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How to Bulk Manage WooCommerce Bookings?

Smart Manager is compatible with WooCommerce Bookings plugin. Now easily manage bookings, appointments, rentals in bulk within seconds.

bulk manage WooCommerce bookings

Last updated on April 26, 2024

Which side are you…Laura or Claire?

Laura handles thousands of bookings on her WooCommerce store. She does it one by one and spends two to three hours always.

Claire too handles thousands of bookings on her WooCommerce store. But she manages them in bulk and completes them within seconds.

Woohoo! Hours of work in seconds!! Amazing right?

So, if you are on Claire’s side, keep reading below.

WooCommerce Bookings plugin saves the day

Gone are those days when making a booking was a tedious process. From phone calls to standing in queues for tickets, waiting hours to see the doctor or other services, WooCommerce Bookings plugin got rid of all these cumbersome tasks and made life easier.

All the services are almost a click away now. But, what if you could manage these bookings at even a faster rate and make your life even easier? The one like Claire does! That’s where Smart Manager comes into the picture.

Smart Manager now integrates with the official WooCommerce Bookings plugin

The reason behind integrating WooCommerce Bookings plugin and Smart Manager plugin was to remove all the pain associated to users when they deal with bookings in bulk as well as enable users to manage bookings directly without digging through thousands of entries.

For those who entered late, Smart Manager is a WooCommerce store management plugin. It shoots your productivity 10x.

Smart Manager enables the user to accomplish all the store management tasks in seconds which took hours earlier. Bulk update, inline edit, advanced search and a lot more.

Smart Manager will also work with Booking and Appointment Plugin for Woocommerce and other WooCommerce bookings extension.

Four reasons why Smart Manager is a must if you use WooCommerce Bookings plugin

Bulk manage WooCommerce Bookings…in seconds

The biggest advantage of using Smart Manager and WooCommerce Bookings plugin is you can manage thousands of bookings in seconds. Be it changing prices of bookings, rescheduling appointments or fixing rental price for months, you can edit all in no time with Smart Manager.

Be it 100, 1000 or 10000, it doesn’t matter.

Directly edit a booking

Simply edit the booking field directly from the grid without moving to individual items.

Search for a specific booking in a flash

No need to dig through thousands of entries. Simply search using a keyword and Smart Manager will fetch desired results.

You can even apply advanced search and make changes to your booking.

For example – You want to cancel all bookings from July 2 – Jul 12 made in the name of Mr. Charles and Ms. Sophie. Simply search using these keywords, select all entries to delete bookings of these persons.

As simple as that. No complexities involved.

Export bookings as CSV

Export all your bookings data for future reference. You can also Export data based on date and search filters.

Some practical examples how Smart Manager can be useful for your bookings

Hotel bookings

You have a 5-star hotel with 100 rooms including deluxe, semi-deluxe and other variations.

It’s season time the next month and you want to raise the price of all your rooms by 10% before they are booked.

So using Smart Manager, simply select the date range, rooms and ‘select increase price by’ and enter the value.


Assume you are a doctor and the weather department has forecast heavy rain for tomorrow due to which you may reach the clinic late.

Owing to this reason, you want to reschedule all your appointments 20 minutes late.

To do that, simply click on all appointments, select bulk update in Smart Manager and reschedule the entries for the date and time range by 20 minutes and update them. All the entries will be rescheduled.

Tickets bookings

To increase sales, this is a great tactic.

The more early flight tickets are booked, the cheaper the cost. As the date of journey approaches, the fares are raised.

You can do the same for all your flight bookings in seconds. Just select the flights and date range to set up prices as per your wish and you are through.

For example – If the flights are canceled due to natural calamities, the booking status needs to be cancelled. Simply select all the entries and change their status to Cancelled in Smart Manager.

Your work will be done in a fraction of minutes.


You are a property dealer and provide properties on rent. Some for residential, some for commercial, some for events as well.

Property prices are rising and you want to jump on the bandwagon to earn more money.

You want to increase the prices of your properties for the booking from the next month onwards till three months.

Again, using Smart Manager, set the date range, select the required fields and update your rentals.

Over to you

Believe me, managing your bookings, rentals and appointments in bulk can’t get better than this.

So, if you are using both WooCommerce Bookings plugin and Smart Manager, update to the latest version of Smart Manager to get this integration.

And if you are new to Smart Manager,

Get Smart Manager plugin

3 thoughts on “How to Bulk Manage WooCommerce Bookings?

  1. It would be better if you could type in the date field rather than having to use the calendar selector. I want to be able to bulk add in bookings with all different dates but having to use the calendar selector slows this down greatly and is not much faster than manually adding all the bookings.

    Please allow the start and end time to be added/edited by keyboard entry, not via a gui click.

    1. Hi Scott,

      I agree with your point and noted it down as a valuable suggestion.

      Coming to the keyboard entry, currently, you can directly edit the value in the date or date-time fields by typing. However, in order for the updated value to be displayed in the grid, you must click outside the cell you are editing.

    2. Hi Scott,
      You can now add/edit the start and end time by keyboard entry.

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