a no-brainier!

  24. Yes, please! This easier it is to pay, the easier it is to get people to buy.

  25. YES! Absolutely there should be an Apple Pay + WooCommerce integration for mobile payments! Thank you!

  26. Yes, very good idea indeed!

  27. Should I keep holding my breath?

  28. Yessss. Absolutely must-have!

  29. Yes! Yes! Yes!

  30. 100% YES

  31. Yes and Must, why still wait?

    1. Hi, is there any possibility to integrate apple pay js payment gateway to woocommerce?

  32. Any update on WooCommerce and Apple Pay?

  33. Any news on this?? Would pay $

  34. Hi there,

    Apple has annouced web version of Apple Pay and we are actively looking into it.

    1. Stripe has a working version of this, see their website. Works great!!!

      1. Thanks for the information Jobi. We’ll check it out.

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