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7 Best Affiliate Marketing Blogs to Grow Your Income in 2024

Smart Passive Income, Neil Patel's blog and more...these blogs will help you do affiliate marketing out and out. For beginners and pros, you can't miss this.

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Last updated on April 9, 2024

No inventory overheads, no customer support. Just passive income, that too, in six figures. That’s what you’ll hear when you come across affiliate marketing.

But the sad reality is, more than 95% of affiliate marketers and bloggers fail to reach that six-figure mark. Some even fail to generate sales.

All you need is some good strategies and resources to swim this vast ocean.

So presenting you only the top affiliate marketing blogs that will surely help you boost your earnings via affiliate marketing and blogging.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, these blogs are all you need.

Why do you call them the best affiliate marketing blogs?

Well, you’ll call these blogs the best too, when you read them.

They are not blogs, but a pool of knowledge that can help anyone make an impact in the affiliate marketing world.

Yes, there are 50+ blogs you can call the best, but we have narrowed down the list to seven, because that’s what you need, without the confusion and overwhelm.

We have also referred to these blogs to boost our affiliate marketing.

Top affiliate marketing blogs to follow

You’ll surely find some of the blogs listed here on other websites too. But that’s the truth. And that’s the proof why these are the best blogs for affiliate marketing.

Also, when you read different blogs, you gain a well-rounded understanding of affiliate marketing from different perspectives.

Smart Passive Income (SPI)

If you don’t follow Pat Flynn’s blog, you won’t learn affiliate marketing. Pat is one of the top affiliate marketing gurus. The youth who are not into the affiliate space also follow him to gain marketing knowledge.

Flynn often shares income reports, case studies, and interviews with successful entrepreneurs, offering valuable insights into various aspects of digital marketing, including affiliate strategies.

That’s what makes this blog invaluable for beginners and pros alike.

smart passive income blog

Why to read Pat’s blog

  • Pat teaches proven methods he used himself. The good and the bad, learn all the practical affiliate marketing and blogging tricks.
  • Podcasts, YouTube videos, courses…you’ll find diverse content, thus making you learn affiliate marketing the easy way.
  • Live events and community meetups for members, that will make you explore a wide range of affiliate knowledge.

Here’s Pat’s blog – Smart Passive Income

Neil Patel’s Blog

Neil Patel is a powerhouse of digital marketing knowledge. Millions of users trust his advice to amplify their marketing game.

From affiliate marketing to SEO to website improvements, all his tips and strategies are spot on.

neil patel blog

Why to read Neil’s blog

  • Neil’s guide for affiliate marketing for beginners is in-depth with practical advice and expert insights.
  • He has case studies and YouTube videos that make reading content relatable and enjoyable.
  • He explains complex concepts in a straightforward manner, and also keeps updating content with the latest marketing trends.

Here’s Neil Patel’s blog

StoreApps blog

If you are into WooCommerce space, and want to set up and grow your affiliate program, you’ll find useful content in our blog, with step-by-step instructions and in a simple language.

We are the developers behind the Affiliate for WooCommerce plugin (4000+ paid customers) and have 150+ articles that delve into affiliate marketing, coupons, offers and discounts, store management, and checkout improvements.

storeapps affiliate marketing blog

Why to read StoreApps blog

  • Strategies for different business types and sizes to grow sales. FMCGs, digital goods, electronics, travel, fashion, etc. on how they can boost their affiliate program.
  • Some out of the box ideas and use cases for beginners and pros on affiliate marketing, smart coupons usage and other topics.
  • Some how-tos and tech articles for the devs to achieve specific tasks.

Here’s StoreApps blog for affiliate marketing

Niche Pursuits

This is another blog you can’t miss out on. Founded by Spencer Haws, the blog provides a wealth of information and resources tailored to niche site building, affiliate marketing, and online entrepreneurship.

This website makes millions of dollars per month and if you follow their combination of practical advice, real-world examples, and community interaction, you’ll succeed too.

niche pursuits blog

Why to read NichePursuits blog

  • Shares practical tips and real-life case studies, from Spencer’s own projects, helping you grow and optimize your affiliate marketing campaigns.
  • Features podcasts and interviews with successful entrepreneurs, allowing you to absorb valuable information and stay updated on industry trends.
  • Covers updates on Google algorithm changes. Those who focus on SEO and blogging for affiliate marketing will benefit the most from this.

Here’s Niche Pursuits blog


Founded by Harsh Agrawal, ShoutMeLoud is a comprehensive blog covering various aspects of blogging, digital marketing, social media, WordPress and affiliate marketing.

The blog provides practical tips, tutorials, case studies, and product reviews. Harsh is one of the most accomplished and followed affiliate marketer in India.

BTW…we have also collaborated with Harsh for our sister brand Icegram.

shoutmeloud blog

Why to read Harsh’s blog

  • Harsh shares his personal experience as a successful blogger and affiliate marketer. His firsthand experiences and insights add authenticity and credibility to the content.
  • Affiliate marketing success is often tied to effective SEO and traffic generation. ShoutMeLoud covers these topics extensively, offering insights into optimizing content for search engines and driving targeted traffic to affiliate offers.
  • ShoutMeLoud has a vibrant community of bloggers and digital marketers. Engaging with this community provides opportunities to share experiences, ask questions, and gain additional insights into affiliate marketing.

Here’s Harsh’s blog – ShoutMeLoud

Authority Hacker

If you want to establish your website authority by link building, blogging and SEO for your affiliate marketing efforts, AuthorityHacker will make your day.

Mark and Gael, both the founders, share tips on creating high-quality, engaging content that resonates with the target audience.

authority hacker blog

Why to read AuthorityHacker blog

  • Proven and up-to-date SEO strategies. This includes actionable advice on keyword research, on-page optimization, and backlink building. It will drive more visitors to your affiliate landing pages, and more conversions.
  • AuthorityHacker often conducts case studies and experiments to test various strategies. These real-world examples provide readers with tangible insights into what works and what doesn’t in the dynamic landscape of online marketing.
  • Authority Hacker regularly updates its audience on the latest trends and changes in the digital marketing landscape.

Here’s Authority Hacker blog

Search Logistics

A blog by Matthew Woodward, it focuses on actionable advice to optimize your affiliate campaigns and conversion rate optimization (CRO).

BTW…we also had collaborated with Matthew on some CRO hacks and it was simply amazing.

View Matthew and other influencers’ advices on CRO

search logistics blog

Why read Matthew’s blog

  • Matthew Woodward shares details about his online earnings. This transparency provides readers with a realistic view of the potential income and strategies employed.
  • The blog provides detailed tutorials and guides, offering step-by-step instructions for implementing various digital marketing strategies.
  • The blog often features experiments and tests conducted by Matthew Woodward. This experimental approach allows readers to see the results of different tactics, helping them understand what works and what does not.

Here’s Search Logistics blog


All the affiliate marketing bloggers earning in millions today have started from scratch. But what made them successful is:

  • Hard work and dedication
  • Networking with the right people
  • Sharing knowledge, strategies, success and failures openly
  • Reviewing good products
  • Patience and learning

So it doesn’t matter where you are today. What matters is how you see yourself in the future.

If you want to increase your affiliate revenue, you’ll need to learn and master these skills. And these affiliate marketing blogs are an absolute must.

Success is not overnight. It takes hard work and time. Have patience, don’t give up.

And I hope this also answers the question “How fast can you make money with affiliate marketing”?

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