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How to Setup WooCommerce One Click Upsell Offer?

Last updated on February 23, 2021

Create targeted WooCommerce one click upsell offer in the sales funnel that user can accept in one click, without re-entering payment details.

WooCommerce One Click Upsell (GIF Animation)


This is why you lose money from a hot prospect

Every time you direct your customers straight to the thank you page, you lose an opportunity to make relevant upsell offers.

Now, customers have just bought from you. They trust you enough to make subsequent purchases.

Then why lose this golden opportunity?

Use StoreApps’ WooCommerce one-click upsell pluginsSmart Offers and WooCommerce Buy Now to target relevant post purchase offers in the sales funnel that customers can’t refuse.

So what happens is when a customer makes a successful transaction on your WooCommerce store, before redirecting them to the order received page, they are shown relevant upsell offers.

Since the customer’s payment details are already saved, there’s no need to enter them again. Everything happens in a single click. And when the customer accepts that upsell offer, the transaction is completed instantly. Hence the name WooCommerce one click upsell or 1 click upsell. Strike while the iron is hot. Agree?

How you convince customers after their first purchase to buy more is what makes you a smart businessman. #WooCommerce #oneclickupsell Click To Tweet

Why post purchase upsells are better than pre purchase upsells?

  • Instant checkout – The customer won’t need to enter card details and repeat the purchase process from scratch. All happens in a single click.
  • More conversions – One-click upsell offers are targeted to existing customers, and not to a user who’s still not sure what to buy. Hence, conversions are more.
  • Eliminates product search effort – A customer who purchases a cellphone will surely need a backcase and offering it as a one-click upsell will surely work. It takes off the browsing burden from the buyer.
  • Full control over upsell offers – You can redirect customers to the second upsell offer if they accept the first one. If they decline, you can show a downsell offer with more discount which increases the chances of selling.
  • Boost average order value and sales – Obviously, more than a single purchase shoots up the average order value. And multiple instances of one-click purchases will amplify your sales.

Get WooCommerce one click upsell plugins

How to setup WooCommerce one click upsell offers?

Follow these steps to set up one-click upsell for WooCommerce :-

Step 1: Install and activate plugins

You need our :

The activation of the plugins is sufficient. No additional settings required.

Step 2: Configure payment gateways

StoreApps’ one-click upsell plugins support these seven payments gateways: WooCommerce PayPal Standard, WooCommerce Stripe, Authorize.Net CIM, WooCommerce PayPal Powered by Braintree, Cash on Delivery, Cheque Payments, Direct Bank Transfer.

1 click purchase works with PayPal, Authorize.Net, Stripe, Braintree, Cash on Delivery, Cheque Payments and Direct Bank transfer

Note: For WooCommerce 1-click upsell function to work correctly, customer should have at least one order paid from their account via the mentioned payment gateways (with Saved Cards enabled).

Need a gateway for 1 click upsells that is not listed above? Let us know from here along with a link of the payment gateway and a short description of it’s usage on your store.

Step 3: Create one-click upsell offer using Smart Offers

Refer the GIF image / steps below for a step-by-step instructions on how to create WooCommerce upsells.
WooCommerce One Click Upsell (GIF Animation)

  • Go to WooCommerce > Smart Offers
  • Click Add New Offer
  • You can use our existing offer designs or create your own offers using popular WordPress page builders.
  • Smart Offers compatibility with WordPress page builders

  • Set Title: This will not be visible to user. This is for your reference. For example: 1-Click Upsell.
  • Set Offered product: Choose product you want to offer
  • Smart Offers plugin is also compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin. So you can easily upsell any subscription product in one-click.
    WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin logo

  • Set Offer at:  Here set amount or discount you want to give on offered product.
  • Create Offer Description: This part will be visible to customer. This is a WordPress’s default editor, so you can use almost all feature of WordPress editor like adding media, font size & color, layout etc.
  • Set Show this Offer on: Choose page where you want to show the offer. For example: Order Complete page.
  • Set Show this Offer as: Choose whether you want to show your offer as inline content or as an upsell popup.
  • Set Offer rules: Select conditions when you want to show the offer. For example: Cart/Order -> Contains Product -> Search & choose product. You can set multiple rules here based on visitor, registered user, customer’s lifetime value, cart/order total and many more.
  • Set Actions to take when offer is Accepted: Here choose what all actions you want to perform when offer will be accepted. You can choose multiple actions from given set of options. For example: Add offered product to cart and instantly checkout with Buy Now plugin.
  • Set Actions to take when offer is Skipped: Define actions you want to perform if offer is declined. Here you can choose only one action from given set of action. For example: Instantly checkout with Buy Now plugin.
  • Set Hide From This User (optional): If you want to make the offer as One Time Offer, enable this option.

