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How to Bulk Manage WooCommerce Cost of Goods?

Announcing Smart Manager and WooCommerce Cost of Goods compatibility

The most important metric for any business is the Cost of Goods. Less the cost, the more the profit, the business sails smoothly.

WooCommerce Cost of Goods plugin by SkyVerge is a very handy plugin to track cost of goods. The addition of Profit Reporting to the traditional WooCommerce reports makes them even more valuable!

You can evaluate not only revenue but costs and profit all from within your WooCommerce store.

But, as the business grows, managing cost of goods for multiple products becomes a tiring process.

Setting up costs, adding costs, modifying costs for each product every now and then is a pain for WooCommerce users. We want users to relieve from that pain and breathe fresh.

That’s the reason why we made Smart Manager and WooCommerce Cost of Goods plugin compatible.

Smart Manager makes managing WooCommerce Cost of Goods a breeze

From updating the cost of goods in one-go or bulk, Smart Manager makes it possible in no time.

You get an excel-like spreadsheet to modify the cost of goods directly, update the cost of all the goods on your WooCommerce store, search for a product amongst thousands and modify the cost, etc.

So, if you are using WooCommerce Cost of Goods plugin, Smart Manager is a must for you.

Using Smart Manager to bulk manage WooCommerce Cost of Goods plugin – 4 Use Cases

1. Add the cost of goods in bulk

Let’s say you sell around 90 different types of T-shirts (including variations) on your store. The basic cost remains the same, only selling price changes as per customization.

You need to add the basic cost to all these T-shirts, say $5.

Using Smart Manager, select all the products, click on ‘Batch Update’, set the cost as $5 and update. All the T-shirts’ price will be updated instantly.

Also stay relaxed in terms of calculations while updating the cost in bulk. With Smart Manager at your side, there is no room for errors.

2. Modify the cost of goods in bulk – add shipping charges, taxes

For the same T-shirts example, the cost per T-shirt has increased because of the addition of shipping charges and taxes.

The total cost will now increase by 15%.

Again, with the help of Smart Manager, select all the products, click on ‘Batch Update’ and increase the cost by 15% and update. The new price will be reflected in all the T-shirts’.

3. Add the cost to variations/categories

Like updating cost for all your products in your WooCommerce store, you can also add/update cost of products based on a particular category only.

Say, for example, you want to update cost only across two categories – electronics and clothing.

Simply Search for these categories using Smart Manager, select them and modify the cost directly.

4. Reduce the prices of least selling products

The best part of WooCommerce Cost of Goods reporting is you can easily figure out your best and worst selling products based on the reports.

You identify that 5 of your products are not-selling as expected. You plan to reduce their selling price by 20% to boost their sales.

So, instead of going inside each of these products and reducing their price one-by-one, directly reduce their prices in one-go using Smart Manager.

Final thoughts

Believe me, managing your WooCommerce Cost of Goods was never easier without Smart Manager.

If you are using both WooCommerce Cost of Goods and Smart Manager plugins, update to the latest version of Smart Manager to get this compatibility.

However, if you are new to Smart Manager,

Get Smart Manager here

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