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How to Revert Hundreds of URLs from to in Seconds

Learn how to quickly revert hundreds of URLs from to or search and replace any content for a WordPress post type in bulk using the Smart Manager plugin.

search and replace content for any WordPress post type

Last updated on April 11, 2024

This is big! On the morning of April 9, 2024, WooCommerce will revert their domain name back to

So, the WooCommerce team has requested to update any URL references to back to in your marketing materials, documentation, or code following the migration on April 9, 2024.

For example, if your blog post content contains “”, you need to change it to “”.

Who will need to make the changes?

  • WooCommerce vendors
  • Affiliate partners
  • Bloggers and YouTubers
  • Anyone recommending WooCommerce and its products

Why migrating back from to

First of all, kudos to WooCommerce for openly addressing challenges and taking decisive steps for the benefit of the entire community. That’s the mark of a truly exemplary brand!

One of the biggest challenges for WooCommerce was lack of visibility in Google search after the domain name change from to in October 2023.

And with Google Search Update of March 2024, things worsened further.

To address these challenges, WooCommerce engaged a team of SEO experts and consultants to find the most effective solution to enhance the recognition of the WooCommerce brand.

After careful deliberation, they collectively reached a conclusion that reverting back to is the optimal course of action.

What requires immediate change?

If you have mentioned in any of the following, please rollback it to

  • Blog posts
  • Landing pages
  • Product pages
  • WordPress Readme pages
  • Code
  • Documentation
  • PDFs, eBooks
  • Youtube content links
  • Other social media content
  • Emails that are scheduled
  • Any other marketing materials and content pieces

In the code, emails and other marketing materials, you’ll have to locate the URLs and do the changes. And for a small amount of links, it can be done easily.

But if you have hundreds of blog posts and pages that contains in the URLs within the content, it will be very tedious and time-consuming doing it manually one-by-one.

However, with Smart Manager, that’s not the case anymore.

Steps to revert URLs from to within a minute

Smart Manager provides an Excel-like spreadsheet to view, manage and bulk edit all your posts, pages, WooCommerce products, orders and any WordPress custom post type.

With its Advanced Search filters and Bulk Edit, you can instantly replace with in the content for hundreds and thousands of your posts and pages.

Let’s view the steps for blog posts content:

  • Once you purchase the Smart Manager plugin, install and activate it.
  • Go to your WordPress admin panel > Smart Manager.
  • Select Posts(post) dashboard from the dropdown.
  • Smart Manager blog posts dashboard WooCommerce
  • You’ll see the Post Content column. If not, here’s how to enable it.
  • Now click on the Advanced Search toggle. It will open up a slide-over panel.
  • Select Post Content option from the dropdown. Select the contains parameter and enter / in the value box.
  • advanced search to find content using Smart Manager
  • Click on the Search button. It will show all your blog posts containing / in the content.
  • Next, tick the header checkbox and click on the Bulk Edit option. It will open up a slide-over panel.
  • Select Post Content option from the dropdown. Select the search & replace parameter.
  • Enter / in the Search for box.
  • Enter / in the Replace with box.
  • search and replace values using Smart Manager
  • Click on Update. Select the Now option. Give a title to this Bulk Edit operation – ‘Change to’. Click on Ok.
  • change domain name task title

That’s it. All your blog posts containing within the content will be replaced by

Similarly, instead of Posts, select the Pages dashboard from the dropdown. Repeat the same steps as above. Your Pages content will be replaced with


WooCommerce’s decision to revert from to is a significant move aimed at overcoming visibility challenges, strengthening its brand recognition and delivering better user experience.

It’s essential for all those who are partners of WooCommerce or recommending it to update their URLs promptly.

For five to ten URLs, it can be done directly. But for hundreds of it, tools like Smart Manager offer a seamless solution for bulk edits, ensuring a smooth transition within minutes.

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