Smart Coupons – WooCommerce Gift Cards

Boost sales and repeat purchases

Advanced and ultimate gift cards for WooCommerce plugin to create and sell redeemable gift certificates. Acquire new customers, retain existing and foster customer loyalty.

Smart Coupons gift cards for WooCommerce

Solves gift-giving challenges

Your smart WooCommerce marketing tool

Customers are confused to find the perfect gift for their loved ones. Store owners want to grow revenue, retain customers and reduce refunds.

With Smart Coupons gift cards for WooCommerce enhancement, you can tackle all these challenges easily. Some also call them woo commerce gift certificates or WooCommerce store credits or vouchers.

Allow customers to purchase gift cards from your store, redeem them or send them to others, like you do on Amazon; or send gift cards to your customers on special occasions.

  • Fixed and custom amount gift cards

    Allow customers to purchase gift cards of any amount, fixed amount, fixed denominations and at a discount.

  • Unlimited gift cards

    Generate thousands of gift cards within minutes, add them to your store or export as CSV and send to the recipients.

  • Schedule/email gift cards

    Allow customers to send gift cards to their loved ones instantly or on a specific date. You can also email store credit to customers.

  • WooCommerce physical gift cards

    Add personalization to the gifting process. Print gift card coupons, decorate them and deliver them to the recipents.

  • Cashback coupons, refunds and more

    Provide store credits as cashback coupons, refund compensation and other applications. Smart Coupons is a flexible WooCommerce gift cards plugin.

  • Advanced coupon restrictions

    Set usage limits and expiry for the gift cards. Choose which products or categories, user roles, payment gateway, etc. the gift card should be applied to.

25K+ premium customers, 130+ five-star reviews

Smart Coupons is a game-changer

Smart Coupons is an investment that has a guaranteed RoI for a lifetime.

“The ability to create coupons and gift cards, and also to offer discounts using a URL – Smart Coupons gave me all of these in a single plugin.” – Jeff

“This app incorporates more features than any other coupon app we have found, and we are finding clever marketing uses for them.” – PanFishPro

This plugin saved us, when we couldn’t be open for business during COVID. It was so easy to add the coupon to the Gift Certificate product.” – Jason

“This plugin allows us to offer gift cards and coupons exactly how we need to. Well thought out. Service and support is stellar too!” – Andrew

“Just a great and powerful WooCommerce-plugin! Really helped improve sales and made our life with ecommerce much easier“. – Joshua

“Easy to set up, use and works like a charm. We chose it to import existing gift card codes into our new shop. No hiccups there.” – Mikke

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Alert – Avoid confusion with other coupons plugins

You’ll find other plugins using Smart Coupons in their name. But only this plugin by StoreApps is the original Smart Coupons plugin. With 12+ years in business, trust our expertise.

Most versatile gift cards for WooCommerce solution

Gift cards encourage repeat purchases due to personalization, urgency and quick payments. With Smart Coupons gift cards or store credit enhancements, you will unlock a plethora of benefits and the vast sales potential.

Create and sell gift cards of any amount

Generate the gift card coupon, create a product, upload an eye-catching image and you’re all set.

Within two-three minutes, you are ready to sell gift certificates in your shop. Customers can purchase them in just a few clicks.

Moreover, enable customers to purchase multiple gift cards in a single order.

WooCommerce gift card of any amount
WooCommerce fixed denominations gift card

Create and sell fixed denomination gift cards

Tap into Amazon’s popularity by offering the most sought-after gift card type on your WooCommerce store.

Set a defined price range – $5, $10, $25, $50, $100…and enable customers to purchase gift vouchers based on their requirements.

Create and sell fixed amount and discounted gift cards

Fixed amount gift cards provide customers with added convenience, especially for those uncertain about the ideal amount. It also eases out inventory management hassles for small stores.

Also sell gift cards at a discount, $500 gift card for $400. A savvy tactic to encourage gift cards purchases during the sales season.

woocommerce sell gift card at discount
bulk generate store credit WooCommerce

Bulk generate and import-export gift cards

Smart Coupons is a powerful WordPress gift certificate generator. Generate ecommerce gift cards in bulk and share them with your users. You can email them to customers, add them to your WordPress site, export them to CSV to share with partners.

You can also bulk import store credits via CSV and auto-assign to the users. Customize your bulk-generated coupons with unique prefixes, suffixes, and varying code lengths for added distinction.

Boost brand presence with physical gift cards (Print coupons)

Increase your brand’s visibility by printing gift card coupons as a PDF and sharing them in newspapers or magazines offline during sales. Customers can redeem these promo coupon codes online on your website.

Alternatively, set up gift cards as physical products in your store. When customers place an order, you can deliver these gift cards with the unique code—all handled independently by you.

print coupons for WooCommerce physical gift cards
cashback coupon in my account page

Instant cashback coupons and managing gift card balance

Avoid delay in sales. Encourage repeat purchases. Send cashback as a store credit coupon instantly with a time limit. The FOMO trigger creates a sense of urgency, urging customers to make a purchase promptly.

Instead of using PayPal, Stripe or other payment methods, customers have the option to pay for multiple orders via gift cards stored in their accounts. They can continue until the balance is depleted or the gift card expires.

Customers can easily access their available gift cards in the My Account section and during the checkout process.

Schedule gift cards via email with custom message

Never miss sending gifts to your loved ones on their birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas.

Smart Coupons scheduling feature enables your customers to deliver digital gift cards with a special message to their family members or friends at a specified date via email. If they prefer, they can also send it instantly.

scheduling gift cards in Smart Coupons

Gift cards for next order, apply on shipping & taxes

An additional tactic to encourage repeat buying. Attach a gift card coupon to your customers’ current purchase, allowing them to redeem it in the future for subsequent purchases in your store.

You can also allow customers to use gift cards on the entire order total, reducing their burden of shipping charges and taxes.

Provide store credit as refunds

Don’t lose potential customers. Issue a store credit to customers when they ask for a refund. This not only helps in retaining them but also sets the stage for potential future purchases.

You can send store credit of the same amount of the product price, partial amount, or even a higher amount directly via email.

store credit for refund in email

Allow / Disallow ‘Individual use only’ coupon

Limit customers to only one coupon per order. Alternatively, allow them to use two coupons (one discount and one gift card). Do this only for your top customers or those from a specific location.

For example, if the user has any store credit coupon, they can apply it along with another coupon even if that coupon is set to Individual use only. If not for store credit, the users can’t apply two discount coupons.

Set gift cards for specific product, category and more

Exercise precise control over gift card usage with advanced restrictions. Choose which products or product categories the gift card can apply to, in addition to setting the usage limit and expiry.

This is also like customers sending specific products as a gift. The customers’ loved ones can use the gift card to buy that product only.

You also have the benefit to restrict the gift card usage based on:

  • Location
  • Payment methods
  • Shipping methods
  • User roles
  • Cart quantity
  • Product attributes
  • Product taxonomy

More about advanced restrictions →

smart coupons woocommerce advanced coupon restrictions
WooCommerce Smart Manager dashboard to manage coupons

Diversify gift card usage with powerful integrations

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But only with StoreApps Smart Coupons plugin, you get all the advanced gift cards benefits, along with bulk generation, URL coupons, auto-apply, BOGO deals and more, into one coupon booster solution, saving your hard-earned-money.

woocommerce smart coupons features


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