How to Offer Upsell / Downsell using Smart Offers

Using Smart Offers you can create an Upsell / Downsell funnel and make your customers buy more. You need to show them products they will absolutely need. And even better give them on discount.

In this article, we take an example of an online mobile store. And how it can make customers add more items to the cart!

Steps to Create a Upsell / Downsell Funnel

Consider a customer has purchased an iPhone from your store. Make a list of products the customer will NEED once he buys a iPhone.

Then create offers (upsells) consisting each of these complementary products & show them. For example,
Offer Upsell 1 – iPhone case
Offer Upsell 2 – Bluetooth handset
Offer Upsell 3 – iPhone holder

Create all upsell offers by following steps from here: Creating a new Smart Offer

Now for offer upsell 1 (iPhone case), target that offer on Order Complete page (or any other page of your choice). Once customer accepts that offer, you can show offer upsell 2 (Bluetooth handset) and upon accepting that show customer offer upsell 3 (iPhone holder).

You can target next upsell in Accept & Show Another Offer under Actions to take when offer is accepted.

Upsell / Downsell

By the end he will end up buying not just the iPhone but all these complementary items as well.

This was optimistic, right? What if after buying the iPhone he rejects Upsell 1? Show him a last offer. The downsell offer! The downsell offer should be an absolute must product and most importantly something that’s really cheap.

In our case, the scratch guard fits the bill. It isn’t expensive compared to the actual product (iPhone) and is also an absolute must-have.

You can target downsell in Skip & Show Another Offer under Actions to take when offer is skipped.

Upsell / Downsell

The customer is most likely to accept this offer. So you have already sold more than just what the customer intended. Hence, mission accomplished!

Offer Bundle Upsell

If you do not want to set up such series of offers, you might as well bundle up all the various upsell as a major bundle and then upsell this bundle as shown below.

Upsell / Downsell

If the customer rejects the upsell offer you can show the must have downsell.

Note: The bundle was configured using Chained Products.

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