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6 Strategies to Customer Value Optimization in WooCommerce

To reduce the pain of paying, increase perceived value by bundling products together. When you offer a packaged product, people can’t attribute a specific dollar value to the items within your bundle.

Here are six smart strategies you can use right away to optimize customer value on your WooCommerce store. Use our Chained Products plugin for WooCommerce to implement these strategies.

Six strategies to customer value optimization

Increase perceived value with multi product bundles

Combine a few high value, relevant products together and sell them at a big discount. 15-20% works well for physical products. Go 35% for digital downloads.

Create unmissable bargains with higher quantities

Encourage people to buy more. Create a bundle of 5 quantities of an item at a great bargain. Your customers will surely grab them all!

Consider upgrading to the bundle / higher plan tactic

Create a bundle of smaller, but highly useful products for someone who’s buying your main product. Or a higher priced bundle that includes a “pro” version of this product with some additional goodies.

Upsell a highly profitable product on My Account

Create a chained product bundle of high profit items and show them on the My Account page with the chained product shortcode. This is a superb upsell.

Invoke reciprocity by throwing in an unexpected gift

Don’t tell people you’d give them something extra, but go ahead and give them an unexpected gift on product purchase. Then follow it up with another bundle / offer. The surprise will create reciprocity and prompt them to return the “favor”!

Create a graphic for the bundle and show it prominently

A graphical representation of “so many things you get in this combo” creates a much better sensory appeal. Make sure to position this graphic at strategic locations in the funnel to increase conversions.

Implement all these in WooCommerce

Our Chained Products plugin makes it effortless to create pre-configured, discounted product bundles. When someone adds the “main” product to cart, all the “chained” products will be automatically added to cart as well.

This is also great for forced sells, combos, product giveaways and gifts.

Get WooCommerce Chained Products

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