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WooCommerce Gift Cards – How to Create, Best Plugin, Use Cases

What importance WooCommerce gift cards hold? What’s the easiest way to create and issue gift cards? How gift card can get you more sales and repeat customers? You’ll learn everything here.

Let’s be honest – if you run a B2C WooCommerce store and you don’t currently sell gift cards, this is the right time to get started.

What is a gift card / gift certificate / gift voucher?

You assign some redeemable monetary value as a credit to the customer. OR people buy cards (products) having some monetary value from your store to gift someone. This is a gift card.

Gift cards, gift certificates, gift vouchers, product vouchers, store credits, account funds, etc. Essentially, these are all the same. People name it as per their convenience.

Why gift cards are a great alternative to cash?

Everyone loves gifts. But buying a gift is always a brain fade as whether the recipient will like it or not. Right?

Now, the easy way is to give cash. But cash lacks that emotion, personal touch. It’s not an ideal gift.

However, when the same cash is given in the form of a gift card, it seems more appealing. It has that oomph factor. It will make the person happy.

Copy what Amazon does and you succeed

Look, if you do a quick Google search about “Gift Card Statistics”, it’s a huge trending topic.

You know Amazon offers gift cards and people purchase them.

Then why not let customers purchase gift cards on your WooCommerce store! OR you send gift cards to your customers on their birthdays or simply as a loyalty token? It will bring a smile to people’s faces.

The good news is – Smart Coupons, the all-in-one coupons plugin help you achieve that. You can create, sell and send gift cards easily. Developed by StoreApps, you can purchase it from

How to create and sell WooCommerce gift cards?

Creating WooCommerce gift cards / gift certificates using Smart Coupons is straightforward.

It’s similar to creating a coupon in WooCommerce. You can issue gift cards of any amount.

We’ll first see how to create a gift card (product) of any amount that customers can buy from your store.


    woocommerce gift cards setup

  • Go to WooCommerce > Coupons > Add Coupon.
  • Under Discount type, select Store Credit/Gift Certificate.
  • Leave coupon amount blank.
  • Enable Coupon Value Same as Product’s Price.
  • Next, you have the normal usage restrictions and limits for a coupon.
  • Publish or update the coupon.
    set product as gift card

  • Now Go to WooCommerce > Products > Add or edit an existing Simple Product.
  • Name the product, i.e Gift Certificate.
  • Important: Leave Regular Price & Sale Price fields blank. Mark product as Virtual to let off shipping charges.
  • Select Coupons. Search for and select coupon created in the above step, i.e. Gift Certificate.
  • Publish or update the product.

That’s it. Your WooCommerce gift card is ready to sell to your customers. View the live demo.

purchase gift card

Customers can visit their ‘My Account > Coupons’ section to view their gift card balance.

Note – Since we want customers to purchase a gift card of any amount, coupon and product prices are left blank.

And if you want to sell a gift card of fixed amount, refer these steps.

Another thing, you also have the option to send gift cards to someone else or yourself at checkout.

Get Smart Coupons

All-in-one coupon solution or just a WooCommerce gift cards plugin?

Now, there are some popular WordPress gift certificate plugins like Ultimate Gift Cards For WooCommerce, YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards, PW WooCommerce Gift Cards Pro and others that only give you gift card functionality.

But Smart Coupons offers tons of possibilities beyond gift cards:

  • One-click coupon application
  • Restrict coupons based on attributes
  • Restrict coupons based on location, payment methods, email address.
  • Set maximum discount limit on percentage coupons (40% Off upto $40)
  • URL coupons
  • Issue product as a free gift using coupons
  • Schedule coupons for delivery

and a lot more…

No doubt, Smart Coupon is, was and will be the best-selling coupon plugin for WooCommerce users.

So, will you pay just for gift cards plugin or invest a little more for in an all-in-one coupon solution and get better ROI for a lifetime? If you agree, Smart Coupons is for you.

Get Smart Coupons

9 applications of gift cards using Smart Coupons

There are many but we have hand-picked the best ones:

1. Bulk generate gift cards and schedule them on special days like Christmas

Now, these are two great features of Smart Coupons – bulk generation and scheduling.

You know people expect gifts for Christmas. And instead of remembering to send gift cards and forget it later, simply bulk generate and schedule gift cards for a specific date (Say 24th December).

Leave the rest on Smart Coupons. Your customers will get their gift cards on 24th December. ( Before Santa gives)

2. Issue high-value gift certificate at a low price during Black Friday season

It’s the black cyber season. But soon, Christmas will come and this is the best time people want to gift things to customers.

So why not let customers purchase higher value gift cards at a discount from you!

Example – $1000 gift card at $900, or $200 gift card at $180.

3. Email gift cards to potential loyalist customers

Now, you may have some customers who are with your brand for a long time, may pay more but are still resistant. They may be looking for a BONUS from you.

Now, these customers can be good leads for your high-end products or bundles or membership.

What you can do is identify these customers, send them a gift card which can be redeemed only on your special products.

And when you send this voucher only to selected customers with a personalized text via emails, they feel it’s an exclusive deal which can’t be ignored.

4. Send gift cards to special customers on their birthdays, anniversaries

Make customers feel special. Send a small value gift certificate to your loyal customers on their birthdays which they can redeem later on your store.

Note – For this, you need to have the dates of these respective customers.

5. Use gift card as a great bait to upsell premium products

Now, when a person has a gift card to redeem but falls short of balance to purchase some premium products, they’ll surely pay extra from their pocket to grab that.

So, this is a great opportunity to upsell higher value or premium products and earn more money.

6. Add a short-term validity to the gift card to build urgency

When the customer has a gift card valid for a longer duration, he/she may delay the purchase or may not purchase at all. Sad!

But a gift card expiring soon will nudge the customer to buy the product at the earliest. The best is to send a reminder email regarding the same.

7. Restrict gift card to specific products

Now, giving too many things or discounts all the time will also hurt your profit margins. Therefore, restrict your gift card from getting applied on your best-sellers.

8. Add a special message to the gift card

Why send a plain text gift card? You can attach a special message to the gift card and make it more personalized.

Add a link in the gift card email. This will take the recipients directly to the shop or cart page, with the product added to the cart and discount applied.

9. Use gift cards for partial payments

Some customers don’t like the gift cards to get exhausted at one-go. They want to redeem multiple gift cards for different product purchases. That’s possible. Let them pay using the gift cards and the remaining amount using other payment methods.

Get Smart Coupons


Gift cards are a necessity today. Be it to reward customers, get sales or retain customers. If you don’t, you won’t achieve your targets.

So there’s no room for another thought now. Start using gift cards on your WooCommerce store right away.

And if you want a simple solution for it, look nowhere than Smart Coupons.

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