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How to upsell product bundles on your WooCommerce store?

‘More is not always better’. Agreed, but sometimes it’s work like a charm on your WooCommerce store.

Ok, let me clear it out. I’m talking about product bundles.

Why product bundles, how to create them, how successfully you can upsell them and grow sales – continue till the end to find out.

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Product bundles are irresistible bait for customers

Product bundles consist of some individual goods or services that are sold to consumers as one combined package. With the upsurge in online shopping, selling or upselling product bundles can prove to be highly successful!

The core reason to add product bundles on your WooCommerce store is that it throws light to the similar products you offer, attracting the consumer to explore and buy more!

Now that you know what are product bundles, let us dive deep and understand the types of product bundles. You can play around and create different types of bundles.

Three most widely used product bundle types:

1. Bundle of related products (same or different) offered separately along with the main product

product bundle example

Example – On the purchase of a laptop, you get a set of accessories that includes mouse, headphones, memory card reader and other as a bundle (bundle of different products) is upsell

Another example would be on the purchase of a razor, a set of blades as a bundle (bundle of the same product).

2. The main product and related products combined as a bundle

Example – A whole kit consisting of football, pair of shin guard, socks, arm sleeves, sipper and pump, and duffle bag offered as a bundle.

3. Multiple quantities of the same product or product type offered as a bundle

Example – Pack of 3 same deodorants or all 7 Harry Potter books combined as a bundle.

After skimming through different kinds of bundles, let us understand ‘how’ to upsell product bundles via Smart Offers and grow sales! It is as simple and quick as it could be.

The easy to create and upsell WooCommerce product bundles

Now before we dive deep into creating product bundles upsell, have a look at how you can create a chained product (create product bundles on your WooCommerce store).

We are referring to bundles which are created using Chained Products plugin.

Once you create your WooCommerce product bundle, you are now ready to set-up an offer to upsell your bundle using Smart Offers plugin.

Example 1: Upselling a bundle of different products on purchase of the main product

NOTE: In this case, both the main product and bundle will be added to the customer’s cart.

To start with, let us take this example: You want to offer GoPro Action Camera Kit to any customer who has a GoPro Camera in their cart.

Here’s how you can simply create an offer:

Step 1:

Click on ‘What To Offer’. Go ahead and add the details of the product you want to offer as an upsell to an existing one. Refer to the above image for details. Within the same section, the next option is to choose at what price do you wish to offer the discount.

Step 2:

For instance, you want to show this offer only when the customer has added GoPro Hero Black in their cart and not GoPro Action Camera Kit. Otherwise, it makes no sense.

The next tab displays the Offer rules. This is the tab where you can decide the conditions as to when should your customer see this offer.

So, this is the place where you can add these basic rules!

Smart Offers also gives you options like cart total, the number of products, product category, and others to target your upsell offer.

Step 3:

product bundle targeting rules

Further, after mentioning the rules and the product details, the next step is to decide where you want to show the offer. Most of the terms here are self-explanatory, here’s a quick synopsis of the option Smart Offers provides!

Step 4:

show product bundle upsell offer as popup or inline

The next step is to decide how to show the offer. You can choose to show the offer as an ‘inline’ or a ‘popup’.

Step 5:

product bundle accept offer rules

Now we come to the crucial step as to what to do next as the customer accepts the offer. You can choose from a range of options as shown above.

Here, we choose ‘Add the offered product to cart’. Moreover, we also selected the “Instant Checkout” option.

That’s it! You are almost done creating an upsell offer for anyone who adds GoPro Hero Black in their cart! You have the power to control and design your offer, enough to scale up efficiently!

Step 6:

hide product bundle upsell offer

However, if your customer declines the offer, you can choose the next action item from any of the above by clicking on the ‘Skip Actions’ tab.

Congratulations! You’re done with creating an upsell offer for your product bundle on your WooCommerce store.

We’ll now see another example of upselling a bundle of the same product.

Example 2: Upselling a bundle of the same products on purchase of the main product

NOTE: In this case, the main product will get replaced by the bundle and get added to the customer’s cart.

In this example, the customer who intends to purchase a single product; say Oreo cookie, we upsell a pack of 4 Oreo cookies (bundle of the same product) when he adds a single cookie pack to his cart!

And when the customer accepts the offer, the single Oreo pack should be replaced by the bundle.

Step 1:

product bundle upsell of same product

Click on ‘What To Offer’. Here, you have to add the product that you want to offer as an upsell to an existing product. According to the example mentioned, the offered product is ‘Oreo Snack Pack Of 4’.

Next, at what price do you wish to offer the upsell product. You can choose ‘Fixed price’, ‘Fixed price discount’ or ‘% discount’.

