Smart Coupons for WooCommerce

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WooCommerce Smart Coupons plugin is an advanced coupons solution you need to grow sales and customers using gift cards, store credits, BOGO offers, quantity discounts, URL coupons and a lot more. 25,200+ customers, 12+ years of proven track record, reliable plugin.

WooCommerce Smart Coupons all in one plugin

“Incredibly powerful!”

Premium Top Rated WooCommerce Plugin

StoreApps Smart Coupons plugin – especially with its ability to not only create coupons but to give store credits as well – is incredibly powerful.

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Alert – Avoid confusion with other coupons plugins

You’ll find other plugins using Smart Coupons in their name. But only this plugin by StoreApps is the original Smart Coupons plugin. With 12+ years in business, trust our expertise.

Save $500+

All-in-one plugin for gift cards, BOGO deals, discounts…

Getting individual plugins for each will cost you a fortune. Managing them and reaching out for support will frustrate you.

StoreApps Smart Coupons plugin provides all the advanced WooCommerce coupons benefits in one solution, at the price far less than sum total of all the plugins or competitors. The best, you are backed by the highly-rated support team.

  • WooCommerce gift cards / store credits

    Purchase and send gift cards / gift certificates / credits / vouchers to yourself or friends with custom messages. Your customers can also schedule gift cards.

  • Coupon code generator with import-export

    Generate thousands of coupons at once, email them to customers, add them to WooCommerce, export to CSV or import coupons with coupon categories via CSV.

  • Embed coupons / shortcodes

    Show available coupons anywhere – cart page, checkout page, thank you page page, My Account page, blog post or any other page. And get the coupon applied in a single click.

  • Advanced coupon restrictions

    Restrict coupons based on location, payment methods, shipping, user roles, product attributes, product taxonomy, email address, maximum discount limit (60% off up to $100).

  • URL coupons / Auto-apply coupons

    No coupon code or copy-paste hassles. Add single or multiple coupons to the URL and automatically apply it. And (optionally) add products to the customer’s shopping cart.

  • Quantity discount coupons

    The ‘Buy More Get More’ offer. Provide discounts based on bulk purchases using a coupon. It can be for a single product in bulk or multiple products.

  • BOGO coupons

    Set up a Buy One Get One offer for the same or different product. Or set up a Buy One Get More offer by adding multiple products in quantities to the coupon.

  • Free gift product

    Attach a gift of any value (free or paid) to a particular coupon. On applying the coupon, the gift (products) are automatically added to the cart.

  • Readymade, customizable designs

    Includes readymade, good-looking and responsive coupon designs. Get full design control via CSS.

  • Coupon categories

    Review and manage all your coupons from one place. Assign categories for easy and quick filtering.

  • Black Friday and seasonal promotions

    Run time-sensitive discounts, dynamic pricing offers, Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, seasonal promotions, auto-apply coupons, etc.

  • Cashback, free shipping…

    Instant cashback coupons, one year of free shipping, there’s a lot more you can do with Smart Coupons for WooCommerce plugin.

Consistent five-star ratings

Life-saver, sales-booster, stellar support

This is what you’ll come across frequently when you read Smart Coupons reviews. It’s an investment that has a guaranteed RoI for a lifetime.

“My go-to plugin for adding extra powerful options to WooCommerce coupon functionality, such as gift cards, BOGO, and URL coupons.” – Robert

“The ability to create coupons and gift cards, and also to offer discounts using a URL – Smart Coupons gave me all of these in a single plugin.” – Jeff

This plugin saved us, when we couldn’t be open for business during COVID. It was so easy to add the coupon to the Gift Certificate product.” – Jason

“Offers a lot of great customizations and their support was very helpful with an issue we had. Thank you for creating a very versatile WooCommerce coupons extension“. – Michelle

“Smart Coupons offers extensive customization, making it easy for users to buy gift cards and use coupons without adding unnecessary bloat to WooCommerce. – Jeremiah

Easy way to bulk generate coupons for your store – especially if you are sending out coupons to specific customers using regular email and not the WordPress emails.” – Thinking4Success

All the essential marketing tools to boost sales and retain customers

Electronics and technology, fashion and lifestyle, food and drink, health and fitness, digital, FMCGs…having 100 or 100,000+ products, WooCommerce Smart Coupons will work, without slowing down your website. It will make you more money and help gain loyal customers.

