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WooCommerce – How to Bulk Edit Attributes, Products, Prices?

Here's a simple solution to bulk edit attributes, products and prices in WooCommerce. You can set default attributes, add and remove existing and custom attributes in bulk to products.

WooCommerce – How to Bulk Edit Attributes, Products, Prices?

Last updated on March 26, 2024

We know how painful it is to manually update or assign attributes to hundreds and thousands of products on your WooCommerce store.

Hence, in this article, we’ll cover how you can easily add/remove existing and custom attributes to products in WooCommerce in bulk.

We’ll also see you how you can bulk edit products and prices in a quick overview.

First, the difference between attributes and variations in WooCommerce

When I was new to WooCommerce, I had Googled this earlier as it was confusing. So let me simplify it with an example.

Attributes are characteristics that define a product. While variations are products created based on attributes.

For example, a red-colored, XL size T-shirt is a product variation created based on attributes ‘Color’ and ‘Size’.

You can create hundreds and thousands of product variations based on attributes. But with default WooCommerce, you can add up to 50 variations at a time.

Therefore, we recommend our WooCommerce Bulk Variations Manager plugin that allows you to create thousands of product variations within minutes based on attributes and also set differential prices for the variations.

Bulk editing attributes using default WooCommerce

As a store owner, what matters to you is speed and time, right?

We know how annoying it is to edit products one by one. I don’t want to mention the pain of doing it for thousands of products.

The default WooCommerce allows bulk editing only for simple products. And that too like price, tax, size, weight, etc.

You can’t bulk edit attributes – pre-defined product attributes or custom attributes. The filtering option is also not that good.

So with the help of our Smart Manager plugin, you can easily bulk edit attributes – add, remove, overwrite them in no time.

How to bulk edit attributes in WooCommerce using Smart Manager plugin?

Smart Manager provides an Excel-like spreadsheet (sheet editor) to manage your WooCommerce store.

Be it products, orders, coupons, users, or any WordPress post type, you can directly make edits.

However, the biggest USP of Smart Manager is the Bulk Edit / Batch Update feature. You can bulk add products, add existing attributes to products, add prices to products based on attributes, bulk delete variations, bulk edit orders, change prices in bulk and a lot more.

Let’s see how you can bulk manage and edit attributes in WooCommerce using Smart Manager:

Add or remove existing attributes in bulk

  • Suppose you ordered ten new blue-colored T-shirts for the holiday season. To set attributes for these products in one shot, go to your WordPress Admin panel > Smart Manager. Select Products from the dropdown on the Navigation Bar at the top.
  • Smart Manager products dashboard
  • Select the required products. If you have more than tens or hundreds of products, use the advanced search to get all those products quickly. Click on Bulk Edit option. It will open up a slide-over panel.
  • Add attributes to products in bulk in WooCommerce
  • Select Add attribute > Color > Blue and click on Update as shown in the image above. All these T-shirts will be assigned Blue color.

Similarly, if you have thousands of products and want to add all of them to pre-configured attributes in one go, use the bulk edit functionality mentioned above.

Add custom attributes in bulk

Add custom attributes to products in bulk in WooCommerce

Consider the same example above. But here, all the blue T-shirts are printed with Avengers’ weapons. Using the Bulk Edit option, you can add a custom attribute ‘Avengers Print’ for all products at once.

Assign multiple attributes based on search filters

You are selling a vast range of electronic items and you want to assign attributes only when the product category is a laptop, belonging to the Dell brand, each having a price above $700.

  • Go to your WordPress Admin panel > Smart Manager. Select Products from the drop-down on the Navigation Bar at the top.
  • Now click on the Advanced Search toggle. It will open up a slide-over panel. Enter the search conditions as shown in the below image and click on Search.
  • Advanced search filters based on product category, price and SKU in WooCommerce
  • Only your required products will be listed. Now, as mentioned earlier, select these products, click on Bulk Edit and enter the conditions as shown in the image below.
  • Click on the Update button.
Add multiple attributes in a single bulk edit operation in WooCommerce

All your required products will be assigned the attributes you want to add. Quite easy, right?

Try Smart Manager live demo

How to bulk edit products in WooCommerce?

Follow the steps you read above for bulk editing attributes. Here, instead of attributes, you can bulk edit product stock, SKU, assign a category, tax status, backorders, etc.

bulk edit product data

Refer to this bulk editing products blog for more details.

How to bulk edit prices in WooCommerce?

Using Smart Manager, you can bulk edit both the regular price and sale price fields. Increase or decrease prices by % or fixed amounts, set the sale price the same as the regular price, edit prices based on product categories, edit sign-up fees and recurring fees for subscription products and much more…

set prices in bulk for products

Edit product prices based on attribute filters

Smart Manager also allows you to instantly search for products based on attributes and make an edit or update price in bulk. Example – Reduce sale price by 10% of all wristwatches having a square dial and stainless steel belt. Here, dial and belt are attributes.

Refer to this bulk editing prices blog for more details.

There’s a lot more you can do with Smart Manager

  • Bulk edit any fields of any post type – products, orders, coupons, posts, subscriptions, bookings, etc.
  • Duplicate any post type and make edits to them
  • Export CSV based on search, date and column filters
  • Add your own logo to packing slips/order printing and also print the same in bulk
  • Know the lifetime value (LTV) of all your customers along with their total purchases to date and last order details
  • Manage WordPress user roles – change user role, change password, etc.
  • Compatibility with top WooCommerce & SEO plugins – Subscriptions, Bookings, Yoast, etc.

Get Smart Manager plugin


If you have a WooCommerce store that has dozens of products, Smart Manager is a huge time-saver.

Not just attributes, but anything you want to manage better and faster – price, orders, coupons, users, posts…Smart Manager won’t fail you!

Until we come with another post, happy growing!

4 thoughts on “WooCommerce – How to Bulk Edit Attributes, Products, Prices?

  1. Once I have imported products/attributes into woocommerce, is there anyway I can set a batch process to convert attributes to variables?

    1. Hi Ellie,

      From converting attributes to variables, are you referring to generating new variations using Smart Manager? Then sorry, currently the same is not supported in the plugin.

      However, you can have a check with our other plugin Bulk Variations Manager, using which you would be able to create variations in bulk.

  2. Is Smart manager also compatible with Uni CPO plugin?

    1. Hi there,

      We haven’t tested the Smart Manager plugin with Uni CPO plugin. However, the Smart Manager plugin is designed in a way that it automatically scans your WordPress database and detects and lets you manage any custom field for any custom post type.

      Would suggest you go ahead and try the plugin on your site and try to manage the same custom fields. Feel free to reach out to us if any queries.

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