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Case Study – How ‘Jade Roller’ Boosted ROI with Affiliate Program

Learn how a skincare brand used the Affiliate for WooCommerce plugin to easily set up affiliate program, recruit the right affiliates and boosted sales to a great extent.

Jade Roller case study

Last updated on July 1, 2024

You may have a strong brand presence. But without an affiliate program, you won’t be able to grow your business further.

Jade Roller, a skincare brand with a strong presence, needed to expand further with the right partners. They sought an affiliate program to achieve this.

They required a solution that was quick to set up, free from monthly subscriptions and high fees; offered data control, flexible commission structures and marketing campaigns support.

They stumbled upon Affiliate for WooCommerce – a perfect fit for the above requirements. With it, they launched their affiliate program, chose ideal partners and significantly boosted sales.

Want to see how? Let’s find out.

Meet Thibault and Jade Roller

Jade Roller was founded in 2018 by Thibault Nelkin with a simple mission: to introduce people to the benefits of beauty tools and treatments inspired by Asian beauty rituals, but at prices everyone can afford.

As a pioneer in the Western market, Jade Roller was the first to introduce its beauty tools – jade facial roller and gua sha into skincare routines. These two beauty tools are sold in three different collections:

  1. The jade stone
  2. The rose quartz stone
  3. The amethyst stone

Additionally, the company offers organic skincare products like serums, creams, balms, as well as vegan leather cases in different colors for the jade facial roller and gua sha.

Learn more about their business at:

What struggles did Thibault face before he discovered the Affiliate for WooCommerce plugin?

Jade Roller was the first to introduce beauty tools in skincare routines to the Western market. This itself boosted their brand awareness and traffic rapidly.

However, this rapid growth came with challenges, especially in managing cash flow and time. The brand was flooded with paid partnership requests, consuming a lot of their management and analysis time. Further, they were afraid of making the wrong partnership choices and getting a poor ROI.

So Thibault and his team decided to create an affiliate program, which enabled them to offer win-win partnerships. This, in-turn helped them grow their business and limit the risk of loss.

Why did Thibault pick Affiliate for WooCommerce plugin only?

The biggest challenge was finding the best long-term tools that fit within the budget. This would allow Thibault and his team to concentrate their energy and money on the essential part of their business – developing innovative products.

When they decided to create an affiliate program, their criteria were:

  • Speed of implementation
  • Good user experience
  • Low and predictable cost
  • Offer the best remuneration to affiliates

After researching and comparing several options for creating an affiliate program, they had two choices:

  1. Set it up internally on their website with a plugin
  2. Set it up externally via affiliate platforms

Now, external platforms are based on a monthly subscription and variable fees, which are very likely to increase every year. Add to it the limitations that can arise from it.

On the other hand, setting up internally with plugins allowed the team to have control of their own data. This became a major decisive factor in avoiding external platforms.

So after extensive testing of all available options, the official Affiliate for WooCommerce plugin best matched Jade Roller’s criteria, enabling them to offer a robust affiliate program to their affiliates.

How Jade Roller successfully created their affiliate program?

What impressed them about the Affiliate for WooCommerce plugin is how super quick it is to set up and works straight after activation. Another advantage of having the plugin is the ability to customize it to meet specific needs.

With the help of the integrated form, they created their affiliate program very simply in just a few minutes. They split it into two:

  1. A classic affiliate program for content creators and websites wishing to promote their products
  2. An ambassador program with extra benefits for influencers who have a large community on social networks.
Jade Roller affiliate program page

Each affiliate operates independently, accessing their dashboard to personalize their experience and view statistics to make the best decisions for increasing sales.

Jade Roller individual affiliate dashboard stats

The plugin allowed them to create a number of getting started guides, share media kits or special campaigns and answer the main questions about their affiliate program. This saved them an enormous amount of time and avoided repetitive tasks.

Jade Roller affiliate campaigns dashboard

Each affiliate has a personalized promo code to share with their community, and an affiliate link that also enables Jade Roller to acquire numerous backlinks to improve their SEO ranking.

On Jade Roller’s end, they can easily manage their affiliate program via the admin dashboard, track sales, reward their best affiliates and make the best decisions to further develop their affiliate program.

Try Affiliate for WooCommerce live demo

A 500% ROI from the affiliate program?

Jade Roller is aware of many startups that have lost huge sums of money paying for one-shot marketing operations with media or influencers.

However, thanks to affiliation and new tracking technologies, Jade Roller can achieve a 500% ROI while keeping their costs under control and avoiding loss.

They are committed to long-term win-win partnerships, and prefer to remunerate more partners who generate more revenue.

Their existing affiliates are the perfect candidates to sponsor their new best future affiliates, thanks to the plugin’s multi-level functionality. The company can reward these affiliates well.

Also, the flexible commission structures allow Jade Roller to create campaigns with boosted earnings during new product launches or special events, boosting the brand’s visibility during peak periods.

Plus, using the Affiliate for WooCommerce plugin has freed up time and enabled the brand to structure the partnership requests they receive. This has allowed them to concentrate on what really moves the needle – developing innovative products.

Last but not the least, the fixed, predictable cost of the plugin, with no intermediaries, enabled Jade Roller to offer the best possible remuneration to their affiliates and be competitive.

The income generated has been pivotal in fueling their business growth too!

Why does Thibault recommend our Affiliate for WooCommerce plugin?

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