Step 2:

product bundle upsell offer rules

Next, you have the power to create offer rules! This is the place where you decide the conditions where your offer should be visible or vice versa.

In our example, two of the most important requirements are the customer should have a pack of Oreo cookies in the cart and should not have Oreo cookie pack of 4 (bundle) in the cart! You can also specify the quantity if need be.

Step 3:
As seen in our example above, decide where you want to show this offer.

Step 4:
Similarly, decide ‘how’ to show the offer as seen in the above example – inline or as a popup.

Step 5:

Again, this is a crucial step to decide what happens if your customer accepts or rejects the offer! Smart offers give you a list of options to choose from.

If you select ‘Remove these products from cart’, you are asked to mention what product should be removed if the user accepts the offer (in our example, we would want Oreo cookie to be removed if the customer accepts the order).

Step 6:
You can simply choose to hide your offer likewise in the above example if the customer rejects the product bundle upsell offer.

Bravo! You have created another WooCommerce product bundle offer easily.

You are now all set to create awesome Woocommerce product bundles and plan the growth of your business!

6 best use cases of WooCommerce product bundles upsell for different store types

After knowing how to create product bundle upsells, let us have a look at a few examples where you can upsell different types of product bundles on your WooCommerce store. These cases are interchangeable.

1. Upsell related products as a bundle at a discount

Best suited for – Electronics, Health & Fitness

Let’s say you are an electrical equipment store and someone purchases a mobile phone. You can offer a bundle of protective case and headphones to them.

If you are a fitness trainer and when someone buys your fitness plan, you can offer them a bundle of dietary supplements and protein shakes as a complementary offer.

2. Upsell each related product in a bundle by showing the reduced price of each product

Best suited for – Fashion, Grooming

A person wants to buy a razor. Naturally, an offer where you upsell blades is common and the customer may or may not buy based on his need.

But along with blades, if you add shaving cream and after gel as a bundle (let’s call it shaving kit), the deal is even sweetened. And if you show reduced prices of each product, the customer won’t deny that offer.

3. Upsell entire bundle at a reduced price

Best suited for – Groceries, FMCG

You add one soap costing $1, then you see there’s a pack of 4 soaps costing $3 and not $4. What you’ll choose?

Now, you won’t have time to go to grocery each time to buy one soap. And there’s a need for soap daily. So obviously, smart people will choose the bundle of 4 soaps.

4. Upsell product bundles on quantity/size without discount

Best suited for – Groceries, FMCG

In the previous example, you offered a bundle at a discount. But in this case, increase the quantity while keeping the price unchanged.

Example – If one soap cost $1, offer 5 soaps at $4.

Both use cases – 3 and 4 are the most widely used and most successful.

5. Upsell premium products as a bundle

Best suited for – Travel, Tourism

Clubbing premium products is also a great upsell tactic.

Example – Holiday packages are also bundled deals. Offering a stay in hotel + lunch and dinner + air ticket as a bundle.

6. Upsell product bundles showing comparison price

Best suited for – Digital goods

Offer in a bundle product that does a similar task or one after the other tasks – like before checkout and after checkout.

For example, if you buy our Smart Offers, WooCommerce Buy Now, Custom Thank You Pages and other resources individually, it will cost you around $500.

Instead, we are offering all these together as a bundled product called WooCommerce Marketing Bundle at just $199.

Here the offer is irresistible is self-evitable. Right?

7. Upsell bundle as Buy One Get More (Paid/Free)

Best suited for – Food & Beverages

Purchase 1 large-sized pizza, get two small-sized pizzas at just an additional $3.

Or buy a big bottle of Coke and get two small Tropicana juices for free.

This is a psychological and emotional marketing tactic. We can’t resist our cravings and sellers take full advantage of it.

These are just some of the many use-cases!

Get Smart Offers and run these offers on your store to start getting extra sales today.

Still wondering why Smart Offers? Here’s why

  • Easily create an upsell or a downsell offer for your products without spending too much of your bandwidth.
  • Create Buy One Get One(BOGO) offer to clear out excess stock.
  • Study sales funnel and create targeting rules to reduce the manual work on your end.

Apart from that, here’s why experts recommend Smart Offers:

  • Easy to navigate backend, helping you save time and effort.
  • Offer superior customer experience and keep enhancing your sales.
  • Do so much from a single dashboard!
  • Say goodbye to additional salespeople, emails and other traditional requirements!

Get Smart Offers


Now that you are well versed with what is bundles, how to create bundles and some of the use cases, are you ready to set new targets for your business growth? Use this simplified plugin and keep adding more to your store, bit by bit with Smart Offers!

Until we bring in something new to your plate, happy growing!

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