Your clients, store admins and junior staff can easily run promotions using Smart Coupons – without needing any tech help. Configure advanced discount rules and coupon conditions to design targeted marketing campaigns for your WooCommerce store.

Advanced WooCommerce smart coupons – discounts, gift certificates, BOGO deals, subscriptions

Smart Coupons for WooCommerce helps you build the best marketing campaigns to boost your sales.

Take your default WooCommerce coupons to the next level. Provide gift cards, store credits, BOGO coupons, free gift coupons in addition to the default fixed product discount, cart discount and percentage discount coupons.

Tap into the compatibility of Smart Coupons with Woo Subscriptions to set up personalized discount coupons for subscription products.

All coupons can be auto-applied. That’s some powerful benefit for you and your customers.

Think of some coupon promotions strategies and Smart Coupons plugin has them ready for you to use!

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Smart Coupons gift cards for WooCommerce

Boost loyalty with gift cards and store credits

Smart Coupons is the most advanced and ultimate gift card solution for WooCommerce, encouraging repeat purchases through personalization, urgency, and quick payments.

  • Create and sell gift certificates of any amount.
  • Create and sell fixed denomination gift cards – $5, $10, $25, $50, $100…
  • Provide fixed amount gift cards to customers who are uncertain about the ideal amount.
  • Sell gift cards at a discount, $100 gift card for $80.
  • Bulk generate and import-export gift cards.
  • Create and send physical gift cards (Print coupons).
  • Send store credit for a refund.
  • Schedule gift cards via email with custom message.
  • Apply gift cards on shipping and taxes.

Increase AOV with WooCommerce BOGO deals and variations

Lure users with exciting Buy One Get One or BOGO offers on different products and categories.

And also set restrictions as to who can use the coupons.

You have full flexibility to create hundreds of BOGO offers and its variations like these:

  • Buy one get one for free (same product or different product)
  • Buy one get one at 50% off (same product or different product)
  • Buy one get one at X% off
  • Buy more get one
  • Buy more get more
  • Buy one get more

Take your quantity discount or bulk discounts promotions to the next level!

buy more get one offer
smart coupons woocommerce advanced coupon restrictions

Advanced control for targeted promotions and security

Exercise precise control over your coupons usage with advanced restrictions. Choose which products or product categories the coupons can apply to, in addition to setting the usage limit and expiry.

You also have the benefit to restrict the coupons based on:

  • Email addresses
  • Location
  • Payment methods
  • Shipping methods
  • User roles
  • Product quantity in the cart
  • Product attributes
  • Product taxonomy

For instance, configure the coupon to be eligible solely for new users based in the United States who choose local pickup shipping method.

Alternatively, establish conditions where the coupon is applicable only for orders exceeding five product quantities and for payment methods Stripe or PayPal.

More about advanced restrictions →

Accomplish hours of work within minutes with coupon code generator

Bulk generate and distribute thousands of discount codes / promo codes and boost your marketing campaigns.

Each coupon comes with its own unique code, and you can set restrictions to tailor coupon usage to specific users.

Customize coupons with prefixes, suffixes, and desired code lengths to make it stand out.

Not just discount coupons, you can generate gift cards or store credits in bulk and share them with your users.

bulk generate store credit WooCommerce
WooCommerce URL coupons

Auto-apply discounts with URL coupons

Easily link multiple coupon codes to specific URLs on your site. You can personalize the coupon code URL based on any occasion or event.

Assign products to a URL coupon so that when the users click on the coupon, the products associated are automatically added to the cart with the discount applied.

Share URL via email, social media or to deal sites and affiliates, allowing users to easily redeem the coupons. A simple approach to fasten checkout and improve customer shopping experience.