WooCommerce one click upsell in action

WooCommerce One Click Upsell (GIF Animation)

Ok, so what about WooCommerce one click cross-sell, downsell, BOGO?

You can simply pitch another related or complementary product (a cross-sell offer) or a BOGO offer as a one click upsell offer.

The ultimate aim is to earn additional revenue. In fact, offering complementary or related products as an upsell offer has a minimum of 10% increase in conversion rate. Sometimes, even 25% or 30%.

Wait…there’s something beyond a single one-click upsell offer

You can pitch a series of offers so as to keep customers in the loop and get them acquainted with your product portfolio.

Hack 1: Run offers one after the other based on user’s action

Let say you offer product B on upsell along with product A. But the user rejects it.

Then you can pitch another upsell offer (product C) or a downsell offer (product D) when the user rejects the previous offer.

But, also don’t pitch too many offers to your customers in the WooCommerce one click upsell funnel that will annoy them.

Instead, pitch offers based on what users have already purchased; i.e based on cart total or product categories.

That is what Smart Offers is capable of doing. Full flexible and smart as the name goes.

Hack 2: Pitch offers on thank you page of upsold product

If a user accepts upsell offer B after product A offer, the user gets redirected to product B thank you page and the process ends there.

Now, what if you want to pitch another upsell or cross-sell offer on thank you page of product B. Or run a series of offers based on product categories. You can easily do that with Smart Offers.

Hack 3: Redirect users to an affiliate or another product page

You want to redirect users to an affiliate page or another product page to upsell a product. Using Custom Thank You Page for WooCommerce, you may redirect user to any page you wish to:

  • Affiliate page
  • Sales video of another product
  • Social media links
  • Email subscription page

or other page you want to and pitch offers.

Not just that, if you want to get rid of plain standard WooCommerce thank you page, you can easily show a fancy custom thank you page for each product purchased when you pitch your one-click upsell offer.

Track your upsell offer revenue

You can easily monitor your upsell offer performance from the Smart Offer’ dashboard and modify offers for optimum conversions.


StoreApps’ WooCommerce one click upsell plugins costs $148/yr – a way better deal than similar offerings from other brands.

Because not just one-click upsell, you get a plethora of benefits from Smart Offers, the best WooCommerce upsell plugin and WooCommerce Buy Now, the best plugin for direct checkout.

Buy WooCommerce one click upsell plugins


See, one-click upsell is going to give you revenue on autopilot. Hence, if you simply calculate the revenue you would keep earning, you are way ahead then what you’ll invest now.

4x, 10x, 20x ROI…who knows! So go ahead and start up selling with confidence with these plugins.

Take this from me – As soon as you start running this on your website, you won’t take it down.

32 thoughts on “How to Setup WooCommerce One Click Upsell Offer?

  1. Ratnakar, This one is really amazing post… I have got complete idea about how to create 1-Click Upsells in WooCommerce.

    I really appreciate you for this article. Very Well Written post to understand the 1-Click Upsells.

    1. Hey Jigar,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It’s great to know that you got complete idea about setting up 1-click Upsells in WooCommerce.

      Actually that was our intention, to share with people, how to setup 1-click Upsells in WooCommerce.

      We had this solution earlier, but it was not documented. We decided to write this article when a lot of customer were asking about this.

      We hope that this article will help every store owner.

  2. In GIF example, it seems the upsell is shown before the user has reached a ‘thank you’ page.

    Using these plugins and stripe is it possible to create the following sales funnel with one click upsell?

    front end sale > stripe payment > upsell page > thank you page


    front end sale > stripe payment > upsell page > downsell page > thank you page

    1. In GIF example, the upsell popup is appearing on Order Received page (you can see “Order Received” in grey area in background). In the example, I’ve given title “Order Received” to “Thank you” page.

      Smart Offers allows you to show offer on Cart, Checkout and Thank you page. There is no feature to add a new page before Thank you page in Smart Offers.

      However you can consider Custom Thank You Pages For WooCommerce. This plugin allows you to replace default Thank you page with a custom Thank you page. And on this (custom thank you) page you can use Smart Offers’ shortcode to show any upsell.

