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How to Set a Maximum Discount Limit Coupon in WooCommerce?

Want to offer a discount like get 30% off upto $50? You can now set a maximum discount limit coupon in WooCommerce using a single setting without any coding.

Last updated on November 24, 2022

To attract customers and grow sales, websites run heavy discounts. But doing so frequently is not a great strategy anyday. Some may consider such brands as cheap.

So what’s that easy way to offer discounts and grow sales without sounding cheap?

Set a maximum discount limit on a percentage discount coupon that can be redeemed on your WooCommerce store.

For example, create a 60% off coupon but keep the maximum redeemable discount to $100. That is, get 60% off upto $100.

Steps to set up a maximum discount limit WooCommerce coupon

If you don’t want to play around with code, and want to set this up within minutes, WooCommerce Smart Coupons is an ideal solution to set discount rules in coupons.

WooCommerce Smart Coupons is a powerful and most popular “all-in-one” coupons plugin for creating gift cards, store credits, discount coupons, and vouchers extending the core functionality of WooCommerce coupons.

It’s just a single setting to set up the discount limit. Rest all are your regular steps to create a coupon.

Maximum discount limit WooCommerce coupon
  1. Go your WordPress Admin panel > Marketing Coupons.
  2. Create a new coupon.
  3. Go to the General tab.
  4. Select Discount type as Percentage discount from the drop down and enter the discount percentage under Coupon amount (70 in this example).
  5. Look for the field Max discount. Enter the amount you want to set as the maximum discount limit to be redeemed ($50 in this example).
  6. Publish the coupon.

That’s it. Smart Coupons make it very easy.

So if customers buy a $100 product on your store for 70% off, they will get it at $50, and not $30.

More Smart Coupons features

  • Allow customers to purchase gift cards and schedule them for occasions like Christmas.
  • Coupon code generator – Bulk generate hundreds of thousands of coupons, add them to the store / export as a CSV or email them to the recipients.
  • Automatically issue coupons on product purchases.
  • Allow store credit to be deducted from shipping cost and taxes.
  • Give a recurring flat or percentage discount with subscriptions or use store credits towards renewal payments.
  • Advanced coupon restrictions – Restrict coupon usage by user role, minimum spend, product categories, payment methods, shipping methods, attributes, product taxonomy.

and a lot more…

Try Smart Coupons live demo

Why maximum discount limit is a win-win for customers and store owners?

When customers see offers like flat 70% off, it’s a very tempting offer which they can’t resist. It creates a desire to buy the product at a cheaper rate.

I’m also the one who easily fall prey to such huge offers. Do you?

But in the lure of getting more customers, especially during the holiday season, store owners offer heavy discounts and incur losses. It also leaves an impression of your brand as cheap.

Now, what smart store-owners do is restrict that discount upto a certain amount. Doing so, you have easily converted the customer without spending too much from your pocket. Hence, a win-win situation for both.

Advantages of using maximum discount restriction

  • More traffic and engagement – Since the offer is tempting, more customers will come to your WooCommerce site.
  • New paid customers – Discount offers will naturally convert new visitors to paid customers easily and boost your sales.
  • Faster checkout – Smart Coupons provides auto-apply coupon feature. This leads to quicker checkouts.
  • Retain existing customers – Your existing customers may be looking out for offers and when you email them such an offer which is personalized, this offer can convert them well.

Best application of maximum discount limit coupon

Here are some industries where using this maximum discount restrictions can work wonders. Only thing, the % and maximum limit changes based on what the company feels the best to offer its customers.

If your WooCommerce store falls under any one of these industries, it will be really helpful.

Restaurants and food delivery apps

The most widely used. We can’t resist food and offers. So restaurants and food delivery apps take full advantage of it. Get a flat 40% off on your large-sized Domino’s pizza upto $40. Feels like I should just order it now.

Travelling apps like Uber, Grab

This is another popular example in our daily life. Get 35% off on your first ride upto $5. Works well for customers taking a long-distance ride.

WooCommerce shops selling digital goods

This tactic seems good for products above 300 euros price or lifetime licenses. For example, if you offer 50% off upto 100 euros, a person buying a product worth 300 euros can get the product at 200 euros which is a great deal.

Bookings – air, bus, hotels

Again, this is also a very competitive space. Some booking sites even run 80% off for one lucky user without limit. For rest others, it’s a flat 80% off upto $100.

Fashion, clothing, baby care

People go nuts during the Thanksgiving and Black Friday sale. So, luring them with flat 60% off, flat 70% off will make customers buy from you. Yes, do limit the discount. But keep the limit higher than usual as it’s the sales season.

I know, it may be slightly expensive but if more and more people buy, it will easily recover those expenses.


This is funny. Wherever you go grocery shopping, you always buy more than what you need. Right? Thanks to our love for chocolates, biscuits, drinks, bundle products offered at a discount. In this case, let users add more and more. So above a cart total like $600, a flat 20% off upto $50 is a great deal.

Health & fitness, grooming, sports

When it comes to fitness, both men and women leave no stone unturned to get into that perfect shape.

If you consider organic products, diet plans, and items, they are in huge demand. So offering them at a less discount like 25% with an upto discount of say $50 can work wonders.

Top brands use this tactic, it’s your turn

There are hundreds of products on which you can offer this discount type. If top brands taste success using this tactic, then why should you be left behind!

This is a smart tactic to convert users without spending much from your pocket.

And when it comes to setting up such discount coupons, gift cards and other coupon features, people trust the best-selling and official WooCommerce coupons extension, Smart Coupons.

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