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Case Study – How ‘Design By Cement’ Optimized Product Bundling

In this case study, you'll see how a microcement seller used Chained Products plugin to create value-driven packages that customers can't deny to buy.

design by cement case study

Last updated on May 23, 2024

Looking to provide customers with tailor-made WooCommerce product bundles containing specific product variants they can’t deny?

Marcus of Design by Cement faced a similar challenge. However, his quest ended when he discovered Chained Products leading to a significant transformation in his business operations.

Let’s see how.

Meet Marcus and Design By Cement

Design by Cement is a Sweden-based company founded by Marcus Johansson that produces one of the most environmentally friendly microcement in the world.

Their journey began in 2004 as craftsmen installing microcement, evolving into a pure internet-company in 2017. Now, they have a team of 7 dedicated individuals, and the company is now poised for expansion across Europe.

Their products are safe and easy to install by anyone, which makes them a preferred microcement brand. Another reason people choose their company is because their products have a more natural look and feeling when compared to most other microcement providers.

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What struggles Marcus faced before he discovered Chained Products?

Before moving to WooCommerce, Marcus and team were using Shopify to sell microcement packages.

Other product bundles plugins didn’t have the option to choose a specific variation as the chained product (a product linked to the main product). Also, they didn’t have the option to have different links on different variations.

Why did Marcus pick Chained Products only?

Chained Products plugin allowed Marcus to chain any product variation to the main product and offer a value-driven package.

When customers buy the main product or the package, they automatically get all the chained products linked to the main product.

microcement package created using Chained Products plugin

Marcus could create packages of microcement of his own choice without any tech skills and offer them to customers.

How did Chained Products help Marcus overcome the struggles?

Marcus sells microcement in packages or kits based on square meters, making it easy for customers to buy. Then, they calculate the right amount of each product needed for their surface, including primer, microcement, sealer and stainproof.

Now Chained Products allows them to offer packages at a discount. But Marcus uses Chained Products to create packing slips for customers who buy those packages.

This helps customers know what’s in their packages before and after purchase, ensuring they receive everything when it arrives. It also assists Marcus’ packing staff and allows for accurate inventory management.

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Why does Marcus recommend our Chained Products plugin?

Marcus believes that creating such packages makes it super easy and safe for customers to buy from them. This strategy has been instrumental in enabling their growth to the scale they have achieved today.

Marcus and team are very grateful to our Chained Products plugin, because without it, they would have had to go back to Shopify, shed out more bucks and also won’t be able to create their required packages.

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