WooCommerce Coupons By Location

Show coupons based on customer’s billing or shipping location – country, city, state or zip code.

WooCommerce Coupons By Location

Get more sales using location based marketing

Avoid the hassles of nudging every customer to buy more and get nothing in return.
Use WooCommerce Coupons By Location to target the right audiences and double your conversion rates.

This is why even good discount coupons fail

Customers don’t always look out for a discount coupon. First, they should be convinced by your product and then if they find an exciting deal, they buy it.

Hence, if you reach the right person at the right time for the right need with the right offer, you have an instant conversion there itself.

That’s what WooCommerce Coupons By Location.

This WooCommerce coupon plugin restricts coupons by customer’s billing or shipping country, state, city, zip, postal code. It shows offers only to customers located in the selected regions.

This makes customers feel special as the offer seems more personalized and exclusive for them.

Thus, offering geolocation aware, contextual coupons significantly boosts conversion rates for your WooCommerce store.

6 applications of WooCommerce Coupons By Location that will fetch you more sales
(Don’t hesitate to use them on your store)

Country-wise Independence day / festival / event celebrations coupon

Make your customers feel special. Send out coupons only to people in countries when they have a special day.
1. Issue an Independence day discount coupon to be used on 4th July only for people residing in the US.
2. Issue a coupon to be used on 17th March only in countries celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.
3. Issue a coupon only for people residing in Canada, UK, Australia & New-Zealand on occasion of Boxing Day, the 26th Of December.

Remote location-based coupons

Cut a deal with “local love” discounts for customers in the same city or region as you. This plugin allows you to target coupons deep within a region based on pin code.

Sports based coupons

Fans go crazy more during world cup time or mega tournaments. Why not issue coupons on products or merchandise for customers where these events are going to take place. Like discount on football jerseys for people only in European countries.

How does this restricted coupon get applied?

For registered users
  • First, registered users’ existing billing or shipping location is used to check for the coupon.
  • If any of the locations the user enter in the checkout form matches with customer’s billing or shipping country, city or state, the coupon will be applied.


For guest users
  • The coupon will be applied directly first.
  • Now, if any of the locations the user enter in the checkout form matches with that of the coupon, the applied coupon will stay and customer will get the discount; if it doesn’t match, the coupon will be removed.
This plugin, WooCommerce Coupons By Location is merged into Smart Coupons plugin.
WooCommerce Coupons By Location