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How to Assign Product-Based Commission in WooCommerce?

This doc explains how Affiliate For WooCommerce plugin helps you create product-based commission using a single plan.

Last updated on April 5, 2021

Setting up the right affiliate commissions is a crucial step in your affiliate program.

You may have affiliates –

  • Who will bring in sales for your best-selling products
  • Who will help you sell your low-selling products
  • Who will make limited sales of some high-paying product

Therefore, all of them deserve commission rates on a different basis.

With its easy and quick processes, Affiliate for WooCommerce helps you to create, assign and change (whenever needed) the commission plans conveniently. And assign product-based commissions.

Assign 20% commission on best-sellers, 30% commission on slow-moving products, 25% commission on product category ‘Digital’ or any other case, you can set it up using a commission plan.

Steps to creating a commission plan for a product

  • Go to WooCommerce > Affiliates > Plans
  • Click on ‘Add a plan’ and Enter your commission plan name
  • Set the commission percentage or commission amount under the commission tab
  • woocommerce product based affiliate commission
  • Under WHEN rule, select ‘all’ from the dropdown
  • In the rule group, under ‘This group is a “pass” when’, select ‘all’ from the dropdown
  • Now, in the rule-group, select ‘Product’ from the dropdown.
    To include multiple products for the said commission, search and enter the products and keep ‘any of’ rule.

    Note – In case you want to include a lot of products for the said commission but exclude a few, click on ‘Add a condition’, select ‘Product’, use ‘none of’ and enter those products.

  • On the left-hand side, under ‘APPLY TO’, select ‘all matching products in the order’.
  • Under ‘AND THEN, FOR REMAINING PRODUCTS IN THE ORDER…’ select ‘continue matching commission plans’. Here, if products other than the ones mentioned in the commission plan are present in the customer order, other commission rates if set will be applicable for these products.
  • Make your commission plan ‘Active’ using the dropdown on the top and click on ‘Save’.

That’s all.

Now, your affiliates are entitled to receive product-based commissions.

Steps to creating a commission plan based on a product category

woocommerce product category based affiliate commission

Repeat the same steps above for product category-based commission, except steps 7 and 8. In step 7, instead of Product, choose ‘Product category’ from the dropdown. And in step 8, search and enter the product category instead of products.


Not just product, you can also assign commission based on affiliates, tags, and others. Affiliate for WooCommerce plugin is the most simple-to-use plugin and set-up your own affiliate program.

So, make the most out of your affiliate program, earn without working too hard and take your brand to the next level with Affiliate for WooCommerce.

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