WooCommerce Coupon Message

Show custom message to the customers when they’ll apply a coupon.

WooCommerce Coupon Message

Increase sales & loyalty by showing custom coupon message

WooCommerce Coupon Message plugin enables you show any type of custom message (or any content – text, media, discount offers) to the customer when they apply a coupon during cart / checkout process.

Nurture your customer relationship the easy way

How do you feel when you get an additional coupon even before making a purchase?

Very amazing and surprising right?

So, carry that customer relationship a step ahead. Using this WooCommerce coupon extension, you can show a custom coupon message whenever the user applies a coupon.

You can show anything in the message – text, media… and even embed WordPress shortcodes.

You can also send this coupon message in the order confirmation email.

5 types of custom coupon messages you can show to increase sales / build customer loyalty

Give a higher discount coupon on upsell

On application of the first coupon, show another coupon to the purchaser– that requires higher purchase, but also gives a higher discount. This tactic can increase your average order value.

Provide BONUS

When you offer something relevant or extremely valuable as a gift, it can convert more than a coupon. Providing a bonus material like content, graphics, email series planner, store-credit, gift certificates, PDF downloads can work wonders.

Unlock access to premium elements

When the buyer applies a coupon, show him a message wherein he gets access to premium content or is eligible to buy a special membership.

Show combination messages

Not just restrict yourself to a single custom coupon message. You can show two or more messages as well. Give access to your premium material by showing the link and also display a coupon which he can redeem to get additional discounts.

Display terms of use of coupons

You can even simply show the terms and usage of coupons.

Simple usage


  • Go WordPress Admin > WooCommerce > Coupons.
  • Click on Add Coupon/edit an existing coupon.
  • Go to the ‘Actions’ tab of ‘Coupon Data’.
  • Locate the ‘Coupon message’ option.
  • Enter your content in it. Format it as per your need. You can even enter shortcodes in it.
  • Additionally, enable ‘Email Message’, which will send that coupon message in the email also.
  • Save the coupon.
This plugin, WooCommerce Coupon Message is merged into Smart Coupons plugin.
WooCommerce Coupon Message