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How to Restrict Affiliates for Specific Product Promotion

Learn the steps and benefits of restricting affiliates to promote only specific products to acquire more potential customers and sales.

restrict affiliates product promotion

Last updated on December 14, 2023

Not all affiliates are the same. Some affiliates have a very strong influence, while some hardly have any.

Restricting affiliates from promoting certain products helps the company make sure that its products are being advertised in the right way.

It will help get the right audience for those specific products and bring more revenue.

This blog lists the steps for affiliate product promotion restrictions in WooCommerce.

Why allow affiliates to earn commission only on specific products?

Affiliate marketing is a low-cost strategy with good returns. So people would happily join popular brands’ affiliate programs to promote their good products.

Notice the word good products? This is because affiliates also know that selling popular products is easy and earnings will be more and faster. There is no point in spending efforts on promoting low-selling products.

However, some affiliates have an aura that their recommendation can accelerate the sales of your low-selling or unpopular products.

Similarly for new product launches or high-margin products, only specific affiliates have the power to convince users to make a purchase.

That proves why you need to restrict some affiliates from earning commissions on specific products. This also helps maintain brand consistency, target specific audiences, and ensure effective affiliate marketing campaigns.

Steps to restrict affiliates from specific product promotion

Making it easy for your affiliates to promote and earn rewards for certain products is simple with Affiliate for WooCommerce plugin.

It’s a powerful tool for managing affiliates, making it easy to set up an affiliate program on your WooCommerce store.

Affiliate for WooCommerce plugin dashboard

One of its powerful features is the Commission Plans. A ‘Plan’ helps you restrict products to affiliates and set a special commission for those products and affiliates.

Consider you have an online electronics store. We’ll cover two use cases.

Restrict specific products for all affiliates

You don’t want to allow affiliates to earn commission for your three low-selling products – soundbar, power bank and fire-stick. Here are the steps:

  • Once you install and activate the plugin, go to the WordPress admin panel > WooCommerce > Settings > Affiliate.
  • Look for the setting Exclude products. Search and select products you don’t want to give a commission.
  • Configure some basic settings as mentioned here.
exclude products from affiliate commission

That’s it. None of your affiliates will earn a commission on these low-selling products, even if their referral link or coupon is used for purchase.

Let’s see another use case.

Restrict specific products for specific affiliates

Note – In this case, set the storewide commission as 0. And create commission plans for specific affiliates with specific products.

Follow these steps:

  • Go to WooCommerce > Affiliates > Plans > Add a Plan. Enter Title – 10% commission on Apple products.
  • From the ‘COMMISSION’ drop-down, select % and enter the value as 10. We’ll keep this as a single-tier commission plan.
  • Under ‘When’ in the ‘Rules’ section, select all from the drop-down.
  • In the rule group, select Affiliate > any of and select Lori Soper and John Smith.
  • Click on ‘Add a rule’.
  • Select Product > any of and select MacBook Pro M2.
  • Under ‘Apply to’ in the ‘Actions’ section, choose only the first matching product.
  • Under ‘And then, for remaining products in the order…,’ choose apply zero commission.
restrict affiliate product promotion

This allows only John and Smith to earn a 10% commission on the MacBook Pro M2. In case other products are purchased along with the MacBook Pro M2, or if other paid orders do not contain the MacBook Pro M2, John and Smith won’t get a commission.

unpaid commission based on plan

Try the plugin live demo

Benefits of specific affiliate product promotion restrictions

  • Quality over Quantity – Affiliates are more likely to invest time and effort into thoroughly understanding and promoting a smaller selection of products.
  • Reduced competition – Affiliates are less likely to directly compete with each other as they promote different products.
  • Easier performance tracking – You can analyze which products are driving the most sales, helping you make informed decisions about where to allocate resources.
  • Controlled inventory management – Restricting affiliates to promote only selected products can help prevent the overpromotion of items that might run out of stock.
  • Customized support and resources – You can provide affiliates with more customized marketing materials, resources, and training that are tailored to those products. This targeted support can enhance their performance.
  • Strengthened partnerships – By working closely with affiliates to promote specific products, you can build stronger partnerships. This collaboration can lead to better communication, increased loyalty, and a more productive relationship.

Stay in control of your affiliate product promotions

With Affiliate for WooCommerce, you have exceptional control over affiliate promotions. You can limit affiliates to specific products, concentrating marketing where needed. It’s simple to set up and flexible for managing your strategy.

Yet, that’s not it. The plugin lets you manage everything from a single place, create lifetime commissions, tiered commissions, create affiliate groups, make payouts and do more.

That’s the reason why 4000+ paid users trust the plugin to supercharge their affiliate program.

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