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Smart Coupons and Aelia Currency Switcher Integration

Boost sales and conversions. Smart Coupons and Aelia Currency Switcher plugin integration allows customers to auto-apply coupons, create and send gift cards/store credits, apply BOGO discounts in different currencies.

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Last updated on September 12, 2022

Aelia Currency Switcher is quite an efficient and popular WooCommerce multi-currency plugin to display prices and accept payments in multiple currencies.

For store owners who use the Aelia Currency Switcher plugin, here’s a breakthrough update – Smart Coupons, the official WooCommerce coupons extension now integrates with Aelia multi-currency solution.

Your visitors would be able to view product prices, get discounts applied automatically, send and create gift cards/store credit in their own currency. And of course, make a purchase in that same currency.

The biggest problem in calculating gift card discounts for multiple currencies now solved

Whenever I see a product price in a different currency, I always calculate the price in my local currency. Simply to know how much I will be actually paying. I guess you would be doing the same.

Earlier, due to improper currency conversions, a gift card/store credit, say $10 for a product price in USD would simply reduce $10 from the order subtotal without actually calculating the product price in Euros or other currencies for customers outside the US.

The entire transaction value goes for a toss. It could be a benefit for the store owner but a loss for the customers or vice-versa. Ultimately, customers would be spending more or less than the actual amount. Shipping and taxes are an added burden.

Many of the customers may also abandon the purchase immediately.

But now with Smart Coupons and Aelia in the picture, customers will get the same discount applied in their own currency.

Get started quickly

There’s no setup required to use both the plugins together.

As long as you have configured your exchange rates on the Aelia Currency Switcher settings you are good to go. Rest, you have Smart Coupons to get the further job done.

Best use cases of Smart Coupons and Aelia Currency Switcher integration

Let’s look at some of the most widely used applications where currency conversion with coupons will boost your sales.

Auto-apply coupon with the right discount

Customers can apply coupon codes manually but why bother with codes when Smart Coupons provide the auto-apply coupon feature!

For example, if you offer a flat $10 discount, customers from the UK would get the same discount value equivalent to $10 but in Pounds. This integration will automatically translate the discount amount so that the given discount is also changed based on the given exchange.

Purchase and send gift cards in the desired currency

Smart Coupons allow your customers to purchase gift cards/store credit of any amount or fixed denominations for themselves or their loved ones.

For example, a customer from Spain or Italy, where Euros is the major currency, can purchase gift cards of 10 Euros, 15 Euros, 50 Euros…as per their wish.

In case you have fixed amount gift cards already created, like $10, $20 and $50, customers from Switzerland who purchase them in Swiss Franc will get them after the exchange is applied. So a $20 gift card will cost 19.60 Swiss Franc.

Quantity discounts / BOGO deals

Consider these offers:

  • Buy 2 lipsticks at $10 and get another for $4 (total $14).
  • Buy 1 T-shirt for $20 and get another at 50% off (total $30).

In these types of deals, the integration will take care of the ‘get’ part and users can get the deal in their preferred currency.

For example, Alisha purchasing from Canada will pay ‘CAD 18’ for those three lipsticks while Melissa from the US will pay ‘USD 14’ for them.

Similarly, Lee from Singapore will pay ‘SGD 42’ while Kinchit from US will pay ‘USD 30’ for those two T-shirts.

Learn more on quantity discounts using coupons

Shipping offers

Smart Coupons allow your customers to apply a coupon or gift card on the order total so that the total cost price seems less and customers feel that they got a discount on shipping.

The integration will automatically translate that discount amount to the user’s selected currency.

Advanced coupon restrictions

Smart Coupons allow advanced restrictions based on payment methods, shipping methods, user roles, attributes and others.

So whenever a coupon is applied with these restrictions, the currency exchange will also take place without any issues.

Note – For all the orders, the users will see the transaction value in their own currency and store admin in the base currency set for the store.

Ending notes

We thank Diego from the Aelia Team for his valuable time and help when required.

Both Smart Coupons and Aelia Currency Switcher plugins are powerful in their own space. Getting quick sales should now be an easy task.

So, if you are using either Aelia Currency Switcher or Smart Coupons, we recommend having both plugins on your site.

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