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How to Bulk Manage WooCommerce Memberships?

Smart Manager is compatible with WooCommerce Memberships plugin. Now easily manage memberships and membership plans in bulk within seconds.

bulk manage WooCommerce memberships

Last updated on April 30, 2024

Just imagine this case. You want to reward your 100 loyal members with perks. But you are stuck with the same tiresome process of assigning perk to each member one-by-one.

So, you end up spending hours doing the job.

Now, what if I told you can do the same within seconds?

Amazing right? That’s what Smart Manager brings to the table. A powerful boost to your store work if you use WooCommerce Memberships plugin and Smart Manager.

Smart Manager is compatible with WooCommerce Memberships plugin

WooCommerce Memberships plugin is very flexible and helps to create and assign memberships with ease.

Smart Manager helps manage your WooCommerce store ten times faster. Bulk edit products, orders, any WordPress custom post types, advanced search, CSV export and a lot more.

So, using both the plugins together is a terrific combo.

Why Smart Manager is a must for WooCommerce Memberships plugin users?

The primary purpose behind the integration of Smart Manager and WooCommerce Memberships plugin was to remove all the pain associated to users when they deal with memberships in bulk as well as enable users to manage memberships and membership plans directly without digging through thousands of memberships.

Bulk manage WooCommerce Memberships…in seconds

Manage thousands of memberships and membership plans in seconds. Upgrading memberships, changing prices or assigning perks to thousands of members, Smart Manager gets you covered.

Inline edit of memberships

Simply edit any membership field directly using the Smart Manager grid without entering individual memberships.

Instant Search

No need to dig through thousands of entries. Simply search using the keyword and Smart Manager will fetch desired results.

You can even apply advanced search and make changes to a membership plan.

Example – You want to upgrade membership of Helena Carter who purchased exactly a year ago from today. Simply search using the name and Smart Manager will fetch the desired result.

Export memberships as CSV

Effortlessly export all your membership data for future reference, utilizing the powerful functionality of the WooCommerce Memberships Filter Exports. This feature empowers you to export data based on specific date and search filters, ensuring you have access to the precise information you need.

Some practical examples of how Smart Manager can be useful for your memberships

Upgrading membership plans in bulk

You want to migrate 50 members from their Silver plan to the Gold plan based on their order total till date, say $2000.

So, instead of digging through each member data, simply apply filters in Smart Manager. You’ll get the list of eligible members and then simply upgrade their plans.

Activate memberships in bulk

Say you want to activate about two thousand expired memberships in bulk.

Using Smart Manager, filter data to get the expired memberships having the status as ‘Expired’. Now, select all these records using the header check box and use the bulk edit functionality to change the status to ‘Active’. It will hardly take a minute.

Offering free shipping based on lifetime value

To encourage more people to buy from you, you want to offer free shipping to customers residing in the United States.

Let’s say the customer count is 70.

So, using Smart Manager, you can easily spot these 70 customers by applying the search filter. Select all those 70 customers and set free shipping for these members. Done in a flash.

Run a small giveaway

It’s your store anniversary and you want to offer some perks to all your 600 members. What can be better than a giveaway that includes a gift card, say $20.

So, to offer this gift card to all your 600 members, all you need is to select all your members from the Smart Manager grid and assign $20 using the bulk update feature.

Cancel membership status in bulk

Say, your 40 members want to cancel their monthly subscriptions and sign-up for an annual subscription; seems a deal you have run may have triggered this.

So you decide to cancel their existing membership before creating a new one.

Using Smart Manager, simply update the monthly membership status of these 40 customers to ‘Cancel’ in one go.

Sort customers per email whose memberships expired

If you have hundreds and thousands of members whose membership has expired and want to sort them per email, Smart Manager makes it easy for you.

Use the advanced search functionality to get the desired members first. Then for sorting the list alphabetically, click on the desired column name as explained in ‘FAQ no. 14’ here. It would sort the data at the entire database level and give you the sorted list.

Your take

Managing your WooCommerce Memberships can’t get better without Smart Manager.

So, if you are using WooCommerce Memberships plugin and Smart Manager, simply update to the latest version of Smart Manager and get this compatibility.

And if you are new to Smart Manager,

Get Smart Manager here


What is the difference between WooCommerce subscriptions and membership?
WooCommerce subscriptions allows customers to sign up for recurring payments for a product or service, while membership grants access to exclusive content, discounts, or other perks for a set period of time.

Can I sell memberships on WooCommerce?
Yes, you can sell memberships on WooCommerce.

Can WooCommerce memberships be synchronized with other membership plugins or platforms?
Yes, WooCommerce Memberships can be synchronized with other membership plugins or platforms through the use of compatible integration options or extensions.

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