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Order Bump for WooCommerce

Use StoreApps’ WooCommerce Order Bump offer on the checkout page to encourage users to buy complimentary/related products that boost conversions and impulse purchase.

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What is Order Bump? Simple definition with examples

Order bump is a type of a cross-sell offer made on the checkout page to encourage users to buy more products by spending a few extra bucks.

Example – While near the cash counter at offline stores, you find chocoates or cookies. Retailers are smart. They know you love chocolates and you won’t mind spending an extra buck to get it. That’s why they purposely place them near the counters. This is an order bump.

Another Example – If you are selling a mobile phone, offering a screen protector which is a necessity but hardly costs a dollar or two, that’s an order bump.

The order bump offers are usually impulse buy products. (Impulse buy means unplanned decisions to buy). They are often priced at smaller price points than the initial product to make it a special, one-time offer.

Top 3 benefits of using WooCommerce order bump

Steps to set-up order bump offer

Note – StoreApps’ Order Bump is not a separate plugin but an offer type within our Smart Offers plugin. You can create targeted upsells, bogo offers, sales funnel and other offers using Smart Offers plugin.

1. Select order bump as offer type

  • Go to WordPress Admin > Smart Offers > All Offers
  • Hover on the ‘Add New’ button. Click on ‘Order Bump’.

2. Add product and offer price

  • Go to Smart Offers > Add New > Order Bump
  • Select the product you want to offer as an order bump and at what price – % discount or fixed amount discount.

3. Select targeting rules

Add targeting rules as to when and whom to show your offer – based on cart total, user’s previous purchase, product category, etc.

4. Choose order bump position

Select where to show your WooCommerce order bump offer on the checkout page – before or after the ‘call-to-action button‘.

5. Choose order bump style

You get five readymade order bump styles to show on the checkout page. These styles are very flexible. Be it any industry, any product you sell, you can use these styles.

6. Customize the order bump offer

  • Enter CTA text, offer heading, offer description and add an image.
  • Publish your offer.

Here’s how your order bump offer will look

Order Bump offer before call-to-action button

Order Bump offer after call-to-action button

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Six best order bump ideas that works


1. Complementary products

A decorative skin or keyguard on purchase of a laptop.

2. Related products

A small coke on purchase of a BigMac.

3. Super-fast delivery of products

People won’t mind spending a few extra to grab their favorite products. 1-day delivery at an extra 1 or 2 dollars.

4. Membership based products

Be a member and get access to benefits other won’t enjoy. Special training session with the influencer or BONUS resources is a good order bump offer.

5. Extended warranty

The most widely used idea. Pay extra $15 and get one-year extended warranty for your Smart TV.

6. Scarcity based offer

First 50 users get $10 credit as a giveaway which can be redeemed on the next purchase.

Order bump, upsells, bogo, cross-sells, sales funnel…Get everything in one

  • Create all types of offers for your store – WooCommerce one-click upsell, cross-sell, BOGO, downsell, order bump, one-time offers, sales funnel, etc.
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  • Offer reporting

and a lot more…

It’s a one-time investment and people have recovered from their first offer itself. So, no more second thoughts. Start getting extra sales right away.

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