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How to Set Up Order Bumps in WooCommerce (And Best Ideas)

Why order bump is essential to boost sales on your WooCommerce store? How is it different from upselling? What are the best order bump ideas that work…you'll find everything here.

5 Best WooCommerce Order Bump Ideas to Boost Sales

Last updated on February 12, 2024

Want to boost average order value on your WooCommerce store?

Order bump offers helps you cross-sell related products to customers without distracting them, thus shooting up your revenue.

Let’s get a heads-up about order bumps definition, how to set up bump offers and some ideas of better using them.

Here we begin.

What is an order bump?

How tempted are you to add chocolates, chewing gums or even juice tetra packs at offline stores before making the final checkout for your other main products? That’s an order bump.

In simple language, WooCommerce order bump is a cross-sell offer shown online on the checkout page to encourage customers to buy additional items.

It can also be called an order form bump since the offer is shown along with the order form as a checkbox option.

Order bump after CTA button

As you can see in the image, on purchase of a laptop, a wireless mouse is offered as an order bump offer. This offer is created using Smart Offers plugin.

The bumped product will mostly be a related product that will be required by the customers along with their main product. For example, extended warranty on purchase of any electronic item.

After a customer selects the initial product, they can choose to add the ‘bump product’ to their order. The process is so simple, it happens on the checkout page and the offer gets accepted in one click.

Benefits of using order bump

  • Increase in average order value – Add a highly useful product that complements the main product at the checkout stage. It stimulates customers to buy more, raising the value of the current order.
  • More product visibility – You can showcase more products from your store to potential customers, allowing more customer engagement with your brand.
  • Smoother checkout experience – Customers don’t need to move away from the checkout page to add products and the products get added in one click. This way, the checkout experience goes smoothly.

How to set up WooCommerce order bumps easily?

Smart Offers plugin allows you to set up converting order bumps within minutes.

Apart from order bumps, you can set up upsells, cross-sells, one-time, BOGO offers, etc. based on powerful targeting rules, thus improving your conversion rate.

Once you install and activate Smart Offers plugin, follow these steps:

Select order bump as offer type

  • Go to WordPress Admin > Smart Offers > All Offers.
  • Hover on the ‘Add New’ button. Click on Order Bump.

Add product and offer price

Under ‘What to offer’, select the order bump product and its price – % discount or fixed amount discount. You can also do a free order bump by setting the discount to 100%.

Select targeting rules

Under ‘Offer rules’, add targeting rules as to when and whom to show your offer – based on cart total, user’s previous purchase, product category, etc.

Choose order bump position

Under ‘Offer position’, select where to show your WooCommerce order bump offer on the checkout page – before or after the ‘call-to-action button‘.

Choose order bump style

You get five readymade order bump styles to show on the checkout page. These styles are very flexible. Be it any industry, any product you sell, you can use these styles.

Customize the order bump offer

  • Under ‘Offer content’, enter CTA text, offer heading, offer description and add an image.
  • Publish your offer.

That’s it.

Here’s how you order bump offer will look before the Payment call-to-action button.

woocommerce order bump before cta

Try live demo

Order bump vs upsell – what’s better?

Both WooCommerce upsells and order bumps are smart offers types, nudging customers to buy more.

Mostly, in upsells, customers are pitched a higher-priced variant to the product they are currently interested in. Whereas in order bumps, the product offered as add-ons are mostly low-priced.

Upsells in most cases are shown on the cart page. But nowadays, it’s the era of one-click upsells in WooCommerce. The offers are shown on the order received page or the thank you page.

Order bumps are shown on the checkout page.

Overall, order bumps will have success in terms of more add-ons sold as they are low-priced. Upsells will see higher revenue per order.

We suggest setting up both upsells and order bumps as with Smart Offers, you have the privilege to run them both based on smart targeting rules.

Top five WooCommerce order bump ideas proven for success (with examples)

Any product can be attached as an order bump; be it a subscription product or a non-subscription product. This means, both physical and digital products can be attached to your offer.

I have compiled a list of five order bump ideas that can work wonders.

Each of the order bump styles below are readily available in Smart Offers plugin.

Offer an extended warranty

Order bump ideas - extended warranty
Order bump ideas – extended warranty

The most widely used tactic proven for conversion. No one wants to spend more on repairs of their product. If you offer an extended warranty at a nominal price, you won’t see a ‘No’ from customers.

Use super-fast delivery as a bait

Order bump ideas - shipping charge
Order bump ideas – shipping charge

People are damn crazy to get their desired products before others. This could be new launches of popular mobile brands. They are willing to pay a little extra cash to grab the product. In such cases, you can provide same-day delivery for a few extra bucks.

Increase value with addons

Offer related product as on Order bump
Offer related product as on Order bump

Another one of the widely use order bump ideas. These products add some value to the purchase of the main product. For example – Add your favorite toppings at just $1 and make your Pizza more delicious.

Offer complementary product

Cross-sell product offer
Cross-sell product offer

This works extremely well as they go well with the main product.
For example – Offering a protective case or headphones on purchase of a mobile phone.

Sell membership-based product

Order bump style
Cross-sell product offer

Big stores, experts, and influencers best use this tactic. They run a membership program and on joining it, you get special benefits. The offer is kept valid only for limited customers and for a limited time to create both scarcity and urgency.


The most simple, cost-effective and sales-growing tactic that can give an instant boost to conversion on your WooCommerce store is order bumps.

And if you are using Smart Offers, you are having a treasure chest of offers as you get powerful targeting rules, create any type of offer and a lot more.

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