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How to Create WooCommerce Upsells, Downsell Offers in the Sales Funnel?

The simple way to increase sales on your WooCommerce store?

Run a series of WooCommerce upsells and downsell offers in the same funnel. Pitch the much-needed products which nudge customers to buy.

And what’s the easy way of doing it? Using Smart Offers.

Upsell like Amazon on your WooCommerce store

You may be familiar with how smartly Amazon upsell offers. It shows you related or complementary products that go with your current product. In the end, you end up buying more than what you intended for.

Using Smart Offers you can create WooCommerce upsells, downsell, cross-sell offers in the sales funnel and make your customers buy more. Show users the products they will absolutely need. And even better…give them on discount.

Before moving on to the steps to create the offers, I’ll just clear out the confusion associated with upsells and downsell definitions.

Upsell means to nudge customers to buy something additional or more expensive product related to their current product.

Downsell means to offer an alternative product at a lower price when someone declines a product or an offer.

Now, let’s move on to create your WooCommerce upsells and downsell offers:

Step-by-step details to create WooCommerce upsells, downsell offers

Believe me, it’s very easy and you can accomplish it without the need of a developer.

Let’s say a user wants to purchase a GoPro HERO6 Black camera and he adds the product to cart.

Here, we want to upsell GoPro Action Camera Kit Bundle as a One Time Offer at 20% Off on the cart page.

Step 1 – After you download and install the Smart Offers plugin, click on the ‘Smart Offers’ tab on the left side of your WooCommerce dashboard. Go to ‘Add New Offer’ and give an appropriate title to your offer for your own reference.

Step 2 – Under ‘What to Offer’, choose the offered product as GoPro Action Camera Kit. To sweeten the deal, we set the discount to 20%.

woocommerce upsells set upsell offer discount

Step 3 – Select the page where you want to target your WooCommerce upsell downsell offers. We select ‘Cart Page’ in our example.

woocommerce upsells show upsell on cart

Step 4 – Decide how you want to show your offer; as inline content or as a pop-up.

woocommerce upsells show offer as popup

Step 5 – Under ‘Display rules’, select Cart/Order > Contains Products > GoPro HERO6 Black.

Your upsell offer will be automatically triggered when the user adds GoPro HERO6 Black to the cart and he will see your upsell offer of the Camera Kit.

Step 6 – Now comes the important part – “Accept Actions”.

Next step after upsell offer is shown depends on you – whether you want to show the user another offer if he accepts the current upsell offer!

And what if he rejects the upsell offer? Show him another offer?

In our case, if the user adds the camera kit to the cart, we show him another upsell offer – Sony Secure Digital SD Memory Card.

You can also select other options like applying coupons, redirecting to another URL and others.

We link this offer to the main offer by enabling the “Show an upsell offer” and selecting “Offer Memory Card” under ‘Accept actions‘.

woocommerce upsells show another upsell on cart

Step 7 – And if the user skips the upsell offer of the camera kit (first upsell offer), we show him a downsell offer – GoPro Action Camera Battery. Downsell because it is cheaper than the camera kit.

Simply link this offer to the main offer by enabling the “Show a downsell offer” and selecting “Offer Battery” under “Skip actions” of you main offer.

You can also select other options like hide the current offer, redirect to a page and others.

woocommerce upsells

Step 8 – Offer designing. You can customize your offers using the WordPress Classic Editor as shown in the image where you are inserting the offer title.

We have currently integrated with Beaver Builder which is a WordPress page builder plugin. This will help you create more beautiful offers.

Now, as mentioned above where you link upsell and downsell offers, you need to create those offers first and then link to the main offer.

Here’s how to create upsell offer for the memory card

  • Under Offer Title, set the name to “Offer Memory Card”.
  • Under ‘What to offer‘, select Sony Secure Digital SD Memory Card as the offered product. Since we are offering it full price, we leave the discount column blank.
  • Under ‘Where to show‘, do not enable an option. The offer will be shown at the same place where the main offer is shown. (Cart Page)
  • Next, Under ‘Show offer as‘, we select popup.
  • Under ‘Display rules‘, select Cart/Order > Contains Products > GoPro HERO6 Black.
  • Under ‘Accept actions‘, default will be “Add the offered product to cart“. You can select other options if you wish.
  • Under ‘Skip actions‘, we enable “Hide this offer”.

That’s it. Your other upsell offer is created which you can link to the main offer as mentioned above.

Here’s how to create downsell offer for the battery

  • Under Offer Title, set the name to “Offer Battery”.
  • Under ‘What to offer, select GoPro Action Camera Battery as the offered product and set the discount to 50%.
  • Under ‘Where to show‘, do not enable an option. The offer will be shown at the same place where the main offer is shown. (Cart Page)
  • Next, under ‘Show offer as‘, select popup.
  • Under ‘Display Rules‘, select Cart/Order > Contains Products > GoPro HERO6 Black.
  • Under ‘Accept actions‘, we enable “Add the offered product to cart.”
  • Under ‘Skip actions‘, we enable “Hide this offer”.

That’s it. Your downsell offer is created which you can link to the main offer as mentioned above.

Why a downsell offer?

Now, users don’t want the camera to go off power when they need the most and batteries are a much essential backup source.

The downsell offer should be an absolute must product and most importantly something that’s really cheap; which is the battery in this example.

The customer is most likely to accept this offer. So you have already sold more than just what the customer intended. Hence, mission accomplished!

Here’s how your final offers will look like


woocommerce upsells

First upsell offer (Camera Kit) when customer adds GoPro Hero 6 Black


woocommerce upsells

Second upsell offer (Memory Card) when customer accepts Camera Kit


woocommerce upsells downsell

First downsell offer (Battery) when customer rejects Camera Kit


If the customer accepts any one or both your upsell offers, it’s great. And if he rejects the upsell offer but accepts even the downsell offer, that’s also good. At the end of the day, you have made more money from a single order itself.

This is how you can create powerful WooCommerce upsell offers in the sales funnel using Smart Offers plugin.

Create different offer combinations as you like…

You can create any combination of offers using Smart Offers and increase your conversions.

  • BOGO-Upsell-Downsell
  • Upsell-Cross-sell-Downsell
  • BOGO-One-time
  • Upsell-Downsell-Cross-sell
  • Upsell-Upsell-Cross-sell-Downsell

and a lot more combinations…

For example, if you are selling a laptop, then protective skin guard or mouse can go as a handy downsell if someone rejects your upsell offer of accessories.

If you are selling a T-shirt, offer another T-shirt as BOGO (Buy One Get One) offer, then upsell a belt and if the user rejects the BOGO offer, downsell a cap.

You can offer any product as well as bundles as an upsell or downsell offer. Btw…you can easily create product bundles using WooCommerce Chained Products.

Want to create a specific offer series for your sales funnel? Let us know and we’ll help you out.

Wrapping it up

Creating multiple offers like the above example will guarantee conversions as customers won’t deny valuable stuff.

And making it easy for you to create such offers is Smart Offers…committed to your success always.

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