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How to Find Affiliates on Instagram

Instagram affiliate marketing can help businesses promote products to a broader and more diverse audience. In this blog, you will learn how to find affiliate marketers on Instagram for product promotion and brand outreach.

find affiliates on instagram

Last updated on April 9, 2024

It’s the 21st century and competition is off the charts. To market products globally, you should find affiliates on Instagram to promote your products.

Setting up a scalable affiliate program can help you onboard affiliate marketers quickly.

Further, the Affiliate for WooCommerce plugin can help you do Instagram affiliate marketing better.

Now, what you need to do to put Instagram affiliate marketing in motion is to find the right affiliate marketers.

In this blog, you will learn how to find affiliate marketers on Instagram.

How to find affiliates on Instagram – 6 smart ways

Let’s look at how you can find skilled affiliate marketers for your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Contact the affiliate recruitment agency

To save time and resources, joining an affiliate agency is a good idea. Affiliate agencies can help you provide the ideal affiliates to market your products and services.

Hiring an affiliate recruitment agency has several benefits, such as negotiating commissions, payouts, frequency and variety of content, and more. Workaff recruitment agency, Westray recruitment group, Revoco, and Love Monday are a few of the recruitment agencies on Instagram.

In addition, it’s not mandatory to hire an affiliate recruitment agency. Do so only if your budget permits.

Take the right metrics into account

If you are unwilling to hire an affiliate recruitment agency to contact affiliates, there are a few things you should consider:

  • Searching relevant keywords and other SEO metrics can provide a list of potential affiliates in your field actively looking for affiliate programs.
  • Utilize SEO resources like Ahrefs and Semrush to research rivals and create better contracts to help you choose the right affiliates.
  • Establishing connections with prospective affiliates through online forums and groups can help you overcome the awkwardness of the first meeting.
  • Give priority to your loyal customers to become affiliates since they are already interested in your products/services.
  • When managing the affiliate program, take advantage of website traffic. Learn what products generate more sales based on location, trends, user demographics, etc.

It will assist in narrowing down results and determining what types of content your target audiences find inspiring.

Search by relevant hashtags

One of the key elements to successful affiliate marketing on Instagram is using the appropriate hashtags. You may stand out your brand from the unbranded hashtags and related content by using industry-specific and branded hashtags.

After relevant keywords and hashtags get listed, time to pick some of the top affiliate marketers on Instagram using metrics, such as

  • Virality rate
  • Impressions
  • Engagement rate
  • Likes & comments
  • Informative videos on current trending topics

Explore top posts and reels

You can find the ideal affiliates to market your products using your industry niche and micro-niche research on Instagram. It’s among the most widely used strategies to find affiliates on Instagram.

Already, your prospective affiliates are producing industry-specific content. Go through recent posts and reels while visiting their profile and connect with them further on a business level. While hiring affiliates, a high engagement rate is preferred over follower count.

Analyze profiles of potential affiliates

After compiling a list of possible affiliates, you should research each one’s profile, level of expertise, number of followers, page views, content variations, user engagements, and associations with your competitors, among other things.

The prospective affiliates’ must have followers relevant to the niche they promote. So when they promote your products, the chances of getting sales or engagement would be high.

how to find affiliates on Instagram_example

As you can see, each affiliate marketer’s profile includes their contact details, such as email addresses and in-app messages. You can get in touch with them and carry out your offers.

Seek affiliates with websites or blogs

Selecting affiliates with a multi-platform online presence is advantageous for you as a business owner searching for the right affiliates.

As an example,

  • Affiliates who post content on various social media sites, like Facebook and YouTube apart from Instagram.
  • Affiliates who run their websites and blogs.
how to find affiliates on Instagram_seek affiliates with their own websites or blogs

Affiliates who own blogs or websites give you a competitive edge because they can generate content centered around your brand’s products and provide affiliate links to their readers.

Get the right tool for Instagram affiliate marketing

Naturally, there are a ton of ways to find affiliates on Instagram for your brand. Since every platform has advantages and disadvantages, brands must plan and set up robust affiliate programs to manage affiliate marketers.

As you begin your affiliate marketing journey on Instagram, learn how the right tool, such as Affiliate for WooCommerce can be the best companion to upscale.

Affiliate coupon code

Brands collaborate with affiliate marketers to advertise their products through various in-app mediums, such as posts, videos, and reels. Also, affiliates can also mention brand association on the profile bio to boost brand engagement.

In Instagram affiliate marketing, brands opt to share coupons rather than referral links with affiliates to promote products. This is because you can’t post affiliate referral links on Instagram. To attract a large audience, some brands also offer a discount with the coupon.

As an example,

how to find affiliates on Instagram_affiliate coupon code example

Here, the affiliate marketer offers the audience an enticing 20% discount on the reels by providing the coupon code “20IMMY.” The affiliates identify the brand by tagging the profile link and announcing that the brief video is a promotional one by using the term “AD” or “Paid Promotion.”

Commission rates

Some Instagram affiliates come on board if they receive extra benefits in return for their continued promotion and advertising on the platform.

Set up customized affiliate commission rates for these influencer affiliates and provide a special commission to them instead of a default commission set for other affiliates.

The Affiliate for WooCommerce enables brands to offer various commissions based on:

  • Product categories
  • Single product or multiple products
  • Specific affiliate
  • Affiliates groups or tags
  • First order
  • Referral medium
  • Subscription parent and renewals

Promotional content

Brand-focused content includes images, infographics, videos such as teasers & tutorials produced by brands. Affiliates can publish a variety of promotional materials such as

  • Video testimonies
  • Behind-the-scenes clips
  • Company culture videos
  • Product promo videos
  • Podcasts
  • HD images and GIFs
  • Memes and reels

Usually, brands provide the content to affiliate marketers. The Affiliate for WooCommerce enables brands to add a variety of resources in different marketing campaigns that affiliates can use on Instagram for promotion.

As the brand grows over time, user-generated content takes over and makes the brand more popular, trustworthy, and reliable.

Wrap up

In affiliate marketing, brands can earn money with affiliates on Instagram. Brands often prefer the affiliate program because it’s far more affordable than traditional Google ads, allowing them to reach a larger audience faster without spending a fortune on Google Ads.

With the help of the Affiliate for WooCommerce plugin, brands can launch new campaigns, provide prospective affiliates with competitive commission rates, monitor their progress, and sustain long-lasting relationships.

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