News Announcement Scroll

Keep your audience updated about all the latest and the most important happenings on your website – upcoming offers, contest, news etc. All in one place with the most EASE!

News Announcement Scroll

Best way to make Announcements on your WordPress websites

NEED : Every website needs to display important announcements/upcoming events to keep their visitors from bouncing off. These announcements have to be attention grabbing and must engage visitors instantly.

News Announcement Scroll is a unique WordPress plugin that allows you to display your latest news in a single place. Using this WordPress plugin, you can share offer updates, new blog updates, sale/contest announcements, latest happenings etc. to your audience all in one place so that it’s easy for them to make a note of it instantly.

What Can I Announce Using this Plugin?

News Announcement ScrollTop Reasons Why People Love News Announcement Scroll for their WordPress Website

  • Instant Buzz Generator
  • Effectively grabs attention
  • Helps engage visitors
  • Boost sales and profit

Quick and Simple Installation

  • Simply activate the plugin
  • Create or edit your news groups
  • Customize the news items (title, font, color etc)
  • Drag and drop the widget into your website’s sidebar/ Use a shortcode to display it on post and pages/ Include it directly within your website’s theme


Awesome Feature List

Full Flexibility

You have widgets to display; so you can add anything to it and show to your audience


You don’t need any coding knowledge to use the plugin. Just add the news, date and go live.

Auto Monitoring

No need to monitor offers for its end date every now and then. You can set the news expiration date and offer will end at that specific time.

Infinite News Reader

Add any number of news to display. The news will be shown in vertical scroll-up/down or down/up position; your choice to set

News divider and selector

It allows to divide the news into various groups. Admin can then decide which news group he wishes to display.

Smart Hider

You can hide the news temporarily to prevent it from getting seen every time to all and only show it at the appropriate time to specific audience.

More Amazing features:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Easy style-overrider
  • News display order prioritization
  • Responsive admin layout
  • Shortcode available for pages and posts
  • Supports localization
  • Premium support


= 9.1.0 (02-11-2023) =

* New: Strengthen security [Thanks to: Wordfence]
* Update: POT file

= 9.0.0 (16-11-2022) =

* New: Strengthen security [Thanks to: Patchstack & Mika]
* Update: Set 'autoload' for options as 'no'
* Update: Code improvements
* Update: POT file

= 8.8.8 (21-11-2020) =

* New: Tested upto WordPress 5.5.3
* Fix: Error in the browser's console when editing a news
* Update: POT file

= 8.8.7 (03-04-2019) =

* New: Tested upto WordPress 5.1.1
* Update: Do not close PHP tags
* Update: POT file

= 8.8.6 (27-07-2018) =

* Fix: Remove unwanted trunk folder from the plugin directory

= 8.8.5 (26-07-2018) =

* New: Compatible with WordPress 4.9.7
* Update: Removed used of chunk_split from the redirect url as it was breaking the display of link in the News List dashboard
* Update: POT file

= 8.8.4 (19-01-2017) =

* New: Compatible with WordPress 4.7.1
* Update: Text corrections and UI improvements
* Update: Removed translation files from the languages folder
* Update: 5 star rating link

= 8.8.3 (18-07-2016) =

* New: Feature to add redirect link to the news
* New: Redirect to News Announcement Scroll settings page on plugin activation
* New: Added Docs & Settings link on the plugins page
* Fix: Horizontal and Vertical alignment for news not working
* Update: Text correction in few places
* Update: Updated POT file

= 8.8.2 (23-05-2016) =

* Fix: Removed the dependency between shortcode and widget to be necessarily present in active sidebar because of which shortcode was not working when added in theme file
* Fix: Removed the dependency between php function and widget to be necessarily present in active sidebar because of which php function was not working when added in theme file

= 8.8.1 (12-05-2016) =

* Fix: Code for adding widget to the theme file
* Update: Tested up to 4.5.2
* Update: Revised readme page
* Update: Added missing shortcode details on the plugin page
* Update: Text correction in few places
* Update: Code indentation
* Update: Updated POT file

= 8.8 (2-05-2016) =

* New: Scripts are now localized and can be translated
* New: New shortcode from v8.8 [news-announcement group="sample"]
* Fix: News display order when shortcode is used.
* Update: Tested up to 4.5.1
* Update: Added POT file
* Update: Updated help & 5-star link
* Update: Revised readme page
* Update: Text correction in few places
* Update: Code indentation

= 8.7.1 (18-12-2015) =

* New contributor has been added.

= 8.7 =

* Tested up to 4.4

= 8.6.1 =

* Text Domain slug has been added for Language Packs.

= 8.6 =

* Tested up to 4.3

= 8.5 =

* Tested up to 4.2.2

= 8.4 =

* Tested up to 4.1

= 8.3 =

* Tested up to 4.0

= 8.2 =

* New option to add publish date for news announcement.

= 8.1 =

* Tested up to 3.9

= 8.0 =

* Tested up to 3.8 (Beta)
* Now this plugin supports localization (or internationalization). i.e. option to translate into other languages. Plugin .po file (newsscroll.po) available in the languages folder. Translators Welcome.
* Supports network multisite website (Needs to create table manually).

= 7.0 =

* Tested up to 3.6
* Added some security feature.
* New admin look.

= 6.0 =

* Tested up to 3.5

= 5.0 =

* New demo link

= 4.0 =

* Tested up to 3.4

= 3.0 =

* Tested up to 3.3
* Javascript included as per WP standard.

= 2.0 =

* Shortcode available  for posts and pages.

= 1.0 =

* First version.
News Announcement Scroll