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How to Bulk Manage WooCommerce Subscriptions from One Place?

Now manage all your WooCommerce subscriptions in bulk easily. Upgrading, downgrading, re-activating, canceling; all made easy with the integration of Smart Manager and WooCommerce Subscriptions plugins.

WooCommerce manage subscriptions from one place

Last updated on April 30, 2024

Just imagine this case. You want to extend trial of your 50 customers on your WooCommerce store.

But as usual, you don’t have any other choice but to manually update each of the trial.

At the end of the day, you end up spending hours doing the task.

Now, what if I told you can do the same task within seconds?

Amazing right? That’s what Smart Manager brings to the table. A powerful boost to your store work if you use WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin and Smart Manager plugin together.

Smart Manager now integrates with WooCommerce Subscriptions

The official WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin is very flexible. It allows you to introduce a variety of subscriptions for physical or virtual products and services. Be it weekly, monthly or yearly packages, you can do that with ease.

But when subscriptions increases, managing them becomes cumbersome. That’s where Smart Manager joins in the bandwagon.

Smart Manager helps manage your WooCommerce subscriptions 10x faster. From managing subscriptions in one-go or bulk, Smart Manager takes away all the burden from your shoulders by helping you manage all your subscriptions with ease and peace.

So, if you are using WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin, Smart Manager is a must for you.

Four reasons why Smart Manager is a must if you use WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin

Smart Manager WooCommerce subscriptions dashboard

Bulk manage WooCommerce subscriptions in seconds

The biggest advantage of using Smart Manager is you can manage thousands of subscriptions in seconds.

Be it changing subscription statuses, re-activating or canceling subscriptions, you can update all in bulk quickly with Smart Manager. 100, 1000 or 10000… the number doesn’t matter.

Directly edit a subscription

Simply edit the subscription field directly using Smart Manager’s excel-like spreadsheet in one-go without moving to individual subscriptions.

Search for a specific subscription in a flash

No need to dig through thousands of subscription items. Simply search using a keyword and Smart Manager will fetch desired results.

You can even apply advanced search and make changes to a particular subscription.

For example – You want to cancel all subscriptions from Jun 2 – Aug 2 made in the name of Ms. Anne and Mr. Samuel. Simply search using these keywords, select all entries to delete the subscriptions of these people.

As simple as that. No complexities involved.

Export subscriptions as CSV

Export all your subscriptions data for future reference. You can also Export subscriptions data based on date and search filters.

Six use cases of Smart Manager with WooCommerce subscriptions

Extend free-trials of selected users

You feel there may be some potential 25 users who are prone to get converted. So, you want to extend their free trial so that they get acquainted thoroughly with your product.

Instead of doing it one-by-one, simply select these 25 subscriptions and using Smart Manager’s bulk update feature, you can extend their trial in one go.

Reduce the sign-up fee

It’s Halloween time and to encourage sales, you decide to reduce the sign-up fee for all your subscription products by 50%.

And how to do that quickly? Using Smart Manager.

Simply select your subscription products; say 25 in number having a sign-up fee, click on ‘Batch Update’, reduce by 50% and update. The sign-up fee for all these products will automatically be reduced by 50%.

Change the ‘next payment date’ in bulk

For some reason, you need to extend the ‘next payment date’ of twenty of your subscriptions. You can easily do that in bulk using Smart Manager.

Cancel or Suspend subscriptions

You tried your best to recapture customers but they didn’t seem interested. You want to cancel/suspend subscriptions of these customers (say ten in number) who haven’t renewed past May 2021.

Using Smart Manager, set the date range to May 2021, select these ten customers. Now using Bulk Edit, click on Cancel. All these subscriptions will be canceled instantly.

Add shipping fees

You are selling magazines as a subscription product and 50 customers have subscribed for it. Since they are physical products, you need to add a fixed shipping charge for the same.

Again, using Smart Manager, simply select the products, add the shipping charge and update. It will be reflected for all these products at once. No need to enter shipping charges for each product.

Identify new shipment for customers

In case of physical subscription products, the WooCommerce dashboard will show you when a subscription is renewed. But you can’t see which customer needs to have a new shipment.

However, with Smart Manager, you can filter all the orders and subscriptions for a specific customer and identify which customer needs to have a new shipment.

Over to you

Believe me, managing your WooCommerce subscriptions so easily can only be possible if you use Smart Manager.

You would save a huge amount of time and effort, guaranteed!

If you are using both these plugins, update to the latest version of Smart Manager to get this integration.

And if you haven’t used Smart Manager yet,

Get Smart Manager here

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