      1. In this scenario, will the customer need to re-enter CC info in stripe?

      2. No. If Enable payment via Saved Card is enabled in Stripe (on your site), it’ll not ask for CC info again.

  3. Hey…im searching for the same artcile…thanks for publishing amazing post..i will use it in woocommerce sites..

    1. Glad you found it useful 🙂

  4. Will that option work with braintree instead of stripe?

    1. Hi Michael,

      We have added support for Braintree gateway in Buy Now. Read this article to setup Buy Now with Braintree.

      Let me know how it goes for you. 🙂

  5. Does this work if you are using shipstation for fulfillment? Will the upsell offer be grouped into the same previous order?

    1. We haven’t tested it with Shipstation. Can’t say whether it’ll work or not.

      Once payment is done for an order, upsell will not be grouped to previous. If upsell is shown before payment then it’s possible to group upsell in previous order.

  6. Hello There,
    I am already using payment method so let me know what i will be disable this using your plugin ??
    I am asking because my old customer have payment data saved with payment methods

    1. Are you asking what will happen to data if you’ll disable Smart Offers & Buy Now plugin?

      Smart Offers & Buy Now plugin will not affect any data after disabling. It can work with older data saved with payment gateway.

  7. Hello, guys. Thanks for the plugin. I am very interested in purchasing. But I am not sure how it will work, if it will work like I expect, etc. Do trust your product enough to offer a money back guarantee?
    Or can you provide a live example with admin details, so that we can test?

    1. You can test this functionality on our demo site. You may need to configure this on your own on demo site.

      If you’re unable to test your use case, you can explain it to us, we’ll tell you whether this plugin can do this or not.

      You can also claim 30-day money back guarantee if it’s not useful in your case.

  8. Do you foresee this working in the future for customers who are not returning customers who chose to save their credit card info previously? That really limits my potential reach, and I’d have to do regular upsell to be able to get to all the non-saved-credit card people, and then if I had this solution implemented, those customers with saved cards would get upsold twice.

    With my old system, Ultracart, I was able to do it regardless if they had purchased before. They would basically pause running the credit card for 15 minutes, popup an offer, and a) if the person clicked yes, it would add it the upsell to the order and process the total transaction without the customer having to do anything b) if customer clicked No, they’d process with the existing order and c) if they hit nothing or closed the browser, it would process the existing order after 15 minutes. So they already “knew” the credit card they would use, and it would show as one total transaction for the customer.

    I was about ready to pull the trigger on this then re-read that it only works for a limited amount of my customers, I’d be in if it worked for everyone.

    1. Right now, we don’t have any plans for allowing 1-click upsell for customers who are not registered. Because technically to do so, we’ll have to save credit card on website database, which can be risky.

      When there will be a secure way to save credit card information on any WordPress website, we’ll think on adding this feature.

  9. Thanks for the plugin. I am very interested

    1. Looking forward to see you using these plugins

  10. Does it work with paypal plus?

    1. Hi Dennis,

      Currently it won’t work with PayPal Plus.

  11. What happens if there are multiple items in the cart and you have multiple smart offers on those products set for a pop-up after checkout?

    What happens if there are multiple items in the cart and you have multiple smart offers on those products set for inline?

    1. Please read “Preferences” under this article. It should answer your queries.

  12. Which are safe payment gateway ?

    1. Safe payment gateway to use on your store OR safe payment gateway to use with Buy Now plugin?

  13. looks interesting whats the conversion rate as it seems bit odd to ask for an upset just as they are about to pay

    1. It’s difficult to tell the exact rate because the rate can vary from store to store. There can be multiple factors affecting this rate as well.

      But one thing is sure that you’ll see that visitors are becoming customers.

  14. I want to show 6 products in the same UpSell. The 6 products are subscriptions and where I have to select how many months the subscription will be. And I can only buy 1 single product of the 6

    1. Hi Jorge,

      Currently, you cannot offer more than product using Smart Offers. As explained here, you can create a bundle to offer multiple products inside one offer.

  15. I am using the Paypal Payflow gateway, and Amazon Pay Gateway. Can I use one click upsells with these gateways?

    1. Hi George,

      You cannot use one-click upsells for Paypal Payflow and Amazon Pay.

      However, you can use one-click upsells for PayPal Standard and other gateways mentioned in this post.

      Hope this helps!

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