You can also redirect users to any page – cart page, checkout page, blogs, landing pages (shop page is default), when the coupon URL is clicked.

Boost repeat purchases with cashback coupons

Instantly send cashback as a store credit coupon with a time limit, triggering FOMO and encouraging prompt purchases.

Instead of traditional payment methods like PayPal or Stripe, customers can use stored gift cards to pay for multiple orders until the balance runs out or the card expires.

Accessing available gift cards is simple for customers, as they can find them in the My Account section and during the checkout process.

cashback coupon in my account page
woocommerce free shipping for one year product

Provide one year free shipping with Amazon-inspired Prime service

Encourage customers to shop more and allow free shipping on all their orders without hurting your profits.

Set up Amazon-like Prime service on your WooCommerce store, that customers can purchase easily. Here’s how.

Issue coupons for the next purchase

Next order coupons is another tactic to encourage repeat purchases. You can provide multiple coupons to your customers on the current order, which they can redeem later on their future orders.

next order coupon
flash sale notice

Promote flash sales using storewide notice

Allows more users to avail the discount offer on your store. Create a flash sale coupon or any promotional offer coupon and display it on the website for your users in a header / footer bar.

Acquire new customers with welcome discounts

Create coupons that only new users can redeem on your store. A small discount value is worth gaining new customers. You can set the coupon for all products or on specific products.

coupon for new user auto-apply
individual use coupon

Allow/disallow ‘Individual use’ coupon

Restrict customers to using only one coupon per order by default. However, provide an option to allow certain customers, such as top clients or those from specific locations, to use two coupons—one discount coupon and one store credit coupon.

For instance, if a user possesses a store credit coupon, they can apply it alongside another coupon, even if that coupon is designated for individual use only. Without store credit, users cannot apply two discount coupons simultaneously.

Readymade, customizable design styles

Includes awesome responsive coupon designs and color schemes. And you can customize the colors easily.

Not just online coupons, you can also customize the coupon styles you send via emails.

smart coupons management

Simplified coupons management and more

  • Management – Review, manage, search, filter and export coupons easily from one place. You can also categorize coupons for easy reference.
  • Custom coupon message – Show a custom message when a coupon is applied to the cart or at checkout – or when it’s emailed. Great way to show coupon terms as well as upsell offers.
  • Time-sensitive discounts – Set coupons to expire at a specific date and time. Limit the maximum discount amount for percentage discounts, and run automatic seasonal promotions.
  • Win back customers with abandonment coupons – Send a coupon to specific users only who abandon the cart by restricting coupon to their email addresses, and for specific products. Note – Smart Coupons will only help create the coupon. We recommend using AutomateWoo to detect cart abandonment.

Refer Smart Coupons documentation to know more.

Multi-currency support, subscription coupons, bulk management…

Diversify Smart Coupons usage with powerful integrations:

WooCommerce Smart Manager dashboard to manage coupons

9 plugins in one

All-in-one solution or costly standalone plugins

You might see other plugins with ‘Smart Coupons’ in their name selling at a similar price to ours. But keep in mind, you’ll need to pay separately for gift cards, URL coupons, and other features that will increase your cost tremendously.

With our Smart Coupons plugin, you’ll save more than 50% of your money when compared to other WooCommerce coupons plugins. It also won’t slow down your site. So why spend a fortune when you get a high-quality, trusted plugin with human support at a reasonable cost?

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Get more than what you pay for

The plugin will create huge value for you, your team and your business. Get higher SEO rankings, visibility, qualified traffic and revenue.

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How do you count number of sites for a license?

Each website – whether it is a subdomain, cross-domain, subdirectories… is considered a separate website. Learn more about it from here.

What if I want a refund?

Refunds within 30 days of purchase, if the plugin is broken, and if we do not solve it in reasonable time, after mutual communication. Refunds for single site are governed by WooCommerce refund policy. Renewals, problems due to third-party plugins / themes / code / hosting etc do not qualify for a refund. Please read all our terms here.

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