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Boost average order value with smart upselling

WooCommerce order bumps are upsells or cross-sell offers shown on the checkout page, preferably low-priced related products, that customer’s can’t deny.

WooCommerce order bump after payment cta

Make it 2 for 1

Easily convince customers to add another product

Customers always want to get good value for their money. When they buy an iPhone, they might also want to buy a power adapter. Or an extended warranty with the laptop. But they don’t want to spend too much on these extras.

With Smart Offers plugins, you can offer these related products as special order bump offers on the checkout form, tempting users to make the additional purchase.

The offer gets added in a single click, without disrupting their checkout flow, thus providing a value-based product bundle.

  • Readymade order bumps

    Five flexible order bump styles that cater to hundreds of use cases. Pick your preferred style, set some rules, and go live within minutes.

  • Cross-sell order bumps

    Present your most coveted product as an order bump, akin to offering a “frequently bought together” deal on your WooCommerce store.

  • Upsell order bumps

    Not just related products, increase your chance of upselling by recommending other high-priced or value-driven products at a discount.

  • BOGO order bumps

    Run an order bump for free. Suggest the same or similar product as an order bump to customers. Buy one t-shirt, get one t-shirt free.

  • Positional order bumps

    Smart Offers provide you the flexibility to show your order bump offer before or after the Payment-based call-to-action button.

  • Targeted order bumps

    Increase chances of conversion by showing order bump offers based on cart or order total, users’ previous orders, etc.

Trusted by 7500+ customers

Life-saver, sales-booster, stellar support

This is what you’ll come across frequently when you read Smart Offers reviews. It’s an investment that has a guaranteed RoI for a lifetime.

“We purchased 1-year license and in that year, our pop-ups have grossed over $20K!! It was well worth the investment.”

Seth  Reynolds Seth Reynolds

“Smart Offers is worth it because it will at least double your conversion rates. I highly recommended it.”

Naadira Burk Naadira Burk

“It just took a few minutes for me to build the offer and we converted it with our first order after installation. It’s been working perfectly.”

Christian Sculthorp Christian Sculthorp

Works for WooCommerce stores of all sizes

Boost impulse purchase with WooCommerce order bumps

Order bump offers are crafted for impulse buying, priced lower than the main item to entice customers with a special deal. This strategy boosts perceived value and prompts shoppers to add the extra product to their purchase instantly.

Make the best use of last-minute checkout offers:

  • Extended warranty boost – customers who often wary of unexpected repair costs for their big purchases, will find peace of mind with order bump offers.
  • Express shipping advantage – effective for new releases or popular items, enhancing the perceived value of the offer.
  • Tempting related products – offering additional toppings for a small fee with a pizza order enhances customer satisfaction.
  • Complementary offers – goes very well with the main product; fries with burger or protective case with mobiles.
  • Exclusive membership perks – join at a nominal fee and unlock better benefits like personalized coaching, special discounts, etc.

Not just order bumps on the checkout page, run upsells on the cart -page, BOGO deals on product pages together in the sales funnel.

You can also monitor each of your offer campaigns performance to see how well they are converting and tweak them accordingly.

Here’s how to set up order bumps →

woocommerce order bump styles

Save $300+

All-in-one WooCommerce sales booster

If you buy any standalone WooCommerce order bump plugin, it may cost you anywhere between $49 to $99. Add other upsell offer plugins and you’ll end up spending more than $450.

But when you buy Smart Offers, you get order bumps, one-click upsells, BOGO deals, cross-sells, trip wires and a lot more offers in one solution, coupled with powerful targeting rules at a far better price. The best part, you can set all these offers without coding.

Smart Offers Pricing

Start getting extra sales right away

It’s a one-time investment and people have recovered cost from their first offer itself. So, no more second thoughts.

Single Site


What if I buy one year license and then cancel?

You can certainly do that if you wish. Cancelation is easy. You can manage all your subscriptions easily from your account. But keep in mind that you are eligible for support and updates only if your license is active. So you will need to buy again at then prevailing prices if you cancel now and need updates later.

How do you count number of sites for a license?

Each website – whether it is a subdomain, cross-domain, subdirectories… is considered a separate website. Learn more about it from here.

What if I want a refund?

Refunds within 30 days of purchase, if the plugin is broken, and if we do not solve it in reasonable time, after mutual communication. Refunds for single site are governed by WooCommerce refund policy. Renewals, problems due to third-party plugins / themes / code / hosting etc do not qualify for a refund. Please read all our terms here.

I have some other question. How do I contact you?

It’s good to have questions! Reach out to us with your questions and we will answer them at the earliest.

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