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Case Study – How IWRC Simplified Inventory and SKU Management with Chained Products

Know how a nonprofit organization used the Chained Products plugin to create product bundles, get clear SKUs for each product, and ensure their customers don't miss out on any important products.

IWRC case study

Last updated on June 5, 2024

Selling product variations or wanting to sell valuable product bundles on your WooCommerce store?

The absence of a proper solution can lead to inefficient inventory management and customer experience. Customers missing out on purchasing important products and incomplete purchase recordings are common, thus affecting sales performance and data.

Kai and her IWRC team dealt with the same struggles until they discovered the Chained Products plugin.

So how did Chained Products help eliminate the chaos? Let’s find out.

Meet Kai & IWRC

The International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (IWRC) is a non-profit organization offering science-based training and resources for wildlife rehabilitation globally.

Kai is the executive director and has been associated with the organization since her teenage days.

Wildlife rehabilitation involves temporary care of ill, injured or orphaned wildlife with the goal of releasing them back into the wild as healthy, functional members of their populations.

IWRC enhances animal welfare and wildlife conservation by educating dedicated organizations and fostering knowledge exchange among individuals in the field. That’s awesome!

Annually, they educate over 500 students and support approximately 1500 members across 35 countries. Their products and services including books, courses and membership subscriptions are available through their webshop.

Btw…they’ll be celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2025!

Learn more about their business on:

What struggles Kai faced before she discovered Chained Products?

Before implementing Chained Products, Kai and her team faced several issues:

  • Students often confusedly missed ordering required textbooks or lab kits.
  • Staff frequently failed to record all parts of a purchase or correctly associate them with the relevant class.
  • Customers had to hunt across the website or repeatedly return to the store to gather all the necessary items.
  • Kai and the team had to require everyone to choose the same option, even if they didn’t need all the materials.

Why did Kai pick Chained Products only?

Chained Products provided Kai and team with clear SKUs for each product. This ensured that the customer knows exactly what they were purchasing.

It also meant that they had the full list of materials in their database, rather than just a course, so the team members weren’t left guessing as to what was included.

How did Chained Products help Kai and team save time and boost productivity?

IWRC kit created using Chained Products

Chained Products helped revolutionize the process, allowing Kai and her team to automate their order data entry by ensuring accurate and clear information is captured in their database via Zapier.

This automation helped them save over 10% of their time (low estimate), significantly reducing back-and-forth communication, refunds, new invoices and other headaches for their customers.

It allowed customers and students to choose the appropriate product or product group, specially for classes with multiple variations, thus enhancing the purchasing process.

Customers get exactly what they want, thanks to the combination of variable products and the Chained Products plugin.
The time saved allows customers to focus more on studying and helping the animals in their care.

Additionally, it enabled their staff to now dedicate more time in creating new courses and providing valuable support to students and members, rather than acting as technical support and handling data entry.

Chaining products to the different variations makes both the customer experience and the team’s backend management so much better!

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Why does Kai recommend our Chained Products plugin?

Kai – “I recommend Chained Products as an excellent solution when you need to bundle items, especially when you have multiple options you want customers to be able to choose from. Plus, StoreApps’ customer service is Fantastic!”

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